16 May 2011

Trip To Cornwall: Day One

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Thatched roof, garden gate, wisteria - what more do you need?
Bonython Estate Gardens, Cornwall

I couldn't help but notice that every time people spoke of Cornwall
they had a twinkle in their eye 
and talked about how fantastic their trip was

Beside Cornish hens, I'd never really heard of this area before

Bonython Estate Gardens

We stared our drive to Cornwall at 8p
(that's 20:00 in English time)
which I would not recommended

As a rule, England has NO STREET LIGHTS on highways outside cities
So it was very dark as we drove 5 hours to the southwestern tip of England

(may I also add that with all the miles we've put on the car, 
we've literally only seen ONE stop sign in this country)

View of Marazion at Low Tide

On a friend recommendation, we rented a cottage from Rural Retreats

I didn't realize when I booked it, 
our cottage was actually INSIDE Bonython Estate Gardens which is closed on the weekends
So we had the gardens to ourselves!

Thanks to a friendly gulf stream, this area can grow sub-tropical flora
Lucky dawgs!

Cobbled causeway to St Michaels Mount

Our first stop was St Michaels Mount

Previously a monastery, fortress, port, and family home,
this National Trust site can be reached by foot along the causeway only during low tide

When the causeway is submerged daily at high tide
a puttering motor boat becomes the only transport

Although we did plan ahead for low tide, we didn't notice the 'castle' was closed on Saturdays
But the kids did some good shell-hunting along the way

We'd love to come back when we can see more

Lands End

Our next stop was Lands End
Not the clothing store,
but the most south westerly point of mainland Britain

This area, like all we visited, had constant wind
We were surprised how beautiful blue the water was

(Above) Off in the distance you can see what is either a lighthouse or some crazy spy tower :)

And we assumed the doors in the hill were from tin or copper mining of an earlier era
Or more likely, Teletubbie entrances

Lands End

Lands End

Our last stop for the day was St Ives, a picturesque fishing town with winding cobbled streets
Although there were quite a few tourists, 
we were rewarded with delicious food
and adorable shops

St Ives
Loving the 3 types of clematis!

Cornwall is known for its pottery, Cornish pasty
fudge, clotted cream, ice cream
(Yum Yum & Yum)

St Ives

It was a long day with quite a bit of driving, 
but we were rewarded with spectacular country views of rural Cornwall in bloom

View out the car window

We went to bed with full bellies and smiles on our faces
and that twinkle in our eye

- all photos by me -

Trip To Cornwall:
Day Two (here)
Day Three (here)

Excellent Resource: Visit Cornwall.com


Grammy Goodwill said...

I enjoyed seeing Cornwall through your eyes. Thanks for sharing.

b. lee said...

what a magical getaway * lovely photos ~ ~

Sarah said...

I have a soft spot for beautiful Cornwall. We spent a week in a farm cottage with university friends (all of us from Australia) - a friend married a Cornish fella and now lives happily ever after in Truro.

Now, I've got to ask... Cornish pasty fudge... is there a comma missing there Ms Laura?

Looking forward to parts 2 and 3!

carolyn bradford said...

This is absolutely beautiful! Hope to get there one day! I've been to England and France as well on a buying trip for my shop but it was way too long ago! Definitely want to come back...if only it were easier! Thanks for sharing your lovely trip!

ann said...

Thank you for feeding my passion this morning. Now I even more Iam motivated to plan my next visit. My friend and I have traveled England twice with college students and we want so badly to go it on our own, hopefully next May. You can see my first trip on my school web site: www.unco.edu/faculty/aerasmu.

Jen of Country Weekend said...

Marvelous pictures! I've always wanted to go to Cornwall and I'm in love with the clematis/purple door next to the bright green door, and also those rough old cottages. Did you ever read Jamaica Inn by Daphne DuMaurier? It's a wonderful old (1930's) gothic suspense novel that takes place in Cornwall. It really evokes the "end of the world" loneliness of the landscape.

American in Bath said...

I love St. Michaels, though I've never been to the castle either. Thanks for sharing your fantastic photos.

thingshelenlikes said...

Lovely photos! I live in St. Ives and you've really done us justice! I'm glad you enjoyed your Cornish trip. :)

Laura said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures Laura. I spent many a summer in Cornwall growing up. I remember getting a lucky pixie there. The same day, a torrential downpour happened and my sister broke her arm. The pixie was banished to my mum's purse and renamed the mischievous pixie... she didn't dare throw it out in case more bad luck came our way! Thanks for the nice comments the other day... we have rain all forecast, so no garden days for moi! Take care. Lx

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Oh...I would love to go there, it is one part of Britain I haven't seen and it is supposed to be glorious and by these photos that seems to be true. What a great trip!

Tai Tai said...

That is so breath-taking!! I visited a few times when I lived there and loved it. We stayed at Padstow and had a great seafood lunch at Rick Stein's restaurant there. Such a beautiful part of the world. Can't wait to see more! xx

Pink Princess said...

Your pictures are just wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to Day two and three :)

Chelsey said...

Looks beautiful!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Laura:
We are so delighted that you have discovered Cornwall which is, certainly, one of the most magical of all English counties.

Did you have time to visit Tate St. Ives and/or the Barbara Hepworth Studio and Gallery?

poindextr said...

astonishingly beautiful images! What a fabulous time you must have had there, it looks heavenly!

Robynne's Nest said...

Great post Laura, and beautiful photos...isn't St. Ives gorgeous...I think that must be the quintessential English 'seaside' town. Did you get blown away at Lands End?? Isn't England just beautiful at this time of year?? Robx

beetree said...

Such beautiful pictures, as always! I do believe those doors in the hills are hobbit holes...

Anya adores said...

GOSH - your pictures are absolutely amazing - Love cornwall such an amazing place.
A xxx

flowers on my table said...

Wonderful photos as ever Laura. Isn't Cornwall just terrific? Love Linda x

Rhi@FlourChild said...

Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! What is your secret?! I've been to all those places in Cornwall too, but my photos are nearly half as romantic as yours.
I think I will have to go back!!
x Rhi

MNUKGIRL said...

Gorgeous pictures Laura! Frickin' Teletubbie entrance! You crack me up! :)

Nieves R said...

I have not been to Cornwall, but I have been many times to England, even living there for a while and I really love that country, so it has been great to read your post and to see your beautiful photos, they are great! Have a lovely week ahead!

Julie Knudson said...

As always, you deliver a fabulous post. Pictures are fantastic. I am still laughing about the Teletubbie entrance comment.

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

'cornwall in bloom' is the dreamiest copy i've read all day (and my daily life is slightly immersed in words). what a gorgeous commentary of the charming place.



Jackie said...

What beautiful scenery! I can only imagine ice cream in a location as stunning at that tastes heavenly!

Daniela said...

OMG. This place is MAGIC! I want to leave right now! Your pics are so beautiful and well done!

Raine and Sage said...

Every photo is delightful. You are starting to stir some serious yearning to re-visit the UK. How lucky to have the gardens to yourself, and what a scenic place.

Gina said...

Great photos. How lucky were you to have the gardens to yourselves!

GirlSprout said...

The photo of Bonython Estate Gardens looks so peaceful and idyllic. My aunt sent me some photos of Cornwall a few weeks ago.

Meri said...

Incredibly gorgeous, again. I always have an insane travel itch after opening your posts! I love the cliffs by the sea...

flowers on my table said...

Thanks for the comments Laura, love Linda x

Sara Louise said...

I have always wanted to visit Cornwall. I'm so jealous! Your photos are so beautiful, it looks like you stepped back in time :-)

lisaroyhandbags said...

your photos are gorgeous! It looks like a beautiful part of the UK - I had always hoped we'd move to England for these types of country drives - my absolute favourite thing to do on weekends xo

About Last Weekend said...

Wow, great photos and you had some stunning weather. Some of these places I have never been to, really makes me want to head back there.

Susan said...

These pictures are just stunning. So inviting.

I only dream of visiting. Hopefully one day it will come true♥

Alana Jo said...

Those pictures are so amazing. I would love to visit there someday.

deb duty said...

Wow! What a beautiful place! It's so green there. Your photos are lovely.

kimmyskids said...

These are stunning and I would love to have a visit myself!

Pet said...

I do remember lovely days in Cornwall too. Lucky you. After looking at your pictures I've got now the urge to go back there, soon! Tell us more about it please.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I am back from a trip to the Uk and now have lots of blog reading to catch up on. I thoroughly enjoy reading about the Uk from your American point of view.

Sunny Simple Life said...

This looks divine. So green and lovely. I love the show Doc Martin which is filmed somewhere in Cornwall.

Privet and Holly said...

Dreaming of seeing
it for myself, someday.
I'll need an excellent
guide, of course....!
Loved coming along for
the ride, Laura!
xx Suzanne

Donna B said...

First of all, Hello...this is my first time visiting your lovely blog. I found you by first reading Southampton Darling's blog, about the Award given to FLOWERS ON THE TABLE and then when I went to her blog, found you via LAURA'S LINKY PARTY...

Your pictures of Cornwall and subsequent stops were absolutely delicious! I am a huge "cottage" fan, and love the quaint charm of those little villages and hamlets. I have never been to England myself, but my Mother has, three times. My oldest daughter loves all things England and reads everything there is on the Royal families. I will pass along your site to them, I KNOW they will enjoy it!

I want to follow you and enjoy your travels with you, until I am able to do it myself. Your photography is really awesome. I enjoy partnering with various blogging friends, linking back to their blogs featuring their photos and then writing poetry inspied by their photography. I have a feeling I may be asking your permission here one day...

Munir said...

You bring back so many memories. I have been to Lands end. I remember that mountain very well. In 1973, my husband worked in Barncose Hospital in Cornwall. I remember going to the waters and actually climbing parts of the mountain and I was pregnent with my first child. Now he is a father of two little handsome boys and third is on the way, within a month. How time passes. Thanks for bringing back so many good memories:)

Hines-Sight said...

I think I could spend all day looking at the rentals. I love this company. The homes are so well decorated. I've already bookmarked it in my favorites. I bet your cottage was great. I looked at the ones inside the place you mentioned. Loved them!

linda@adventuresinexpatland.com said...

Read about your second day in Cornwall so came back to check out the first. All of the photos are amazing, but Land's End is on another level altogether! Okay, I know where I'd like to visit sometime...