04 October 2010

Operation Big Red Mushroom

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

I am jumping up and down happy! Thank you to those of you who wrote me as to where to find these amazing red toadstools. I was on a multi-day treasure hunt and scored these pics :)

No wonder so many drawings and folklore came from England

These red beauties are the Fly Agaric mushroom, traditionally floated in milk to attract and kill flies. And they are GIGANTIC - the round ones are the size of my fist; the flatter ones are the size of a saucer. These really are my photos!

A few more fungi...

As you can see, the heather is still flowering 
and a rabbit must have 'dropped' by recently :)

Nature provides the best art! 
Now if I just can find those cutie-pie hedgehogs...

[ Fun Friday Word Trivia ]

Thank you so much for participating in another Fun Friday contest!  I will have another one when I find something interesting. 

Creative definitions of 'geegaw' submitted by readers included fruit, laughter, and animals. I love you guys!

The real answer is not nearly so interesting. According to Dictionary.com a geegaw is 'something gaudy and useless; a trinket'. Now try to throw that in a sentence today :)



fairchildstreet said...

The red mushrooms are truely magical. Charmaine

Privet and Holly said...

Hi Laura! Thank
you for stopping by
and saying hello : )
My daughter is a
huge mushroom fan and
she will love your
pics {have to go wake
her up for the bus in
just a moment}! Can't
believe you took them
as they are amazing.
Hope your Monday is off
to a great start!
xx Suzanne

Laura said...

My mum always describes flash things as "too geegawy, for my liking"... believe it or not, she uses it alot... but then again I hail from the midlands, and we have a whole other language going on up there! Glad you found the mushrooms... Hedgehogs usually rustle around at night in hedge bottoms... try and leave a pile of leaves to attract them... they sleep in them... we had a Jack Russell that would always come across thme... ouch! Lx

Frau S said...

That 2nd mushroom reminds me of my beloved Gnomes book from childhood.

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Laura,
Just found your lovely blog. These mushrooms are huge, and the red looks like a children's fairytale come alive!
I'm a new follower and will be back soon.

laura said...

Hi Laura, I just looove these pics, its so hard to believe that they are real, isnt it? I have never seen anything like the red ones before , except in movies and cartoons and drawings!!! gorgeous!
hugs to you, Laura c xxx

Emma said...

My first trip to the UK aged 11, I was desperate to spot one of those red and white mushroom and never did! At the time we were living in Malaysia and they just seemed to represent fairies and all other things magical! I would be so thrilled to see one in real life. Your photos are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Magical mushrooms. what a great find.
This post is almost as fantastic as Lapland.
(which i can not stop thinking about and even forced my husband to read your post)
I love your discovery adventures.

did you ever read the omnivore's dilemma chapter on mushrooms?
so fascinating! a great read.