26 May 2011

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2011

I had no idea what to expect from the ultimate flower show
aka The 98th RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London


Such a feast for the eyes!

Amazing vignettes 
where you would love to just bring a book and linger

Fever-Tree's 'Tree House Garden'
Silver Medal

The designers were very approachable 
& happy to discuss their area
with take-home plant lists

'A Postcard From Wales' by Kati Crome & Maggie Hughes
Gold Medal

There were many displays of 'living' walls and roofs

Here is just one example

I loved the creativity
and pushing of boundaries

The Irish Sky Garden
Gold Award

According to the BBC, designer Diarmuid Gavin
was inspired by the film Avatar
to create this aerial garden

It moved by crane and gave VIPs a ride

This annual flower show is known for being 'over-the-top'
{which it was}

and for being hoity-toity
{which it was not}

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden
Gold Award

Incredible craftsmanship & detail

This STUNNING display was covered in dried flowers
and the entire floor was draped in fresh orchids

Inside the Great Pavilion were exhibitors
specializing in
every flower imaginable



Himalayan Blue Poppy
My first time to see this rare and difficult-to-grow flower

Apparently one of the biggest challenges this year was the weather
for it has been unusually warm and dry here

Can you image the stress of having your blossoms peak on a particular day
(day of judging)?

Techniques included 
refrigerating plants
wrapping buds in cotton wool
& a gentle blast of warmth from hairdryers

And this was the place to spy the petaled contestants for 
'Plant Of The Year' Award

Like a 'Best In Show' for flowers

And the 2011 RHS Chelsea Flower 'Plant Of The Year' Award went to...

Anemone 'Wild Swan' shown by Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants
'Plant Of The Year'

...Anemone 'Wild Swan'

The typical problem with white flowers is that  
they rarely offer a pure white color

Yet this delicate-looking anemone was not only 
yummy-cake-frosting white white,
but some of the undersides of the petals were a lovely purple

Can you stand it?!

And I always know I am at the right place when I see the film crew
(like on the Royal Wedding route)

More than 150,000 will visit this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show over 5 days
Here are just a few of them ;)

And I was glad to see some of these guys in the
floral spirit

Outside RHS Chelsea Garden Flower Show

Flittering between so many beautiful flowers and gardens, 
I was one happy butterfly by the end of the day

- all photos by me -


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Laura:
We are so thrilled that you enjoyed Chelsea so much as clearly you did, despite the crowds, and that you had perfect weather for the day. It is indeed an institution and something which, however much coverage it receives, needs to be experienced first hand.

And the anemone is, as you say, absolutely lovely.

Sara Louise said...

The Postcard From Wales is so quaint and charming! Lovely photos all :-)

zigsma said...

No! I can't stand it! Thank you so much. Can't wait to see more?

Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Love that winning anemone! I long to go to The Chelsea Flower Show, have never made it there which is crazy. I think I lose the will to book the tickets when I imagine the hordes of people, was it impossibly crowded? Bxx

Sunday Taylor said...

What a fabulous experience. I have always wanted to go to the Chelsea flower show. Your pictures are great. I especially love the Himalayan poppy, the roses and the winning anemone. Just beautiful. I go to a lot of garden events in the U.S. but I don't think there is anything like the Chelsea flower show. How lucky you were to go!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Belinda: We went first thing Wed morning, and it really was not bad. More people came the later it got. I went with a RHS member, so going on a member day is probably less crowded than a 'public day'?

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

So, so beautiful! I adore peonies and the color of the one in your first shot is amazing.

Jane said...

I've never been to the Chelsea flower show. Your photos are fabulous - I can't imagine it was easy to take good photos with the crowds. I agree, your first shot of the peony is fabulous.

American in Bath said...

Oh, I was so hoping that someone (you) would post from the flower show. As usual you've made some unbelievable photos. I particularly like the one of the entrance. That is exactly how I imagine the rush to get in looking.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sorry I deleted the first comment while trying to correct it. What I was trying to say was I couldn't get enough of looking at your photos. They are great!!. You truly have a talent for photography.

Laura said...

OMG..never seen something like this! Dreamy!

ann said...

How can you contain yourself! Wow. I have seen on HGTV behind the scenes of the flower show. Absolutely amazing what designers can do. So wonderful that you were able to attend and that you shared with us. cheers. ann

Elizabeth said...

I love visiting your blog! I am in awe of your photos! How exciting to be at the Chelsea Flower Show, would love to be in London for that one day. Enjoy the weekend.

Privet and Holly said...

Hey little butterfly : )
My fave was the Postcard
from Wales....SWOON....
although it all looks just
amazing. The English REALLY
know their flowers and I
tip my {gardening} hat to
all that created this gorgeous
show!! Great pics, girl!
xx Suzanne

Emma said...

Oh my! Enchanting, gorgeous, stunning, beautiful and definitely over the top! Loved every detail and would love to see more too! xx

Meri said...

Wow- the sky garden is so neat!

Belly B said...

OH I LOVEEEE the tree house garden!! So beautiful!!

<3 Belly B

Jenna said...

Wow! Amazing flowers and photographs! I love going to flower/bonsai/plant shows, and this one looks like it was a great one.

Pet said...

I have past by the door many years, but never went in. Now I feel I should. Another excuse to go back to London :-) One more. Thanks.

☆☆Mumsy said...

Fantastic series of photos, and what a beautiful way to spend the day!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Isn't it a wonderful event, something we often used to go to in years gone by. I am delighted you enjoyed the event and shared with us.

Amanda said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm glad you found me...I LOVE your blog :) I've been lucky enough to travel to England (and Wales) three times in my life (twice while with a choir - loved singing in those cathedrals!), and any chance I get to 'go back' in pictures or blogs I love. So, I'll be a regular stalker on your blog now! :) Your photography is amazing. I think I'm going to spend all of my son's nap times exploring your blog - if he ever naps again. I'll pour myself some tea, sit back and reminisce. Have a great weekend!

deb duty said...

What amazing sights! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! My favorite is the exhibit with the blue door.

deb duty said...

Just added your post of the month button to my blog. Sounds like a fun link up!

Susan said...

These are simply stunning pictures. What a show!!

Dawna said...

WOW!! Now that is one amazing feast for the eyes!! Truly amazing and beautiful!! THanks for sharing with us :)

Linda Makiej said...

fabulous colors and detail!!

gardenwalkgardentalk.com said...

Wow, thank you so much for the tour to Chelsea. Your images are wonderful and I will never get the opportunity to see this show firsthand.

Henrietta said...

I have dreaming about that show. I hope I'll get there some point in my life:) Those flowers, gardens flower set ups are amazing, I could not think anything more beautiful. The crowds are only bad thing about it but you can't have it all.
Thank you so much for showing this and have a great weekend

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Wonderful pictures! I love that you shared them with us and gave us the flavor of the event. Was this where the Queen made a fashion faux-pas by wearing something like a hairnet??

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Elise Ann: I missed the hairnet news, but thanks to you I looked it up and yes, she was at this show on Monday with an unusual hair accessory

See it here: http://www.styleite.com/media/queen-elizabeth-hairnet-bows/

Butterbean Row said...

What fabulous photos you made! I love the one of the postcard from Wales. Thanks for sharing.


Madelief said...

It all looks so lovely. Wish I had been there too!

Lieve groet & happy weekend,


Kristy said...

Gorgeous Peony

Abi said...

That was such a treat! Thanks for sharing!

Mo said...

Wow so glad you took us there. No tickets available now for the rest of us.

About Last Weekend said...

Love the treehouse garden, it just looks so magical, what a great day you had!

One said...

Those living walls are so amazing. Love that postcard. Thank you for sharing such amazing sights!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

I have always heard about this flower show but seeing your wonderful photos is like experiencing it myself. I am amazed at all the talent and creativity that went into creating this gorgeous show. Thank you for the lovely tour!

linda@adventuresinexpatland.com said...

Absolutely lovely flowers in amazing presentations. But I love the more 'natural' outdoor scenes (like the cottage in Wales) the best. Beautiful.

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

Oh those floral displays were incredible and I'm sure you enjoyed the tv coverage aswell. Every year I wonder if Chelsea can get any better but it seems to and only Diarmuid could have designed such a garden as that!

You captured the event very well in your photographs.

flowers on my table said...

Your photographs are wonderful Laura. I love the little Artisan gardens. Yes I can imagine the tension in the air over the 3 days of setting up, it must be enormously stressful for all involved, but then the sense of relief when nothing more can be added!Thanks for sharing, love Linda x

Shabbyfufu said...

What a wonderful tour this was and no one does florals like the British do!

I'll be back to visit again soon.....
Janet, over at Shabbyfufu

A Rosy Note said...

Oh my goodness, that looks like an amazing event. You captured some beautiful photos while you were there. Thanks so much for sharing your post at Photo Feature Friday.


KimberlyJ said...

Amazing photos!

dkmart said...

What gorgeous photos you took, Miss Laura! I'm so jealous! I would have LOVED to have seen that in person. I just adore flowers. Actually, my boyfriend and I just spent the entire morning picking out flowers for our garden. I'm quite sure it would have taken longer had we experienced the blooming lovelies you did! What a wonderful post...thanks so much for sharing!
xo Deirdre

Ariana said...

Beautiful photos! I think I'll have to make a point of attending next year!

Raymonde said...

Love your perspective. I also went and really enjoyed the whole experience. It was my first time and the photo opportunities were amazing.

I am a new follower. Have a great day.


Robynne's Nest said...

Now I'm well and truely annoyed...that I missed it...great post...love your description 'petaled contestants'. Your photos are gorgeous as usual. Robx