31 January 2011

Blog Love

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Fun Blog: How About Orange
DIY Heart Garland

I am passionate about blogging. I love to tell stories, and I love to read others. You follow a blog for a while and you feel like you know the author - and you might through online dialogues or actually meet one day.

I think about what I am going to write everyday, what might be of interest. It keeps my antenna up. Good brain food. I have a long list of post ideas and big file of photographs.

Beautiful Blog: Dreamy Whites
French Farmhouse Inspired Living

Unique to his profession, Charles Dickens distributed his book chapter by chapter often ending in cliffhangers. Obviously a big hit. Isn't this basically what blogs offer - just one chapter at a time? But take it further - it is an interactive book, where reader and author can ask questions and have conversations.

Quirky Blog: Make Mine Mid-Century
Horsey goes to the library

Some blogs are written like magazines, some as biographies, and others like coffee table books with beautiful photography. Like a bookstore, there is something for everyone.

I think blogs attract like minded readers, so interior design blogs attract other i-designers (or wanna bes, like me);  blogs written in a positive voice attract positive people.

Thought Provoking Blog: Privet and Holly
What would your day of hooky look like?

I know there are many many blogs to choose from. Thank you so much for reading in my little corner of my world. It's so good to have you here!


Make mine Mid-Century said...

Wow! Those other blogs are very professional and wonderfully beautiful.

Thank you, Laura.

Emma said...

I have found it fascinating how like-minded bloggers tend to gravitate towards each other, it would be interesting to do a 6 degrees of separation type study on bloggers.

American in Bath said...

Thanks for this. I love the horse at the library. I sometimes wonder why I read the blogs I do. I think you're right, I read the blogs of like-minded people even if we have reached different points in our lives.

topchelseagirl said...

I think it is great to connect with people you would never have met in person in your day to day life, yet with who you have shared interests/opinions/passtimes. x

Tai Tai said...

Being relatively new to this whole thing - I'm pondering those sorts of questions all the time. What will my blog be? How do people perceive me? What will I write?! It's an interesting journey to go on and one I feel has already opened my eyes to a whole new world I'm so glad I'm no longer missing out on.

Raine and Sage said...

Well said, or rather written Laura.

It's good to be here!!

Jane said...

Another thoughtful post, sweet Laura. And I follow all four of those blogs - we seem to have uncannily similar taste! Oh, and I love the new font you're using - very fresh, clean and easy on the eye. J x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

I quite agree, especially about the positive attitude. I am constantly amazed at how so many going through tough times are able to cheer us all up with their sunny blogs and as for decorating inspiration...the list is endless. I could read all day but work calls!

Posie Patchwork said...

Pleasure!! How About Orange, she's totally awesome. Love Posie

Hines-Sight said...

Such fun! You have to e-mail me. How did you write at the bottom of the photographs. I played with picnik yesterday, and it will only put copy over my photos, and not like you have it here. Beautiful pictures.

Laura said...

Love your blog Laura. Love that it's always cheery, interesting and fun. Never miss a post! Lx

Privet and Holly said...

Dear Laura, I have had
a similar post swirling
around in my brain....
And now you have so
eloquently captured
those thoughts, here.
I initially was drawn
down the rabbit hole
by the design blogs,
but have found that
I'm now drawn to blogs
written with a personal
touch and sense of humor,
by people who I would
want to meet for coffee
or tea, if geography
made it possible....and
whose posts I try not
to miss : ) I feel so
fortunate to count you
among those friends!
xx Suzanne

La Vie Quotidienne said...

It is always fun to read about your experiences in England. And I agree with you that being positive is more appealing to readers.

Christina Megill Craven said...

You some it up so well! You have a wonderful and thoughtful blog!
Mrs. Craven

Darcy said...

Great to meet another fan of Bad Hausfrau! I love London, I lived there during law school for a few months (and went to school there) and I still remember it as one of my favorite places in the world, especially the Tate. We visited when they were hosting the Turner prize competition - so much fun!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

I enjoy reading blogs more than anything else online, peoples lives and opinions and talents are just fascinating.

Amanda said...

Great post - I agree, blogs are so wonderful for networking with other like minded people and such a source of inspiration.

Robynne's Nest said...

Laura, here's a tip...champagne! I get my best inspiration after a couple of glasses...I can fill pages with ideas for future blogs. Give it a try! Robx

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I don't think I like just one kind of blog. I like a mix of all these...and more too!!

But I do like writing that's uplifting and warm.....just like yours, gorgeous girlie.


Darcy said...

The Tate Modern was open, they had a great interactive art exhibit at the time, which was really fun (I can't remember the name). It's actually funny, when I moved to DC for the first year I was here almost every art exhibit that came through I'd already seen in London.

Emily said...

I'll tell you Laura, I think yours is one of my favorite blogs. I look forward to reading each post. This one was so well stated! And I especially love that you wove good ol' Dickens in there . . . one of my favorites. We must think alike when it comes to books and authors. I've loved your recommendations. Have a good week!

Laura, Happy Homemaker UK said...

Thank you for the kind comments - the emailed ones too. I have the best readers. Ever. I love you guys!