10 November 2010

The Milk Man

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Having a Ben Stiller moment while tripping over rocks and shrubs, I was super sneaky about taking these photos (a few bloody knees to show for it - but worth it!).

A bit blurry as I took this photo in a sprint, drop and roll to the other side of the road :)

This adorable milk truck drives my street each week to deliver milk to the neighbors. I've always had a thing for funky trucks. Isn't it so cute and clever?

I took this photo while peeking out from a bush with my telephoto lens

The crates contain full and empty milk bottles. I've seen a similar open-sided truck at the train station selling eggs (future super sneaky photo sesh).

Can you tell I haven't come off my 
James Bond and European spy theme yet?

XO Laura


Laura said...

Aww I miss the milkman... the chink of bottles... My favourite cookbook was brought from the milkman and I still have it, here in NJ. I would definitely have it delivered if I had a milkman.. got to support those local dairies! Lx

JANE said...

Ooh, Laura! What a classic. We haven't had a milkman delivering milk and bread for about 20 years. It seems so quaint, yet delightful as well. Lucky you! J x

topchelseagirl said...

Ahh milkmen are a rare sight these days. As well as milk they used to deliver eggs, yoghurts, bread. It used to be a nightly ritual before going to bed to 'put out the empties' ready for the next morning.

Danielle said...

Oh I still have a cookbook that my Mum bought from the milkman about 25 years ago.... Dairy Book of British Cooking, or something, I love it. I lost another super-fave housekeeping book from the milkman when I moved over here. I swear I put it in the box but it never made it across the ocean.
I can hear the whirring sound of the milkman's electric motor in my mind now!

Privet and Holly said...

How sweet is THIS?
And I love the image
in my mind of YOU,
spying through the
hedges at the milk
truck : )!! Also
enjoyed learning
about THAT GUY!
Have to turn my
speakers on and have
a listen to the song,
xx Suzanne

Daydream Living said...

Hi Laura,
this is so adorable to look at and hilarious to read, you in the bushes.... Have a good evening! Maureen

Raine and Sage said...

I love that truck. Such a sweet reminder of days gone by (not my day mind). I'm glad you're prepared to go to any lengths for a good photo. Your bloody knees are appreciated.

Bethan said...

Ha,ha, laughing out loud at the thought of James Bond style photo capturing...
Oh my goodness, what memories those milkfloat photos evoke. Yes, I remember the cookbooks as well. I seem to recall calendars too? We have our milk delivered here in Australia - we have to leave the coolbag/esky out with ice blocks in it, and it doesn't come from such a dinky little vehicle unfortunately. x

Sheila said...

I love the thought of you doing a drop and roll!! Very funny!
We dont have a milk man, i wish we did though....it reminds me of the episode of Father Ted where Dougal is a milk man and theres a bomb on the float!
Good luck with your other spying trips!!

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

I'm learning so much through your comments - cookbooks? Esky? Whole new material for future posts...

Meg and Mum's said...

That's just gorgeous :) Sonia (of Raine and Sage) and I both grew up in a very hot and humid place so we never got to experience the whole milk bottle thing. But I have memories of coming to South Australia to visit my grandparents and my grandmother would pour me a glass of milk from a bottle, which totally fascinated me! But not longer after they were replaced with the cardboard cartons. :(

JoAnn said...

OMG...you flippin' crack me up! :)

Zane Wooder said...

I wish we had something like that here. I have to walk all the way to the store to get milk. So much work. I guess it's still better then having to go to a farm like the old days.