26 January 2011

Laser Tags

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

How clever is this? At the grocery store I use a handheld 'gun' and shoot the product label; I bag the items as I go along. When my shopping is complete, go to the till, give them the 'gun', pay, and I'm done! 

The kids love running to get items around the store so they can 'shoot' the labels - anything that makes the kids happy at the store :) Right?


Beth said...

That looks a very nifty way to shop.
Some of the newer supermarkets here have a self scan checkout, but the queues are usually longer as no one really knows what they're doing!!


Clever . . . saves you time and keeps the kids happy. And a place for your post it shopping list. A full service trolley,eh? Did it also make you a cup of coffee to drink while you shopped? :)


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Only in Waitrose..... ;-) I help my mum with this when I'm with her shopping. I *still* love doing this now I'm a grown-up!!!


Noodles and Waffles said...

No way. I bet this saves lots of time. What do you do with veggies (items by weight)?

ladyliberty said...

Love love love this. I shop like this at Sainsbury's and it makes the whole experience much more fun!

American in Bath said...

Why doesn't my Waitrose do this? I am completely full of envy.

Meg and Mum's said...

Love it! What a great idea. They probably invented it to distract the kids so they no longer have tantrums in the store! Hahaha!
Megs :)

white cat vintage said...

That is so cool. Megan xx

Crazy Lady said...

I wish we had that here in the Southern US! Looks like fun!

Privet and Holly said...

Love it. A trip
to Costco, for
example, involves
multiple putting
in and out of cart
and then car and
finally, into house
and cupboards....
Anything that saves
a couple of steps
xx Suzanne

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Now that is cool as hell, it'd make me want to shop even more!!

Emma said...

Oh my, my boys would be beside themselves!

Daydream Living said...

Ok, now I feel stupid... we have these 'guns' at our supermarket too, never knew what they are for, till now... I will try them out, thanks!
(oh, and only today I have a small give away, if you want to join)
Maureen x

Deb said...

What a wonderful blog you have! Just found it, via a link. I am so jealous that you are living in England! I tried and tried to get there when I lived in Germany, but it never worked out. My husband was able to go 3 times, but never me! Do you love it? If I can, I am promising myself to go soon...it would have been easier while in Europe, but it seems I never do things the easy way! The scanners look interesting and very time-saving. Wish I had them here. Have a lovely day!

janet said...

My grocery store offers this and I love it!!!! Ring it all up, scan in your total and you are out the door. Great for when you don't feel like dealing with people or you don't look runway chic ;-)

Janet xox

bibbitybob said...

Oh I so need to move back down south. I've never seen these in any of my local supermarket! x