22 October 2010

Friday Fun: Who's Coming For Dinner?

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

It's time for another 'Fun Friday' post. Yea!!

Just for fun, my husband and I have had an ongoing list of famous people we'd enjoy having for dinner. 

So let's just say this is a photo of my dining room (wink, wink)
I want to share with you my current invite list. I have to warn you I'm a simpleton

Ingredients For The Perfect Dinner

A Dash of Sparkle: Kate Hudson

1 Cup of Beauty & Charm: Julia Roberts

A Pinch of Slapstick: Sandra Bullock

Stir with Interesting Stories: Oprah Winfrey

Sprinkle with Humor: Ellen DeGeneres

Finish with the Perfect Table Setting: Anthropologie

The Menu

I'm a casual girl, and my husband makes the most wonderful sandwiches. Maybe he'd whip up some warm baguette sandwiches with basil, tomato, and fresh mozzarella cheese?

Let's see - thick salty chips. Cheesecake with cherries on top. Definitely. Jasmine green tea first; frosty mug beer later. Okay, so this sounds more like a picnic than a dinner

I'd like to tag Laura from A Place For Tea and Jane from Life on Planet Baby to play along

And you?
Please play and put your invite list in the comments 
or add your blog post in Linky below (closes Oct 30)

Because it's more fun when everyone plays!

Happy happy weekend!


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Daydream Living said...

Goodmorning Laura,
I just read your story about your move part 2, I was amazed! I think you were very unlucky with this lot... How long are you planning on staying in the UK? Cause if you move again, I can tell you, there are much better movers, we had some lovely ones. Have a good one today! (oh, and I Love your guest list, Oprah and Julia are super!)
x Maureen

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Hi Maureen, We don't have an end date - we hope to stay for a long time :) I might take you up on a movers reference one day - at least our made for a good story XO L

Amanda said...

What a great post and a great list. I think Oprah would be a great dinner guest and have lots of interesting stories. I'd add JK Rowling to my list as I'd love to know how her life has changed from her humble beginnings and how she came up with such clever ideas for her books. I'd add Martha Stewart too but I'd be scared she'd be too critical of my dinner party if things weren't up to scratch :)

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Maybe have your dinner party at Martha's house?! That would be grand

AnastasiaC said...

this is great!! i love Oprah but think she might be a tad intimidating! haha....she's coming to Australia this December and everyone is going crazy with excitement!

Laura said...

Oohhh... I'll have to give this some thought... I was compiling my list in the car... and I have two definites... I think a lot of my favourites are type A's and so, I'd end up sitting in the corner, as they duked it out over conversation topics... I'll post later, after the kids have gone to bed... speaking of which... maybe I should have Mr Tumble there to entertain the kiddies ;-) Lx

Privet and Holly said...

THIS I will have
to sit with a while
and ponder....How
much fun to dream
and scheme!! Love
your dream menu!!!
One of my besties
hails from Scotland
and I remember when
she introduced me
to salt and vinegar
chips : )! I can't
have them in the house
or I won't let them
alone. Thanks for
setting my brain in
motion...and Happy
xx Suzanne

JANE said...

Ooh, Laura, you sweetheart! I'm fairly tingling with excitement to be tagged by you (blush). I'll get my thinking cap on (a bit tricky after three glasses of riesling to celebrate Mr PB's 40th birthday!) and respond properly tomorrow. J x

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Oh...but you have all women...I would definately want some men too...preferably witty, sensitive, intelligant and handsome ones. (-: This is a very cute idea.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, think of you so often and wonder hoow you are doing. How do I get your blog and read of your adventures. Not even sure I am doing this correctly. My dinner guests would be:
1. Bret Michaels
2. Sharon Osborne
3. Of course Sandra Bullock
4. Donald Trump
5. Betty White
6. George Clooney
7. Shania Twain
8. Josh
9. Jed
10. And YOU!!!!!

Jessica {lovely jubbly london} said...

Can I just come to your party? Sounds like the perfect list to me...

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

So I thought about adding men to the list such as George Clooney and Brad Pitt, but I think I'd be too star struck. Jerry Seinfeld would be a fun one...

XO Laura

Cookie Cutter said...

Your party sounds like a charm! All the right "ingredients"!