03 November 2010

I, Spy

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

So here's my funny little story. We went to Belgium a few weeks ago via train. Just yesterday I said to my husband out of the blue, 'You remember that couple sitting next to us on the train? I totally thought they were spies'. And my husband said, 'I absolutely knew you would say that'.

This is hilarious to me because

1) He knows me so well (How could he have known I would say that?!)

2) He reminded me that my spy-o-meter experience is limited to Hollywood espionage movies. Good point, but don't lots of spies take the train in Europe? And spies go on vacation too, right?

So here is my little spy 'get-up' collage I created in Polyvore, which I have been excited to play around with...

Imagine the infinite 'spy' possibilities with that adorable Kate Spade keyboard bag! And although no spy should be noticed, I would be and therefore I'd be the sneaky 'reverse-psychology spy' :)

What kind of spy would you be?

XO Laura


fairchildstreet said...

So cute, put a smile on my face. Gets a bit scarey when the other half know what we are going to say. Charmaine

Make mine Mid-Century said...

I love that keyboard bag.

I'd be a hopeless spy because I can't lie.

If caught, I'd put my hand up to everything and confess and spill-all-the-beans etc etc.

fairchildstreet said...

Can't believe you haven't heard of Christmas Cake. Being in Australia it is more of an English thing I suppose. I would be interested if you start to see lots of Christmas cake whilst you are in the UK. Charmaine

Raine and Sage said...

Oh I'd be a cheerful, happy, chatty spy. No one would suspect that underneath my veneer lurks a cunning and scheming spy! I'd be a spy in birkenstocks and have a camera hidden in them. :) x

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I hope I would be an extremely glamourous and mysterious spy...the kind that Helen Mirren portrays in the new film Red. In it she wears the most beautiful white gown...but alas, it ends up with blood on it - hers!

Privet and Holly said...

I'd be the
boho spy, with
flowing tunic
over leggings
and boots....!
You'd think I
was a happy-go-
lucky artist type,
but I'd really
be a SPY!!
Fun post and love
your collage : ) !
xx Suzanne

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Ooh, I just love all the sneaky spy comments! We'd make quite a group :)