17 January 2011

Everyday Randomness

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

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So I couldn't hold in the truth any longer, so when I saw my kids' teacher after the holidays I blurted this confession...

''For Christmas, I was bundling up all the little chocolate gifts we bought in Belgium for the kids' teachers. And in a moment of weakness, I ate yours. I am really sorry I didn't give you a gift for Christmas as I had intended to, because I ate it. So I gave you a story instead.''


So I have been meaning to share this letter with you. It was taped onto a Christmas package sent from the US, confirming that it did 'not originate or pass through Republic of Yemen or Somalia'. My guess is most of you  have not seen this form letter from the US Post Office before. I found it interesting


I jump when the phone rings - a local call costs money, so few call. And because we don't have Caller ID, 
I continue to be surprised by who is calling.


I just found out today - you can put 4 litres of unleaded petrol in your diesel car. 
I wouldn't recommend it, but does seem we are no worse for wear.


Today was another day of saving critters. I saved a partially drowned worm and released another ladybird (ladybug) outside. 
There are many ladybugs in the house for some reason.


The electrician came over the other day to replace a faulty switch in the house. When he entered, he took off his shoes and looked inside his tool satchel. He pulled out and put on house slippers like these:  


It was so adorable and 'proper'! I also think I detected a hint of an Irish accent, and he actually smelled like the soap 'Irish Spring'. Honest!


My doorbell sounds like an old-fashion bicycle bell.

[source: pinterest]

And you can never go wrong ending a post with Audrey.
Bet that's her getaway car, as she takes her teacher's Christmas gift back home to eat...


Laura said...

Oh Laura, I love your take on my Blighty... to me it's just home and how things are... I guess we are a little quirky and old fashioned to anyone outside our little old place. Here in New Jersey, I see a lot of locals wrinkling up their noses at me... or just telling me they plain don't understand me... The only person that gets me, is the hubby, and people have started asking him when he moved here (he was born in NJ)... I guess it's a case of the lion becoming the tamer ;-) Have a great day. Lx

Daydream Living said...

Oh Laura, you cracked me up with that chocolate story! Hilarious! And I save bugs too (well, no mosquitos), you should make more of this kind of posts, very uplifting for the Monday, thanks!
Maureen x

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Too funny about the chocolate!

Emily said...

I'm dying to know how the teacher responded. :)

Slipper and Audrey love!

Emma said...

Mmmmm, I totally get eating the chocolate! And saving critters, today I fished a frog out of the pool filter!

4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle said...

love it! I would have eaten the chocolate as well. I really enjoyed your random thoughts.


Privet and Holly said...

DEAR Laura, thank
you for starting my
day with a S M I L E !!
Loved the image of
the Irish workman
with his slippies : )
And WOW on the petrol.
Lucky that it didn't
mess up your car....
You just never know,
do you?
Happy Monday!
xx Suzanne

Robynne's Nest said...

Naughty girl...but they were BELGIAN chocs after all! As for the petrol instead of diesel...well women were never meant to pump petrol!! If our phone rings It's nearly always one of those recorded sales messages...I get so excited thinking someone is ringing me (we don't get many calls either)..and then...well I just slam it right down again! And yes, I am always rescuing ladybirds lately inside the house...trouble is I'm never sure if it's too cold to put them outside so I drop them into a potplant! Robx
p.s. I rescue worms too...

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I remember having to confess to my children that I'd eaten their chocolates. :-( Never have I felt so wicked. I thought they wouldn't notice!!

*hangs head in shame*

I love your chocolate story. I like it that you actually TOLD the teacher!!!


Peggy said...

Hi Laura: My name is Peggy Withers, a very close friend of Nancy Chase and Susan Koerner and mother-in-law to Stacey Rhodes, mother to Taylor and grammy of Peyton,Parker and Pierce. Now you know more than you ever wanted to know. Anyway Nancy got me started with your Blog and I love it. Thank you for your talent and sense of humor.

I do hope you and Stacey hook up. We hope to be able to communicate before long. They have bank accounts and are working on phone lines and computers with Skype.

Just wanted to say hello and thanks for making me feel closer to the kids. Peggy

Laura, Happy Homemaker UK said...

Hi Peggy, (I tried to 'reply', but no link). Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I hope Stacey has a wonderful time living in England :) XOL