13 October 2010

Sand Between My Toes: West Wittering Beach

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

After many days of clouds & drizzle, Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day. 
On a whim, we drove to the south coast to West Wittering Beach. 

What a surprise! Colorful Caribbean cabanas in England? 
Love that :)

I was told these beach huts cost as much as a small home, and sleeping in them is not allowed. Unlike the numerous pebble beaches, West Wittering has nice fine sand.

Aah, a few more beachy snapshots...

We had dinner in this quaint pub/inn
The Fish House in Chilgrove, Chichester

I guess our little 'sun dance' the previous week paid off :)

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JANE said...

Oh, Laura - I'd love to see the first photo but it seems to be broken :( J x

Frau S said...

That is the most adorable looking pub!

Laura said...

Hi Laura... I'm passing on my *getting to know you tag*... Hope you get a chance to answer these simple questions. Lx

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Nice catch, Jane! I don't understand why this happens sometimes. Will try to successfully reload :)

XO Laura

Privet and Holly said...

My heart is
going pitter-
patter at these
lovely pictures...
Sounds like the
perfect day!
xx Suzanne

Abby said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed BYW? I'm still trying to catch my breath! It was fun though :)

I love your pictures, those beach cabanas are such great colours!


Sarah said...

oh, so many lovely pictures...my sister just moved to London - i will have to tell her some of your tips and places to visit and eat!