23 August 2010

A Few Fav Photos - Great Missenden

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

One nice thing about having a blog is I now go everywhere with my trusty little camera.  Here are a few photos I took last week in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. Enjoy!

My 'red door' theme...

I want that green scale! - and even my kiddos might eat
 those good look'n veggies

An adorable flower shop

I love the idea of chicken wire in a basket 
to keep the flowers upright. 'Brilliant!'


Laura said...

Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures, that remind me of home. I used to live not far from here in Berkshire. You should try and pop over to Henley-On-Thames, Wargrave and some of the beautiful villages along that route. You won't be disappointed! Lx

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Thank you for the names of the Berkshire villages. I haven't heard of them before, but will be sure to check them out (with my camera in tow of course). Sounds lovely : )
XO Laura

Morning T said...

Hi there Laura! Lovely photos and blog. I'll be back for sure. So glad you visited me so now I've found you.

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Welcome, lovely Morning T! So great to have connected : )

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Grogeous pictures! I really love Europe...sigh. Enjoy your time there.

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Thank you, Miss Mustard Seed : )

Dianna@DecorMadeSimple said...

the first photo looks like a quaint little village, very awesome!