24 May 2011

Trip To Cornwall: Day Three

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

We were already talking about returning to Cornwall next year
as we packed the car

Dense with so much more to do,
we will be back

Cottage In Hampshire

Our drive home would be 5 hours, 
so we broke it up with a few stops along the way

Our first destination: Plymouth, Devon

In England,
Plymouth is the town at the mouth of the River Ply
The River Dart meets the sea at Dartmouth

These same-named American cities now seem funny to me,
named out of context

Flags fly over the Mayflower Steps
Plymouth, Devon

I was interested in coming here because Plymouth is where the Mayflower departed in 1620
One of my ancestors was on that ship

The Mayflower brought the first settlers (the Pilgrims)
to America

Equally significant to Australia,
Plymouth also sent off the first ships destined for its penal colony

I was really amazed how two countries got their beginnings
from the same harbor!

We're so interconnected :)

Mayflower Plaque
Plymouth, Devon

We visited the worthwhile Plymouth Mayflower Exhibition
which was small and therefore quick (just what the doctor ordered)

Tea House in Devon
(as in Devonshire cream)

Lucky me, I was in the land of the 'Cream Tea'
which meant tea, scones, and clotted cream available everywhere
A specialty in this part of England

Next stop was the seaside town of Lyme Regis, Dorset

Lyme Regis, Dorset

These colorfully painted houses were a surprise to me

The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981),
starring Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons, was filmed on location here

The Cobb
Made famous in film,  A French Lieutenant's Woman

Frequented by royalty, poets, writers, and painters during Tudor times,
this seaside town was also popular with Jane Austin

Isn't it charming?

Lyme Regis, Dorset

This is part of the Jurassic Coast,
famous for international fossil hunting expeditions
and quality geology (so I hear)

My son will just tell you it was 'cool!'

Fossil imprints on the rocky beach
Lyme Regis, Dorset

So after an ice cream top-up
We got back in the car to head home and saw this

Yellow fields of rapeseed!
{be still my floral heart}

Fields of Yellow Rapeseed
(think Canola oil)

And more quaint villages along the carriageway ('highway')

Somewhere in Dorset

And so here was the end of our rainbow
The most delicious and quaint country pub ON THE PLANET
(a tip from TripAdvisor)

The Chestnut Horse
Easton, Hampshire

Not only was the food FANTASTIC
but we kept talking about how we could live
in this hamlet and commute to school & work

But for now, we just have to settle with the possibility of this being our best family vacation.

- all photos by moi -
Trip To Cornwall
Day One (here)
Day Two (here)


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Major peeing-in-my-pants moments around here!


Jane said...

I am an English expat living in Texas. Your photos just remind me of all that is so very quaint and English and so very different to my life now. Beautiful shots. I hope you are enjoying your English experiences.

Cluttered Brain said...

Great! Now I want to go to London! That first picture was the best!

kimmyskids said...

Your posts are killing me! I really, really desire to take a tour of merry England with tea and scones along the way. These photos are gorgeous.

Margaret said...

I LOVED the unexpected mini-tour this morning! What a delight. They are beautiful shots!

Light Trigger said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! Your blog is so full of beautiful pictures! I lived in London for a year and half...lovely place! really cold...:-)

Antiques And Teacups said...

Cornwall/south coast is a favorite area of ours to visit. We have stayed in Lyme Regis, Looe, Plymouth etc. Your photos brought back lovely memories. The fields of rape are beautiful, aren't they? Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

Jeanne said...

Laura, fantastic photos...I am so looking forward to this trip now. Hubby and I are planning a 10 day driving trip thru Cornwall and Wales in Sept/Oct...just the two of us. :) I am marking these posts for when I start planning the trip, thanks for the heads up!

Enjoy the CFS...I will be there Friday evening. I went last year and absolutely loved it. Be sure to charge your camera batteries and bring plenty of picture cards!

Jeanne xxx

Danelle said...

This is so gorgeous. My old college roommate lives in England, in one of those old cottage kind of houses. Now I want go visit her even more!

Noodles and Waffles said...

These pictures are so beautiful.

P.S. The French Lieutenant's Wife was one my least favorite books. Ugh.

Miss Sandra said...

Dear Laura,
This is all too much! I must go to England! *sigh* In the meantime, I'm content living vicariously through you. xo!

Mel Mel said...

Lovely photos! That first picture of the cottage? Seriously my dream home! I'm so hoping I can visit England in the next few years. May never want to leave....

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

We've had quite a few holidays around there. Isn't it all completely gorgeous - to match your lovely photos!!


La Vie Quotidienne said...

I absolutely have to go to Dorsett and Cornwall...this is just too lovely. Wonderful.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

It is lovely that you enjoy and appreciate the English country side so much. Lyme Regis is one of our favourite places, my husband is also interested in geology. :)

thingshelenlikes said...

I'm currently reading 'Remarkable Creatures' by Tracy Chevalier, which you might like! It's all about Elizabeth Philpot and Mary Anning and collecting fossils in Lyme Regis.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

@thingshelenlikes - thank you for the book reco - I'm always look for good local reads. So much to learn!! XOL

Robynne's Nest said...

God your so organized...I left it too late for the Garden show...it was sold out on the net 2 weeks ago!! Love your photos from your holiday...we would love to go back to Devon, but have'nt got time to do things twice...although haven't been to Plymouth..might need to check that out...could have a distant relatve from there...Robx
p.s. my son ran through a rapeseed field last week and came in looking like the elephant man...was in a very bad way with hayfever..won't be doing that again in a hurry!

Missy said...

I just love those pictures! The yellow houses are so charming :-)

I've never been to Cornwall- I would love to though!

I have an award for you at my blog :-)

American in Bath said...

It does look like a fantastic trip. And you had so much sun.

flowers on my table said...

Goodness Laura you really packed a lot in! Lovely pics, you really capture the feel of the place and that last pub looks so pretty. Have a wonderful time at Chelsea, sadly I am not going. I look forward to hearing all about it though. Love Linda x

Pet said...

Cream Tea with Devon Cream in Devon. You are becoming more British than most Britons!
My treat has been going through your pictures.
And lunch at a pub. More and more.

Beth P. said...

Wow! Awesome - I love that one of the yellow field!

Raw Thoughts And Feelings said...

Your photos are so beautiful, and they look like colorful paintings.

Bonnie said...

Fantastic pictures and delightful commentary. I enjoyed the trip through you thanks bunches. Look forward to the Flower Show. I would be so thrilled to see it live.

Rural Revival said...

Oh my what a beautiful spot! Every time I see photos as lovely as yours I really wish my ancestors had stayed put! : )

Lovely post and blog!


zigsma said...

Just gorgeous! Thank you - so nice to 'revisit' these places. Getting cold down here in Australia. Can't WAIT to read your Chelsea Garden Show posts!!

Nancy said...

Gorgeous photos and thank you so much for taking us along on your vacation. Truly wonderful. :)

Hines-Sight said...

Love, Love, Love the photos and experiences.

Beautiful, quaint, charming. Devon would be heaven with scones and clotted cream. Yum!

J Bar said...

Fantastic photos.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Amanda said...

Thanks for your encouraging comment and for "following" my blog! I'll be sure to follow your updates and great pictures. It will inspire me as I will probably be homesick in my first few weeks across the pond!

Tai Tai said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your tour of the region so thanks for taking us along! xx

Emma said...

What a wonderful holiday and your photos are stunning... as for the Chelsea garden show! I am beyond envious! Have a wonderful time. x

Melissa K @ Lulliloo said...

How lovely all the places you visited are! I've never been to that part of England, but I certainly feel inspired looking at all your lovely photos! I'm glad to hear you had such a great holiday - Melissa x

Taylor Made said...

You have such cool family trips to the most beautiful places....I am still in awe of how green it all is.

Linda Makiej said...

Really terrific photos!!!

ann said...

I don't see my last comment--something about you living my dream. Likewise, I am a descendent of the Mayflower: John Howland. If you read William Bardford's diary in high school, he writes about the young lad who fell overboard during a raging storm and was saved by the Puritan God's good grace. And yes, I have heard of the yarn shop in Denver; however, I am not very good at yarn work. I manage to do ripple afghans.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I am absolutely besotted with all the lovely images that were on this post. They make me want to cross the pond immediately!

You are so right about names in the states. I specifically live in Avondale. Sounds nice right? One thinks of meadows, Shakespeare, etc.
Nope. Desert. Blah. :)

KimberlyJ said...

I spent time in Dorset my last visit to England. I am always amazed by all the shades of green when I'm there. So beautiful!

Rona said...

Hi Laura

I"ve loved reading your Cornwall series! I think you've captured the South West beautifully.

I'm originally from a little hamlet about 10 miles from Plymouth and grew up in the area. And funnily enough, we've recently been on a weekend break to Dorset, staying very near Lyme Regis...

Here's a great recipe for scones which I thought you may like:


The addition of greek yoghurt makes such a difference!

Rona x

RobMonroe said...

(Came over from Photo Tales at Laugh Until You Cry)

Love ALL of these - especially the bright colors!

linda@adventuresinexpatland.com said...

Wow, 'best vacation ever' is a huge compliment. As always, enjoyed the photos as you always capture the essence of a place. Such sunlight!

Barbara said...

Your post just made me want to have English tea complete with scones! I might have to make some at home!