15 October 2010

My New Toy: Picnik

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

I have been using Google's free photo editing program, Picassa, for years. I have loved it but has been somewhat limiting.  I recently delved into (free) Picnik - ohBoy,ohBoy,ohBoy!

My Picniked Photo: it looks kinda Martha Stewartish(?)
I love how clean, vibrant, and romantic it looks

You can see the original photo went through a bit of transformation with cropping, text, color adjustments, glow,
and white feathered edge

Playing with Picnik stickers,
I think it would be a fun tool for scrapbooking

Here I adjusted the color somewhat for mood and darkened the edges

With the ability to add text onto the photo, 
I might design my own Christmas card this year. Fun!

With Picnik, anyone can make their photos look more professional. I am amazed by the photographers who achieved these looks decades ago without digital cameras and editing programs!

Warning: Picnik.com is incredibly user-friendly and lots of fun, especially with a glass of wine :)




Daydream Living said...

Goodmorning Laura!
I too just discovered Picnik, and it is amazing indeed, also very userfriendly. Great post! Enjoy the weekend,

Robynne's Nest said...

Lovely photos Laura, thanks for the tip! Must complete Leslie's homework!!

Laura said...

I found Picnik a few weeks back and it makes photo editing so easy... It even makes my terrible photography look decent enough to post! Love the flowers and what you did with them! Lx

Sonia said...

Hi Laura -- Glad to hear that you've found Picnik and are enjoying it! And thanks for writing about Picnik. Your flower picture looks fantastic :)

Team Picnik

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Big difference with the Picnik shot. I'm still playing around with the program too.

I popped over here from the BYW forum. Nice to visit and have a look around.

Enjoy your weekend.

fairchildstreet said...

Yes it is great I love doing the collages. Charmaine

JANE said...

I absolutely agree, Laura. I upload my photos to Flickr and then connect it to Picnik where I can edit them and save them back to Flickr really easily. It's funny - now I see blogs with average photos and think "Oh, if only they knew about Picnik!" J x

jacqueline said...

Dearest Laura, your banner made me smile...it's soo adorable! Picnik is really fun to use and it's so much easier than photoshop. :) So glad i came by from BYW, you have a very inspiring space here. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

Miss Sew & So said...

oh mis.laura....you have had a lovley time on picnik!
your photo looks VERY martha!

with a glass of wine and a few hours up your sleeve the fun on that site is endless!!!
our kiddos spend AGES on it too....

have a wonderful weekend...making images!!

melissa xx

Privet and Holly said...

Okay, you have
seriously inspired
me, here!!! I'm
going to take Melissa's
cue and sit down
to Picnik {ha!} with
a glass of wine the
next time my hubby
is out of town one
evening. LOVE what
you were able to
xx Suzanne

La Vie Quotidienne said...


I came over here to see a post on Weekword...but this is great. I have Picnik downloaded but I haven't sat down to "play" with it yet...this really encourages me to do so. Half the fun of photography is manipulating the images.(-: Thanks!

Bonnie said...

Will have to check it out. Thanks for telling us about picnick. If I can do it anybody can. We will see.

Christine E-E said...

seriously love your balloon caption on the pumpkin pic...
I was in your BYW course - found out about Picnik - you're correct! love how it can make pics look like studio art...
enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Melissa, I hadn't even thought about the kids playing on it. They would love it. For Halloween they can draw fangs and blood on their images - gross, I know, but they would love it. Brilliant

XO Laura

JANE said...

Hello Sweetie

You have such a lovely eye for colour and composition - bravo you! And woo hoo, Picnik! I ♥ it.

J x

PS I just did a post mentioning how to use Picnik at http://lifeonplanetbaby.blogspot.com/2010/10/living-in-blogland-using-photos-part-1.html

The Bathtime Team said...

Hi Laura
I need to ask some blogging help again, sorry.
You know you have your button with code beneath?? I have uploaded the Bath Bomb button onto Photobucket. There is a list of codes beneath the image and I have copied some. Which am I suppose to copy? But where do I go in Blogger? Add the code to HTML and just the button appears on the blog. Add the code to Caption and upload the button in Pictures and the button appears twice.

No worries if not ...