03 June 2011

The Rosy Season

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

What have you been up to this week?

We are crazy busy around here getting ready for the summer break

Shere, Surrey

This week I ambled over to Shere, one of our favorite villages

You can see my previous posts about this lovely location
here (photographic tour) and here (filming of The Holiday)

I've also been devouring my favorite monthly mag, The English Garden 
filled with tips and inspiration for the garden obsessed

I think they run a worldwide edition too


Is there a colorful 'foodie' word equivalent for 'avid gardener'?
That's me :)

We're talking pure giddiness when approaching a new English garden
And delight with twigs and petals sticking out of my hair

England is in the rose season now, with all of its deliciousness

I'll share a little tip from The English Garden June 2011 about tending roses

'Use a garlic mix one week, and then a seaweed mix the following week,
and finally 'SB Plant Invigorator' in week three.
This helps keep mildew, rust, black spot and aphids at bay'

And lastly, I decided to enter a contest for the Top 25 Expat Mom Blogs
I just figured why not?

It literally takes just two seconds for you to cast your vote,
so would you mind doing just a quicky clicky on this button?

Thanks a million :)

Wishing you an absolutely mind-blowingly wonderful weekend
wherever you are!

Shere photo by me



Sarah gibbs said...

you know my roses bloomed the week before I moved house last month but i guess at least i got to see them

Buttercup and Bee said...

you got my vote! The roses are beautiful this year the best Ive seen for a long time and where best to see them than an English country garden, thanks for the feeding tip Ive heard thats really good and recomended by all those in the know
have a good weekend

LadyLiberty said...

I love Shere!! I've cast my vote :) Have a great weekend.

topchelseagirl said...

You've definitely got my vote!

flowers on my table said...

Lovely roses Laura. I just voted for you. Sorry I didn't join your post of the month this month, was a little pre-occupied. Looks like you had a busy couple of days anyway. Today the weater here is fabulous so I'm off to take in the garden, love Linda x

ann said...

I voted.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oh, I love, love, LOVE roses! All ours are in bloom in our garden - well, early all...and they look and smell so heavenly. Some of them make me want to just dive right inside!!

I voted for you, by the way.....you know I'[m a HUGGGGE fan of your blog!


I Dream Of said...

Good luck, Laura!
The roses are gorgeous! There's nothing more beautiful that an English garden, I think. Our roses have been sadly robbed of sunshine in Seattle and are still just in bud. I'm eagerly awaiting the first blooms.
Happy weekend!

Madelief said...

Hi Laura,

I just voted for you. Good luck. I hope you will win!

That magazine looks interesting. I will Google it in a minute. Thanks for the tip on the roses. I can use it!

Happy weekend,


La Vie Quotidienne said...

Yes, you are right...I subscribe to both the English Garden and their sister publication, The English Home, they are both great. Have a nice day.(-:

Meri said...

I'm not always the biggest fan of roses, but I do like a big lush rose bush like that! Lovely!

Teacup Moments said...

beautiful roses! and i voted for you, laura. you deserve such an accolade. :)

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful roses! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


About Last Weekend said...

What gorgeous images. I voted for you!

the fishermans cottage said...

Lovely photos, that is a very lovely magazine with really great gardens. Vote done, good luck! :) x

Susan Kane said...

Vote cast for you!
I always enjoy your site. The photos are like icing on the cupcake.

Hines-Sight said...

Love that photograph with the blue door. Gorgeous.

Pet said...

Shere, I've never been there. One more thing for my English list! Thanks

Robynne's Nest said...

You got my vote...Robx
p.s. beautiful photos...aren't the roses here in England gorgeous!

KimberlyJ said...

I don't like working outside or gardening... but I do love English gardens. i am partial to the yellow daffodils because I normally visit Somerset in the spring and they are always out to greet me... and back home there is still lots of snow on the ground. I just love flowers!

GirlSprout said...

Voted for you, too and also confounded that there isn't a great word like foodie for gardeners.

Jeanne said...

Hi Laura...

I haven't been to Shere yet and remember another post you did on it.
I will have to put it on my list. I have been to vote. Good Luck!!

Jeanne xx

Jennie Prince said...

I voted for you my dear! Love the photo!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Thank you for your votes, everyone! I really appreciate it! XOL

Traveling Mama said...

This is stunning! It must smell so good!

Privet and Holly said...

I am just about
to take my rose
bush in hand, as
it's got crazy dead
stalks from last
year mixed up with
new shoots and what
looks like a baby
maple tree growing
right up the middle!
Wish I had the real
English green thumb : )!
Going now to cast my
xx Suzanne