27 September 2010

Flag Trivia Reveal

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Ooh, that was so fun! Thank you to everyone who participated in my 'Look Smart For The Day' contest last week :) The answer is...


The design for the flag was created by  local art teacher Grantley W. Prescod and was chosen from an open competition arranged by the Barbados government. Over a thousand entries were received for the flag design.

Interesting facts about Barbados:
  • Ruled as an English colony from 1627 - 1966 
  • Geologically made of coral and mostly surrounded by coral reefs
  • Lies just outside the principal hurricane strike zone 
  • Maintains the third largest stock market exchange in the Caribbean region
  • Hosted the 2007 Cricket World Cup
I'd like to send a gold star to Charmaine 
for answering the question correctly

And I'm sending you, my lovely readers, on a mental vacation to beautiful Barbados to get this new week started right. That's right, just park your car anywhere :)

Source: Wikipedia.org

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JANE said...

Ah! Thanks for elucidating, Laura! Something to file away mentally for Trivial Pursuit ☺ J x

laura said...

Hi Laura, I love flags too! but I am probably not quite up on everything as much as you are!!! Hope you are having a great day!!
Laura cxx

fairchildstreet said...

Thank you. Have been away but will put up a thank you note on my Tuesday post. Cheers Charmaine