31 August 2011

Post Of The Month Club: August

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

It's here!
Post of the Month Club
for August :)


Come on in
It wouldn't be the same without you


Around here
Trees are drooping with apples
Blackberries are ripe for the picking
Days are getting shorter

Where are we going this month?

It's a little more personal for me this time

Here, have a seat at my table...

I saved a spot for you :)

Have you noticed anything about the photos, as a clue?

Hmm, what about my party dress?

Too much?

Okay, this has to give it away...

The party favors :)

So for me, September will be about doing 

No dairy. No sugar. No alcohol. Gluten-free. 21 Days.

Proof that you can find an adventure as close as your kitchen

Nervous - yes
 Challenging - yes
Curious - YES!

Feeling 'clean' inside & out

Most of all, I want to see how I feel after 21 days
What I learn in the process

* I'll be following The Clean Program by Dr Junger, made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow 
(I'm receiving no compensation for blogging about it)

Tell me, do you have any adventures next month?


Alrighty then
To our meet & greet

* Bloggers, just link up your best post of the month *
And see, you've already done the work

* Share the love by dropping by a few other blogs and say 'hi',
if you can *

* Would you like to add my button to your lovely sidebar or post so more can join the fun? *
Yep, we'll do this the last day of each month

* Don't forget to become a follower here too *

Don't be shy
Jump in :)

Happy September Blogging, you nutritious cauliflower, you



little macaroon. said...

Ooh - my first time in the POTMClub, and thanks to the time difference I'm first up. That's a bit nerve-wrakkin'

Ruby Jean said...

Posting from my iPhone and it won't let me add your button to my post... Will certainly put it up tomorrow when I'm on my laptop...I am thinking I need to get the blogger app... :)

Daydream Living said...

Goodmorning Laura,
I'm back for this month, button has been up on my blog couple months ago, thanks for hosting this every month, enjoy this day hon,
Maureen x

Pet said...

I'm always looking forward to your POTMClub! And it is always difficult to choose only one Post too!
And thanks for the fruit festival on your Post!

the fishermans cottage said...

Hi Laura, Great images, it will be interesting to follow your progress and how you feel on the diet, my energy levels go all over the place when I'm dieting.. thanks for hosting :) x

Liene said...

Thanks for hosting, and good luck with your cleanse!

TexaGermaNadian said...

I've been a bad blogger lately, but glad I am back for this! :)

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Once again I am linking up, not with my necessarily my favourite post but with today's! Good Luck with you challenge Laura. I love all your photos which I see are all from Pinterest which gets the credit, rather than the original photographer, have heard a few comments about this recently. I am still trying to decide if i want to join, I have had an invite :)

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

haha that dress has made me chuckle. some great images

Missy said...

Good luck with your cleanse!!I have tried to change things up and eat more vegetables...one step at a time haha!!! Also, I'm sorry it linked my blog twice!! Feel free to delete one.


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi sweetiepie,

My adventure this month is the childrne going back to school - it feels as though the whole world awaits!! I have *loved* the summer holidays but am looking forward to a bit more time!!

I'm looking forward to seeing your kitchen adventure!!


Hines-Sight said...

Love your photos today. Good luck with your cleanse. You can do it then you can wear that vegetable dress. Ha1

Tai Tai said...

Haven't joined in for a while - but here I am posting from my villa in Phuket!! Love this linky....got some serious reading to do.... x

Robyn said...

Good luck with the detox-challenging-yes, but I bet you will feel great!

topchelseagirl said...

Good luck with the cleanse, you're braver than me!

Barbara said...

Good luck with the cleanse! I can't wait to hear how it's been working out for you!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

My daughter did a cleanse like that a couple of years ago. She really liked it! Hope it works well for you.

Your POTMC is very tempting...

That glass wing butterfly photo is amazing!

Bess said...

Fun idea! I am still working on making my button and getting buttons from other bloggers, so I'll do that part soon.

I've done a few cleanses before, but only for a few days. Good luck! You're bound to feel great afterwards.

Magali @ The Little White House said...

Thanks for hosting! Good luck on the no-no-no diet! I have to follow one (which I call no-fiber no-fun diet) every now and then because I'm sick. It's hard, but I have to admit that sometimes changing the way you eat can help! You can send me a message if you find it hard at some point of the 21 days... because, I've been there!

Ruby Jean said...

Okay I got the button up on my page... : ) And thanks for your sweet comment on that precious little car that my son made for me...Actually it has already been baked so is wonderfully forever preserved....He is actually in the process of making me another one...This time he said it's going to be my work truck... : )Have a Great week..

GirlSprout said...

Thanks for hosting! This is my first time joining POTM. Wishing you lots of luck with the cleanse. Your posts are so witty and delightful.

Beth said...

Phew, I made it! I have been late for the last couple of months, but I was determined to get to the party this month!
Good luck with the cleanse thing - I wish I had your will power.

Jane said...

Hi Sweets Just dropping by as I tune into Blogland again after the last fortnight. Good luck with the cleanse! J x

me said...

we did that cleanse a couple of years ago!!! we still juice and/or make smoothies everyday and eat much healthier because of it.
we didn't do all the pills though just the recipes. +probiotics,
you're basically just eating really well which hopefully extends past the 3 weeks. it also helps when your better half is on the same kick.
might i also recommend the book EATING ANIMALS by johnathan safran foer. As an oklahoma girl i am not one to turn away meat/eggs but I am now rather particular about it's source and for good reason. very good reasons.
let me know if you have any questions.
i wish you luck on your quest for health.
xxoo j

Emily said...

Hi, Laura, Well, I *finally* figured out how to put your button on my blog. Wahoo! Looks like I wasn't quick enough to make it to your linky list. I'm looking forward to catching up on the good reads that are posted!

Loved the photo of the apple laden car! (Actually, loved all the photos!) The kiddies, mister, and I will be visiting the orchard soon. Wish we could come home with a load like that!

Best wishes on your cleanse; I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!

Privet and Holly said...

Oh, bummer,
was going to
link and it said
Anyhoo, best of
luck with your
cleanse...21 days...
YOU my friend, are
a woman to be admired.
Enjoy these last
days of summer!
xx Suzanne

Lee Ann said...

I just found you today and have become a follower. I am looking forward to popping in regularly! Good luck with your cleanse, I really should do the same instead of nmy half hearted dieting! x

Melissa K @ Lulliloo said...

Good luck with your cleanse, Laura! I have wheat intolerance so I follow a mostly gluten free diet, but no sugar, dairy or alcohol on top of that sounds challenging! Let us know how you go! Melissa x

me said...

i was just thinking of you on your big adventure this week.
101cookbooks.com also has a ton of recipes you can follow during your cleanse. It's one of my favorites. Lot's of soups/ soba noodle recipes you can use. The great thing about that cleanse is that you can still eat.
Try the green ginger soup - so yummy. (http://www.youshouldbeoutonameadow.com/2011/06/green-soup-with-ginger-leeks.html)
and many many others. i also LOVE the otsu and/or ottolenghi's soba noodles. (have you been to his restaurant in london? - that would be fun)
just study your food have and have not lists and and then you can make anything. (i found some of the cleanse recipes not so great but that was a couple of years ago)
i'm also trying to locate this other fantastic super healthy blog for you but having a hard time.

Emily Maxson said...

Hi Laura.
Good luck with your cleanse! I will be thinking about you!

Natasha in Oz said...

How is that cleanse going? I am so impressed! Good luck and be strong!

Best wishes,