20 October 2010

Sending The Love: Recent Finds

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Don't you just love when you make a new discovery?! Well, I have a few 'stumbles' to share with you, my dear reader


Feels like such a secret insider tip, I'll whisper it {Bledding Heart French Restaurant}  An ex-Londoner whisked us away to this amazing restaurant in the most tucked away location imaginable in the middle of the city. We had delicious French (good French not 'weird' French) food in this cobbled 'close'.

See more on Bleeding Heart's website

AUSTRALIA: JOHN BUTLER TRIO jamming with Keith Urban

I'm probably the last person to know about JBT, but boy, can he play!


Thanks to blogger, RubiaTica, for this find

For those who live outside the US and unable to stream their fav US TV shows due to international licensing - you are going to FREAK OUT! It's free and current!  It requires some patience, but I find the zshare.net link most reliable. I know, you want to jump up and down, right?!


For those of you who follow multiple blogs, you will find this 'reader' to be easy to read and manage. It organizes your blogs in a magazine format. It is brilliant, a time-saver, and free. Thank you Julie of Knittlebits for this nugget. See Feedly.com


Have you ever tried to take a photograph of your computer screen with your camera? It is not pretty. With the Windows 7 Snipping Tool, taking an image of your computer screen is a snap. Yea! I love easy tools :) I used it to get the Feedly image above.

Hopefully you found a useful tidbit today :) Do you have one to add?

* I'm looking forward to 'Fun Friday'! I'll have another game to share *

Restaurant Images: Bleeding Heart

(Side Note: I received no payment from these companies.
Just wanting to share)

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Make mine Mid-Century said...

Thank you! That was all very useful.

Great little blog you have!

Laura said...

We caught the John Butler Trio a couple of times in Australia and then the hubby actually met him here in NYC... his music is pretty awesome! He looks like he's polished up a bit though! It's always good to hear good music! Lx

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Hi Laura,

I tried sending you an email but I don't think it went through. I just wanted to tell you that I posted a reference to your blog today for encouraging us to use Picnik...you might to check it out.(-:

Privet and Holly said...

Want to say
THANKS for the
tips while I
wait for Keith
and the boys to
download so I
can watch and listen!
The restaurant looks
darling and sounds
like a fabulous find.
Thanks for sharing
your {shhhh!} secrets!
xx Suzanne

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Yea! I'm so glad you all enjoyed the post :)