07 September 2010

Tutorial: How To Post A Blog Comment

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

A few followers have asked how to post a comment on my blog : ) Let me just say it is a THRILL to receive comments so that the blog is a dialog, instead of a monologue.  And it is super duper EASY to do.

STEP 1 For those of you who receive posts via email, click on the post title in the email. This will bring you to the post online.

STEP 2 Once on the blog, scroll to the end of the post where you see this. Click on "Comments".

STEP 3 You will be led to a page that looks like the one below. Write your comment, then choose a profile. 
You may register as Anonymous if you wish.

I hope that helps! I'd love to hear from you : )



Anonymous said...

I am so happy you told me this bec I didnt know how to leave comments either! I have really enjoyed following you through your journeys and discoveries across the pond. You make me want to catch the next flight and join you! LISEN

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Thank you, Lisen! We would definitely recommend an expat adventure : ) We are starting to find our groove


Robynne said...

Hi Laura, I'm an aussie expat living in the u.k. for the last 12 months and saw your site on blogging your way. I too have had similar interesting trips to the supermarkets and although we drive on the same side of the road in aus I still had to adjust to the english driving here, not to mention those roundabouts. You mentioned kingston, are you in the m.k. area as I am not far from there in a village in Bucks.