25 October 2010

Bruges & Twelve Years of Marriage

Hello you, did you have a rejuvenating weekend? I hope so :)

Canal in Bruges

My husband and I decided just three hours before the train left that we'd like to celebrate our 12th anniversary in Bruges, Belgium. Often locked in indecision and perhaps laziness, we make lots of decisions on the fly. 

I had never been to Belgium before - famous for its chocolate, waffles, and beer. I read that 'French' fries were invented there too.

Bruges is known for its canals and quaint European atmosphere.  I was in photographic heaven :)

Cafes in the square

I reflected on other October 24ths throughout the years...our wedding day, major moves, career changes, our growing family, and my husband's 2 failed attempts to lose his wedding ring :)  Opening a sealed envelope that revealed we were having a girl after our ultrasound, that's the anniversary dinner I'll never forget!

The kids came with us for this trip. They are such fun travel dumplings.

As a parent, I worry about raising our kids outside their home country.  Eventually feeling neither American nor European, what are the repercussions of morphing their identity?

I was hoping to 'accidentally' get locked in here overnight

Yet at dinner, we went around the table saying the days of the week in either French or Spanish. It was a fun game that lasted at least 15 minutes. It made me smile, thinking maybe we had made the right decision to move abroad and enrich our life experience.

View from boat tour

When we left the restaurant, I asked my husband, 'Do you think the restaurant staff thought I was Angelina Jolie?' This is a really old game between us. I am the least glamorous person ever, yet I always ask him if people mistake me for this or that famous person. He responds with either 'Yes, probably' or as on that night I received a polite 'No'. Childlike, I never bore of this game. I even grin as I write this...

So my motto for the weekend was that if I lived in Bruges, I would be fat and happy. Fat, because of the chocolate (but maybe skinny because I don't share the love for mussels).  And happy with all the scenic eye-candy. But then I always feel a deep happiness when I'm with my family.

To my husband and best friend ever,
as they say in London, 'Love you loads!' 
sweetie ;)

XO Laura


Laura said...

Aww what a lovely post... even though I only know you through the blogosphere, I can tell that you're a fun gal, that I'd never tire to be around... It sounds like your hubby definitely admires this quality too... he's a lucky guy! Lx

ladyliberty said...

What a great weekend! Beautiful photos, too. Happy Anniversary to you and yours! :)

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Congradulations on your anniversery. What a beautiful and fun place to spend it in. I have been there and it has so many things to see and do. I love the picture with the lace in the window.(-:

Daydream Living said...

Congratulations Laura!
Making your children experience more than one country is, I think, an enrichment for the rest of their life. For us, we speak Dutch at home, German on the street and English at school. Ofcourse I do think, Oh my, is this the right thing, but I think that you and I are doing something amazing, enriching these little ones with something they can't learn in school. And I also have to agree with Laura, I think you are a fun girl! Enjoy the day!
Maureen x

Karin said...

Ahhh Bruges. Hard to get more picture perfect. What a wonderful weekend with the family. I remember lots of swans? And i assume you tried the fries.......even if you don't like mussels!

ohabbyreally said...

Happy anniversary and lovely pictures! x

Privet and Holly said...

Sounds like a very
merry trip, all
around : )!! You
can never second-
guess yourself as
far as children are
concerned....Just do
the best you can and
they will blossom as
they are meant to!
I enjoyed these lovely
photos as I'm sure
you all did seeing these
sights in person!
xx Suzanne

{Amy} said...

oh my. i want to go for my anniversary or for anything...looks like a great time. chocolate? yes! mussels? no thanks. he scenery? yes! wow, happy anniversary to you and thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us!

laura said...

Hi Laura, happy anniversary! What a lovely way to spend it! You are so lucky to be able to get to europe so easily!
hugs, Laura c xxxx

Emily said...

Now THIS is a post! Thanks for making us smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Laura said...

Congrats Laura - Happy Anniversary to you and Jon, Theo and I are next Sunday! What a lovely post, I am enjoying your blog, you're a natural! It makes me sad you're no longer in the neighbourhood and I now have so much time! Much love Laura

BTW Angie, maybe not but I have always thought that you look like Jeanne Tripplehorn!

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Thank you everyone for all the sweet comments!

Laura, I'm so 'famous' I had to Google Jeanne Tripplehorn to see who she is. Recognized the face but not the name. I'll throw her name in the pot :)

Raine and Sage said...

Laura (Angelina) you write so warmly and with humour. It's a pleasure to read your blog. Many of my good friends in Australia have parents from all over the world, and I personally love living in a multi-cultural society. e.g. my friend who is Indian/Aussie, with husband who is Czech/Greek - you can imagine their gorgeous 1 year old, and explaining his background. They sound like very fortunate kids! x

Raine and Sage said...

PS - Happy anniversary!

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Ooh, I love that you just called me Angelina :)

Abby said...

Congrats pseudo-Ange! Great post, Belgium looks absolutely gorgeous. What a great place to celebrate :)

JoAnn said...

Oh Laura...you are just too damn funny! :) Can I curse here in the blogworld?! It would suck if I can't! :) Happy Anniversary to two incredible people! It's been such a blessing to have met you here in England! We look forward to enjoying years together here as we take in all the beauty of this great country! So happy that you had such a great trip! We'll see you Thursday! Love, Jo

JANE said...

What a delightful post, Laura! Thanks so much for taking us on a virtual wander with you. The whole 'identity thing' is fascinating. J x

Natasha said...

Happy Anniversary! I am so happy that you had such a lovely time to celebrate your anniversary. Here's to many more happy years!

Best wishes,