23 February 2011

First Fab Confab

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

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Come pull up a chair in my English countryside tent and grab some tea - I have a new little idea brewing. I have so many questions in my head that I'd like to know your opinion and get some good conversation going. 

To give myself some structure, I've decided occasional Wednesdays will be 'Fab Confab' days. And 'Friday Fun' tends to land on, you guessed it, Fridays :)  I hope you will join in the conversation so I don't hear the sound of crickets and feel the cane hook me Stage Right. 

Image: Pinterest
I just ''thesaurused'' the word 'chatter' (well, actually 'natter') and came up with 'confab'. It rhymes with 'fab' - well, it actually has the word in it so I don't know if that counts as a rhyme. Plus I just increased my vocabulary by one, and the day is still young! Ding ding ding ;)

It's no secret the English use a larger percentage of the dictionary than Americans. So in an attempt to increase my vocabulary, I told my husband that I did not like a particular author because his books are too 'verbose'. But then I wondered aloud if I meant 'varicose'...? I threw out the word 'vapid' too - but got a blank stare, so I should probably stay out of the 'V' section of the dictionary for a little while. Yep, a little vernacular vacation for me... 

Are you still there?

So here is my confab question to you. I had a boss who confessed that she casually walked by interviewees' cars to take a peek inside. To see what the person was really like. To see if they smoke, tidy, etc. Do you think this is fair? Or accurate? 

My car is typically dirty. I don't think it is practical to clean it when it will be dirty in a few days. Saves money. I have general kid messiness in the back of my car because I'm pretty laid back and choose to put my energy toward other things. Yet the look of my car could convey different messages to different people.

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Do you think it is accurate or fair to look inside an interviewee's car? What does your car say about you? 

I'd love to hear from you - and your car :)

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Daydream Living said...

Again, Good morning Laura!

I just finished commenting on the post before, clicked and saw that you posted again, that's why the two times greetings...anyhoo...

You are really making my morning with your funny writing, I have no idea what these words mean, but English is not my mother tongue, Dutch is, so that's not too strange is it? Chatting is always a pleasure with you, so coming back to your question, eh... yes I can understand your former boss, but no, I don't think it is who the person really is at the workplace. My car, who I really like this time (we have another one every 3 years, lease) is washed by sweetheart, the inside by me on occasions (he would say that this is not so true but I stick to my story) and yes, the kids make a mess, but I have to say it's more me who does the mess making (wrapers, tissues etc). And I don't think I am like that when I used to work so to wrap this very long comment up, not a good thing to do.

Ok, still interested in talking on the wednesdays? See you soon sweetie!
Maureen xx

Happy Homemaker UK said...

DL- I am utterly SHOCKED that English is not your first language. You have it all down perfectly, my friend. Is your husband available for hire? Thank you for stopping by to chat, natter, and confab :) XOL

Sarah said...

Hi Laura,

I've never heard the word confab before. Is it pronounced CONfab or conFAB I wonder?!

I have to admit I'm a messy car person. I don't wash my car, I don't visit car washes. I think it gets a wash when it gets serviced annually. The back seat has toys, shoes, tissues and crumbs all over it, and the boot is getting to the 'embarassing to open' point.

The story of the employer secretly checking out job candidates' cars sent chills down my spine. I'd really hate to think I was judged by the state of my car! But perhaps I could convince the boss that I was actually a great 'big picture' person, a creative thinker, I don't get lost in detail, etc., etc....

Tai Tai said...

I don't think it's on, personally. Possibly because I always had such a messy car but am ridiculously organised at work! I think you should be able to have a private personal life without the fear that your boss will dig into it......

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Sarah, I just looked into this - clear as mud:
[n. kon-fab; v. kuhn-fab, kon-fab]

Tai, I think you're right. You may be surprised to know she was actually a good boss.

ladyliberty said...

I don't have a problem with this (although it is a bit odd). The only thing you'd find out about me from looking in my car is that I have great taste in sunglasses (what potential boss wouldnt appreciate Marc Jacobs??) and that I have rather unfortunate taste in music (I'm afraid there may be a JLS CD lying on my passenger seat at the moment).

Happy Homemaker UK said...

LadyLib - I'd hire you in a second - I love JLS, esp Eyes Wide Shut :)

American in Bath said...

Goodness. I would have failed that job interview in all kinds of ways. It was particularly bad in Alaska, when I generally had clean laundry piled on the seats, and dirty laundry in a pile on the floor. The front seat was always full of leads for my engine block heater, old coffee cups, frozen and long forgotten lunches, and often a shovel. Now, she'd have to be quick to see inside my bus. I wonder if she would step in and ask the driver if I'd picked up my Metro?

Danielle said...

My Maths teacher used to tell us off for having conflabs (with an L) :) I just checked.... wow, you can use both words, short for confabulation. So heads up, in case a Brit says that. You can knowingly shrug as say, "Same thing."

Why have 1 word for something when you can have 73, right? Hubs here in US thinks I make words up as I go along.

As for cars & interviews, oh I wouldn't be hired. And that would be quite fair really, because my desk and desk area is as bad as my car: empty diet coke cans, snotty tissues, gum packets, charger cables, food wrappers, spills on the seats... horrible.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Danielle, With your English accent, you can get away with anything in the US :)

Emily said...

Ooooh! Goodie! I'm really looking forward to Wednesdays AND the new vocab words.

As far as the car: it depends on where she looked. The front is fairly manageable, excluding the fact that I rarely vacuum ~ maybe twice a year, after we take our Christmas tree down and then after a trip to the beach, poor car. The kids completely clutter the back with books, toys, and I don't know what. Then, as I drive an old Volvo station wagon, the hatch is in another realm altogether -- and in view! Generally, it holds a stroller, cloth grocery bags, library books, the latest shopping finds, a picnic blanket, borrowed things to return to friends, and that's on a good day (at least the spare tire's discreetly tucked away underneath a trap door).

Privet and Holly said...

I would love to
confab with you
any day, Laura!
And I will admit
right here and now
that my car is not
neat as a pin, nor
is it Pig-Pen Alley.
I believe in moderation
in all things, including
car clean-up!!! And
we are in that messy
time of winter where
a little sunshine brings
puddles, which in turn
brings dirty cars! I'd
say a potential employer
would look IN my car
and know that I have
regular passengers by
the stray water bottles
and candy wrappers, books,
leash and dog bed, etc.
etc. He/she would also
see my Trader Joe bags
{oh, she's a greenie} as
well as post-it notes
with addresses on the visors
and my hands-free device
for speaking on the phone
while I drive {oh, she puts
safety first}. Not sure
what he/she would glean.
Fair? Maybe not. Fair
assessment of my ability to
balance life? Probably
pretty good : ) Happy
Wednesday, sweetie!
xx Suzanne

Kate and Russ said...

My car would say that I eat (and throw) many Cheerios and Goldfish crackers around while I'm driving.

Karin said...

Hi Laura! Love the Fab Confab. I'm both extremes. Car gets messy - then clean - then messy - then clean. Just like my house. So I can tolerate filth for awhile, and then I freak out and have to have it perfectly clean. But my tendency is towards clean. And, while I don't think it's necessarily right, employers do all sorts of things to gauge what a person is really like, including asking silly questions in an interview like "If you were an animal, what animal would you be?"

white cat vintage said...

Funny, my other half is irritatingly messy and lazy inside the house but his car is always tidy he cant stand it messy (he cleans my car too) but im the opposite, to look at my car, well the back seats anyway, you'd think Im a lazy slob (I blame children) but my house is (normally) very clean and tidy. Megan xx

Beth said...

Confab is a word that I haven't heard for a while...and just for Sarah - I would put the accent on the first syllable CON fab.
So on to the car business. Mine is usually pretty clean and tidy until we go away somewhere for the day or the weekend, then the back seat gets pretty messy, but only until the next day. I guess this says that i like to control??
I suppose it depends on what an employer does with what they see with regards to looking in cars. I think it's pretty dodgy to base a decision to hire or not just on this...
Ok that's it fro me.

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

Oh how lovely pour me a cup of tea, id love to sit there & chat

Hines-Sight said...

I am behind. So sorry! You were the first blog I read though. Liza has dropped her morning nap so between my writiing stories for my blog, my computer time is zilch. I will try to come back in a timely manner.

My question is how on earth would the person know whose car belongs to whom when they are interviewing. I may need to go back because I may have my facts wrong.

Interesting! I would have never thought about doing that. I don't think they can truly judge someone's work performance by their vehicle.


Wonder how many other posts of yours I'm behind on???

Jane said...

Ah, Laura, a fab idea, Lovely! And I agree with Beth - the accent is on the first syllable.

That story about the boss is ridiculous. And the lawyer in me doubts it could even be legal! How the inside of your car looks has absolutely nothing to do with how you can handle the job. Oh, don't get me started ☺.

I am a very neat and organised person. Unfortunately, no one else on Planet Baby is. So our car's a pigsty most of the time. Which is *no* reflection on me! Thanks for the reminder - I'm getting Mr PB and the pixies to clean the chariot this weekend! J x

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Jane, you made me laugh, my lawyer friend :)

Karin, I had a boss who asked me what I would like to come back as in a next life. My knee-jerk reaction was 'puppy dog', but trying to be more professional I said 'water'. I got the job, so I guess he liked it :)

Kym Hamer said...

I've just been exploring your lovely blog and stumbling across this post, wondered what it meant to this boss if you didn't have a car ie what does it mean if you've public transport-ed to your interview?

Kym (An Aussie expat near London too) http://giddayfromtheuk.blogspot.com