20 May 2011

Trip To Cornwall: Day Two

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Vintage beauty

For a quick recap, a few weeks ago
we spent a long weekend in Cornwall,
the most western county in England

I almost maxed out my camera's memory card
for it only holds 500 photos
and I took 450!

Kynance Cove

Kynance Cove was our first destination on our second day
complete with picnic tables
(or as Yogi Bear would say, 'Pic-a-nic')

Kynance Cove

The color of the water was stunning
and I love the peek of the Cornwall countryside
through the rock formations

The kids loved climbing about
and gathering little treasures from nature

As with everywhere we visited in Cornwall,
there were lots of winding footpaths to explore

Next stop was the Lizard Lighthouse
which marks mainland Britain's most southerly point

Famous for its numerous shipwrecks
off its often foggy, rocky point

Lizard Point

We walked over to this little cliffy area
to grab a Cornish Pasty

And then drove to
the dreamyland of 


I know, can you stand it?!


A charming little fishing village

Feeding leftovers to seagulls

A few boats still catch lobster, crab, and a few other local fish


There is absolutely nothing to do here
but take photos
and look around for you breath

for the views stole it...

We saw a few of these 
little 'over the gate' stands
selling honey & eggs

I can't make this stuff up!

If you can't find me one day,
I've probably locked myself in one of the cottages
And I am not coming out!

Currently I am reading a fiction book
'The Forgotten Garden' by Kate Morton

It takes place (so far) in Australia, London and Cornwall
Not a new book (published in 2008)
but if you are looking for a good read and a little piece of Cornwall
 you might want to pick this one up

So far it is a great book,
and I've been told it has a fantastic ending

- all photos by me -

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Miss Sandra said...

Dear Laura,
I do believe I am now in love with Cornwall! How wonderful for you to be there and experience such views..such beauty. Thank you for sharing all of this with us! I look forward to your next installment! :) Enjoy! xo

thingshelenlikes said...

More gorgeous photos, Laura! I love Cadgwith! I haven't read that Kate Morton, but will be sure to look out for it. Thanks for the recommendation!

Pet said...

I couldn't wait any more for the promised Cornwall Day Two Post :-) Would it be a number 3? Please. I remember once that I stayed for a few days in a cottage in a little town called Illogan. Have you been around? We were buying some surf stuff to import into Spain and there is a small like factory close by, and our friend lived there. Everything is like if it were a tale! Your pictures have brought all that out of the depths of my memory! Thanks.

flowers on my table said...

450 photo's Laura, I am in awe of you. I am the person who alwys forgets to bring a camera. Sensational photos especially the ones of the sea, you have really caught the movement and colour...well done! Have a great weekend, love Linda x

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Laura:
Your photographs really capture how quaint the Cornish villages are. They really do look as if they are all on the lids of chocolate boxes.

It is, as you say, so lovely to be able to buy homemade goodies at the garden gate. And, always, we find, the produce is such very good quality.

American in Bath said...

Look at all that sun. You seem to attract it. Did you have fresh seafood?

Emily said...

Hi, Laura,
I'm swept away by your photos! I especially love your line "and look around for you breath / for the views stole it..." because that perfectly states it. Love Kate Morton and *The House at Riverton*. I'm looking forward to vacation (or holiday) when I can read her *Forgotten Garden*. I should have known you'd be reading it. ;)
~ Emily

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hey Laura,

I've really enjoyed your Cornwall posts. And look at you and your fancy photos!! They're LOVELY!!! You've got a real eye for what looks good.

450?!!! Wow!! That's a lorra lorra pictures!


ramblinbess said...

So charming and pretty. I would love to spend a whole summer in that area. It looks a little like Brittany, and the Castle of Cornwall reminds me a little of Mont St. Michel. By the way, I just put the Forgotton Garden on my "to read" list on Goodreads. Now with your recommendation, I'll bump it up on the list!

Nieves R said...

Cornwall seems to be a great place and by the way, I love so much British cottages! Happy weekend Laura!

Karin R said...

Laura - MAN did you luck out on the weather! The times I've been in Cornwall, it was pissing down rain (as the Brits say) or so foggy/cloudy you felt like you were in a Merchant Ivory production. Unbelievable!

ann said...

See. This why I must return to England. Your photographs are wonderful and the narrative entertaining. You are so enjoying yourself and we in blog land are so glad that you are sharing your adventures. cheers. ann

Julia Writer said...

I should stop coming to this page lol, you keep making me homesick but I just keep coming back for more,

missing England :)

Privet and Holly said...

Love this!!!
Especially because I'm
reading the same book : )
It would be fun to compare
notes. Those big craggy
rocks reminded me of the
big rock in "the cove" in the
book. Pinch yourself, girlie;
you are living the dream!
xx Suzanne

Lauren said...

As always, your pictures are amazing! I hope I make it to that side of the pond one day so I can visit all these places you've blogged about! Love!! I wish the ocean looked like that where I live! I may be close to the beach, but no blue waters for me, sadly.

Katherina said...

I love the pictures... the place looks dreamy and so idyllic !! You're giving me a lot of ideas to do once I move to the UK :)

Beth said...

Gorgeous post Laura, you are showing Cornwall in all its splendour.

Teacup Moments said...

laura, thank you for the photo tour of this really charming, idyllic place. i am in love with the thatched cottages and the seafront views! what a great time you must have had. your photos, as always, are incredible!

Hines-Sight said...

I love the cottages. Great photos!

Meri said...

Beautiful! taking all of those photos was worth it- you got some great ones! I always take an obscene amount of photos on vacation too. Well, all the time really I guess. I love the one captioned "cadgwith"

carolyn bradford said...

I truly love seeing your vacation pictures! and yes...I'm searching for my breath after seeing Cadgwith!!! Do they have any antiques? Will you be my english tour guide? Can you go to Paris with me??? Seriously....this is my dream!!! The thatched rooftops are enough to make me hop on a plane tonight!!! ....well...almost!! I HATE to fly!!!! but gosh....I wish I were there!!!!
thanks so very much for sharing!!!!

Robyn said...

Great photos- such vibrant colours. A house swap there one day...yes, that would be nice.

Tiffini said...

just as if I'm in a dream...stunningly beautiful:)

annechovie said...

I have always wanted to visit Cornwall, Laura. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Have a wonderful wknd, Laura!

Pink Princess said...

Oh Laura, these pictures are just breathtaking. I love all the seaviews and charming cottages. I'm going to have to ask you for picture taking tutorials and seriously what kind of camera do you use? I'm thinking of replacing my old one! Any tips would be welcome!!!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

@Pink Princess- I shoot with an old digital Nikon D70 with a Tamron lens - nice wide angle and zoom to it. I do my editing in Picasa and Picnik. I think good contrast, coloring, cropping, and no flash are key. I'd love to do a tutorial one day :) thank you for the positive feedback!

Daniela said...

I'd like to be in a place like this right now! The detail I liked most in your pics is the architecture of the little houses ... they're so cute !

Paul said...

Cornwall is beautiful. Must confess, I have only been that far south west once when I was back in my home country. But it really does have a distinctive and attractive character and feel to it.


Sally - My Custard Pie said...

Did you have a crab sandwich from Laura in the crab hut in Cadgwith? The best ever.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Sally @ My Custard Pie - I didn't - but a great excuse to go back :)

Natasha said...

One day I will make it there but in the meantime I will have to bookmark this post and keep visiting you! Glad you had a brilliant time.

Best wishes and happy week,

lisaroyhandbags said...

oh my! how sickeningly charming!! your pics are gorgeous and so frame-worthy! xo

flowers on my table said...

Hi Laura, glad you liked the cushions. Are you going to Chelsea Flower Show? Love Linda x

Michelloui | The American Resident said...

Beautiful photos, as always! I've been to Cornwall a few times, but I always get so frustrated by all the hedges--they're so tall i can never see much of the countryside. And the people. The times when we go (school holidays) its always packed! We usually go body boarding near Polzeath.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Linda@FOMT - Yes, I will be at the Chelsea Flower Show - I am crazy excited! Hope to post about it this weekend :) XOL

caliowin said...

Spent my evening reading your blog! You just made me insanely jealous with these photos. The lizard peninsula is one of my favourite places in England. My boyfriend is from Mullion, and I adore it :) Sadly he's at university currently, so my trips to Cornwall have been far more infrequent.