13 December 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

With the darkest day of the year approaching, I can't help but notice that it is dark when I wake the kids for school, and dark again by 4:30p. Did you know London is on the same latitude as Canada and Russia? Thanks to a friendly jet stream, the polar temperatures live further north most of the time.

A friend nearby has 4 hens in her backyard to provide eggs throughout the year. She has a timer on a light to extend their 'daylight hours' so they will continue to lay eggs in the winter. 

Although a few trees still have leaves turning, most have fallen. Evergreen trees, broad-leaf shrubs, and berries provide classic Christmas colors of red and green. The surprise snow from last week has melted. Curiously a neighbor's rose continues to bloom, and the grass is green.  Each morning the pavement is wet, although no rain falls overnight. It is chilly, but not 'shivering cold' like last week.

Christmas time is now in full bloom.

Outdoor Ice Skating at Natural History Museum, London

Regent's Street, London

High Street, Guildford, Surrey

Santa has placed gifts under an artificial Christmas tree my entire life. At first, it was due to my allergies, and then due to my sappy love for trees (didn't have the heart to cut one). But my husband is feeling reminiscent of his childhood days and wanted to have a real one this year. So yesterday we made our way to a local Tree Farm.

My husband told me all Christmas Tree sellers use chainsaws to clean up the tree and a contraption to net the tree for the trip home. I'm not sure all use a 'wand', however :) As a first time observer, I found the whole process fascinating.

View Of Our Christmas Tree From Outside House

It made my husband so darn happy to pick out and trim the tree. I have to say, our real tree smells lovely and looks very pretty. 

FOR SALE: One Artificial Christmas Tree 

XO Laura


topchelseagirl said...

Wow your tree looks so lovely through the window! I think it is the lack of daylight hours during the winter that is harder to deal with than the cold, not that I like the cold at all either.

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Oh, beautiful post! I'm not sure why ... maybe because you're going with the flow and accepting everything without complaint, but as a new experience ... I think that's it. I think the thing I love about you, is that you accept everything as a new experience, rather than whingeing that everything is different!

I love your blog! Don't change an inch.

Beth said...

The smell of a real Christmas tree is so....can't think of the word!...so Christmasy?! We always had one in the UK and if I concentrate I can just about remember the smell. I bought one two years ago here in Aus and it lasted about a week and a half! By Christmas day is was a rather sad, brown, wilting specimen! Enjoy. x

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Beautiful pictures of the decorated streets. You tree looks fabulous throught the window and must smell wonderful.(-:

JANE said...

Yet another adorable post, Sweetie! And the top photo is glorious. You really transport me from warm, sunshiney Hobart to the other side of the world. Enjoy your first real tree. We're choosing ours this weekend. J x

Victoria said...

A real tree is the best! Glad you are enjoying yours this year:)

Robynne's Nest said...

Laura, we had a 'real' tree for the first time ever, last xmas here in u.k. and it was just lovely....after xmas my hubby gradually chopped off the boughs and binned them but we had the trunk sitting around till October this year! I am looking forward to putting up our new 'real' tree tomorrow, in time for my daughter's arrival from Australia on xmas eve. Robx

Privet and Holly said...

Oh, girlie,
just enjoy this
ride that is your
life in England
right now! I'm so
enjoying it from
your blog. I LOVE
holly and it all
looks and sounds
your tree.
Hope your week is off
to a lovely start!
xx Suzanne

Raine and Sage said...

Laura you make me wish I was over there rugged up in the cold and smelling that piney-pine tree smell. I've never had a 'real' tree but it sounds so aromatic, and far more exciting than pulling one out of a box.
Sonia :)
The image from outside your house of the tree all lit up looks like a Christmas fairytale, or Christmas movie. Really pretty!!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I've got a thing about seeing Christmas trees throughh people's windows. They look so magical somehow. It always feels as though a lovely tree = a perfect family life! I know that's not true but that's just the feeling it gives me.

...So congratulations on your perfect family life!!