30 April 2011

Post Of The Month Club: April

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Coming off a royal high, 
yesterday was completely over-the-top wonderful

We watched the magnificent wedding with friends

I just think the newlyweds make the cutest couple,
and I'm still spellbound by Kate's and Pippa's dresses

Our super-fun neighborhood street party lasted until 11p

The icing on the cake was my daughter winning a prize for her 'I Love England' cake!


So welcome to another 'Post Of The Month Club' party

Oh my goodness, I am so excited you are here!
It wouldn't be the same without you :)

Last month, we sat in my little napping house, but you know I like to mix it up
So today I saved you a seat next to me on this retro ferris wheel
Wheee! Snow cone?

And I must say...


I can't wait to read what you have been up to
in Blogland this month

 -Bloggers, just link up your best post of the month -
And see, you've already done the work

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Happy May Blogging :)


Robyn said...

I can't wait to look at the pictures again on the web from the wedding-such a beautiful event...and SUCH a beautiful wedding dress! Enjoy all the posts today!

Mollie said...

I loved your series this week! Well done, lady!

Tai Tai said...

Love the post of the month link! Great to relive our own posts as well as sneak a peek at lots of others. How good was the wedding..... x

Teacup Moments said...

laura, thank you again for hosting this! i loved your royal wedding post and linked it up on my very own post yesterday (hope you don't mind). congrats to your daughter, how much cooler can it get for you this week??!

Missy said...

I love post of the month :-) Will definitly be having a browse!

flowers on my table said...

Thankyou for hosting blog of the month club, it's great! Wasn't the wedding wonderful, I am still reeling from it. Love Linda x

Jennie Prince said...

I'm so excited about this. It's my first month participating and I can't wait to check out new-to-me blogs! Thank you for hosting!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

My favourite post of the month is for the second month running a floral offering :)


You are a gracious hostess . . . thanks, Laura. I have read of few of the posts and will get to the rest as part of my weekend.

Have things quieted down in England yet?


Chrissy Farnan said...

Hi, I posted for the first time and added the darling button to my blog "fun finds."

I just love your posts and the photographs are fantastic. Fun and whimsy!!

Love it. I'm looking forward to more posts of the month and reading some from this month too!!

lisaroyhandbags said...

I always love these monthly posts and finding new bloggers!
As for the wedding, wasn't it great? I'm still swooning over Pippa's dress - add a train and it would have been a gorgeous wedding dress! sounds like you had a great day :)

Jane said...

Hello, Gorgeous! Yes, what a glorious occasion it was. Thanks again for this fabbo idea. J x

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Yup, shed a few tears of joy that day!
Fairytale wedding indeed~


Town and Country Gals said...

Love your post of the month, when I get the nerve up to try and do a link, I will definately come here to join you! I got up at 3am to watch the wedding, had to be in the "real" moment! It was so sweet and natural for all the pomp and circumstance! Loved her dress, she was gorgeous but I am in love with her sister's dress! They make an adorable couple and the sweet looks they gave each other, it was perfection!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi lovely Laura,

I so enjoyed your series about the Royal Wedding. Wasn't it a great week? And the day itself? I LOVED it all!!!!


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Congratulations to your daughter for winning for her English cake. She must of been over the moon excited? I cannot imagine how exciting it would of been to be in London on Friday. I truly thought we would be in the thick of all the festivities and royal fever. Maybe for Harry? I joined your 'post of the month club'; so happy to join in on the fun. Have a great week ahead.
Cheers!! Deb

Meera @ firstsense said...

Due to the glorious weather and all the bank holidays, my man and I have spent A LOT of time outdoors so I'm seriously lagging behind on my blog followings.

Loved your photos and coverage on the royal wedding (wasn't it just lovely and perfect?!).

Love this monthly linky party and discovering new blogs, thank you so much for hosting!

Hope you're having a glorious weekend, my sweet!

Meera xx

Kris said...

Oh no! I'm missed the post of the month club! Next month for sure then. But I'll enjoy checking out all of the other posts!

American in Bath said...

I'm trying to spend relatively little time on the internet this visit, but I'll be back to read all the posts in ten days.

Belle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved your coverage of the royal wedding. The pics from your walk around Westminster were gorgeous! I miss London. ***sigh***

I Dream Of said...

Hi Laura, Thanks so much for stopping by and for following. So nice to "meet" you! How fun to be in London for the Royal Wedding!


Privet and Holly said...

Laura, so sorry
that I missed this!
We had a super busy
weekend and I was
unplugged! But, I
will link next month.
And visit those who did : )
BIG doings on this
side of the pond,today;
celebrating like you
wouldn't believe. All
the old images from 9/11
still make me cry, though....
xx Suzanne

flowers on my table said...

Hi Laura, thanks for visiting and leaving kind comments about my cake and garden. I have enjoyed participating in your post of the month club. Loved your pictures of London, it has been a lovely long weekend. Back to the grindstone tomorrow! Love Linda x

travelkate said...

I can't believe I missed this :( And I had one of my favorite posts in April, oh well I will be sure to have something good for the end of this month :)