20 July 2010

UK Tidbit: Water Butts

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

While reading a brochure from our water company, I was intrigued by how I could save water by using my 'water butt'. At first I was wondering if I should be offended, but then decided to delve a little further. It is a barrel to store water at the end of a gutter. Here are some photos to clarify:

This is a 'slim' water butt

My favorite, the 'ROBUST' water butt

And the prettiest water butt

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Anonymous said...

Love these, and I love the name. I may need to buy one, just so that I could say "my butt is smaller than your butt" (for once . . . ha!)

--lil sis--

The Loeckens said...

OMG, this one made me laugh outloud. Do they make a saddle bag water butt? Or a junk in the trunk water butt? I've not seen these yet but now I want one.