18 November 2010

The London Buzz

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

This week has been filled with excitement around the premiere of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part I. Here the movie will be in theaters tomorrow (films usually come a few months later than in the US). 

Daniel Radcliff (aka Harry) and Emma Watson (Hermione) were interviewed by my local radio station on my way to school! Too cool!

Emma Watson at Harry Potter London Premiere

Emma is wearing a red poppy, the symbol of The Poppy Appeal and Remembrance Day of the Armed Forces. Everyone in my part of town wore one last week.

View video interviews of Daniel and Emma here. Emma talks about not being allowed to cut or color her hair (thus the new 'do), get a suntan, or snow ski because of her constant role as Hermione Granger over the last ten years. 

The other exciting news is the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton. I think the general feel here is the country has a deep fondness for Prince William due to the early loss of his beloved mother. And while the English seem to like that they have royalty, they also feel it is a huge financial burden and a bit out-dated.

Newly Engaged: Prince William and Kate Middleton

In comparison to the US, UK tabloid newspapers are much bigger business here. Not only are there more of them, but they are published daily (or even twice daily) instead of weekly. My guess as to why is many people use public transportation, like The Tube, and have more time to read. 

Today the radio reported that Kate was seen leaving Westminster Abbey and therefore will probably be having the wedding there. Their engagement has certainly added fuel to the tabloid fire!

I think of the bumpy road the couple has ahead of them. I don't envy them, but I certainly wish them the very best. Weddings are so exciting! Especially of the royal fairy-tale variety :)

Okay, I have to admit I did buy one of those tabloids as a souvenir yesterday :)

XO Laura


Laura said...

Emma Watson looks divine... To pull off that haircut, shows she is a classic beauty. They have been in NYC promoting too and yesterday I saw Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) outside a coffee shop in the village! I was a little star struck!

laura said...

Hi laura, Emma watson looks amazing, but do you see the creepy man behind her? eek! I dont envy kate middleton either, what a huge burden she has taken on... but hopefully they love each other and can defy the odds...
hope you are having a wonderful week,
Laura c xxx

Expat mum said...

There's no way that William will take the throne before Charles unless Charles abdicates or is somehow incapacitated. You can't just bypass the heir because he's old or because he's an old fuddy-duddy. Besides, the Queen has apparently said in the past that it's not the sort of job you hand over to your offpsring unless you really have to (ie. it's bloody hard work and a bit of a burden so you spare them having to do it for as long as possible.)

Raine and Sage said...

It is certainly an exciting week! I remember clearly the song "Charlie's Getting Married At Last", after all these years! My parents decided to turn it into a party with friends over, and everyone watched it on tv.
It's been quite big news in Oz too!Did you buy a teatowel or plate?

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Two beautiful english beauties. We have been reading about it all here too. Very romantic.(-:

Raine and Sage said...

No, no Royal mementos for me either. :)

Privet and Holly said...

Harry Potter opened
here last night and
my daughter had friends
going to the midnight
first show ~ on a school
night! Too bad she has
a mean mom who wouldn't
let her go until the
weekend : ) !! I remember
the last royal wedding
so clearly....Could it
really have been nearly
30 years ago? A bit of
a brightener for England,
even if the monarchy costs
a fortune.....
Happy Friday, Laura!
xx Suzanne

Luciane From HomeBunch.com said...

I'm in Canada but in love with the Uk life posted here!

I've just started a new blog, if you could go take a look I would be really happy! And today I've posted about a $68 mil house that OPRAH WINFREY might buy soon.

Thank you!

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Suzanne, was it really 30 years ago? Well, I was just born (just kidding).

Enjoying everyones comments! Thank you

Tracey said...

I was wondering what the red poppy was that Emma has been wearing in press pics. I love that dress! We're following the engagement in the US too. New stories daily but I'm sure its nothing close to what's going on there.

Natasha said...

I hope that the happy couple stay that way. I don't envy them one little bit either. Perhaps this wedding is just the sort of good PR the royal family needs!

Best wishes for a fabulous weekend,