16 August 2011

What I Miss From The USA

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

I am asked frequently what I miss most from the US


Aside from friends & family
I miss

{fried okra, biscuits & gravy, grits}
not healthy but big on the yummy-comforty food factor

it is shocking how quickly I can wash and dry 
a weeks worth of clothing in the US

this mega store not only has everything I need at good prices,
but their merchandise is often cute cute cute

that latchy-thingy on the handle that allows your gas to flow
while you wait in your car in the rain

with the 'customer is always right' attitude
and making it a priority that I have a pleasant
experience in their establishment, 
what's not to like?!

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week :)


elizabeth said...

This made me laugh because my brother had the same things on his list, he lived in England for 10 years, and on his fist day ho,e spent about 8 hours at Target.

The customer service thing was his biggest pet peeve.

I hope you have a great week!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Yes, sadly we haven't quite got the hang of "good customer service" in the Isles..
When I return home for visits, it's the first thing I have a moan about, but then the custard tarts make up for it :)

beetree said...

Funny, the things you miss that you often take for granted. We only backpacked for 7 weeks, and I think my list was a lot longer! :)

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Funny. I can't imagine not having the size washer I do.

Mandi @ Southern Gnome said...

Hurray for southern food.

Erin said...

Customer Service! That's a great one! I can't believe the lack of it here.

MNUKGIRL said...

And WIDE OPEN SPACES!!!! Where you can jump in your big ass Hummer and fly like the wind down the long, open roads of the country! :)

Kate and Russ said...

Ditto to your list and JoAnne's additional item! Well, less the Southern Food part...but I do have a long list of other foods that I miss! And I lost track of the number of times I'd look at my mom and say, "That can't be the dryer already, can it??"

Robynne's Nest said...

I agree about the American sized washing machine...I have one at home in Melbourne...in a laundry room...I hate doing 35 loads of washing everyday in a tiny front loader and in the bleeping kitchen!! Robx

Susan Kane said...

The washer was the thing for me, that I missed. Oh, and a refrigerator that was bigger than me, and that actually kept food cold. I missed family most of all.

Paul said...

I think the customer service is a big one. It makes things more pleasant in the US. The rudeness can wind me up in the UK - especially when you're at the checkout and they start talking to their buddy and ignore you while they run the products through the till, that very rarely happens in the USA and it's a pet hate of mine.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

and... looking at a bottle of wine in the grocery store and thinking first of the 8 blocks you will have to carry it!

Eli said...

How about Lamar's Donuts...I miss those in Florida.

Expat mum said...

I must admit that every time I go back 'home" (the UK) there are more things that miss from the States. This summer it was having to go into the shop every time I filled up the car. I didn't see any petrol/gas pumps where you could pay with a card, before you got back in the car and waited for it to fill. Bit of a bugger when you have kids in the back seat.

Karen said...

I am in Australia and regularly visit family now living in the US. I have to agree with you about customer service, too. It is always a pleasure to shop or make inquiries on the phone when in the states. A very different matter here at home!

Emily said...

Too bad that Southern comfort food won't keep, or I'd send you a homemade stash. I had a friend who tried to send Southern cheese grits up to another friend in Boston. It didn't fare so well . . . you guessed it, GROSS!

Emma said...

Customer service in Australia is appalling as well! Although we do have the click it on thingy for the petrol pump. We lived in the States when I was in my last few years of school and the thing that I really admired about America was the time and effort that people put into decorating their houses, particularly at Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July etc. It was impressive, also love how patriotic Americans are! x

ann said...

I would miss Target too. Although when I traveled England, I loved the fact that there weren't any Targets or Wallmarts (2001 and 2006). I love the little bakeries, butchers, fruit stands, and flowers carts on street corners. Since we stayed in cut rate hotels, I missed large showers and unlimited hot water, and Iced water. Of course, touring is different than living there. I could make the Target sacrifice. After all, Target does have an on line store.

Ola said...

I have never been there yet, I am still dreaming about Florida

KimberlyJ said...

I'm freaking out over the washer and dryer. When I am living there do not want to cram my clothes in those little things. I pick up an iron maybe once a year, and that is to iron patches onto clothes with holes in them. I enjoy doing laundry, but that wont be the case if I have to use the little machines. I've already started Googling an "american sized" stackable machine and planning on where it will go in the house I will be living in.

Barbara said...

I agree with you 100000X on your list!! Although, the gas pump doesn't bother me so much as the washer/dryer situation!

Pet said...

Yeah, Southern Food, Target... my children would definitively add Chick-fil-A to the list too!

kelly@tearinguphouses said...

i remember thinking the same thing about customer service when we were out of the country earlier this year!

Fancy Vintage said...

Great to discover you. I lived in the states my whole growing up years!
I miss funny things like the amazing amount of cool cereals that fill a whole aisle! I miss A &W root beer the most and now order it in big loads!
I miss those crackers you get in the machines. I like how everything is open late there too.
Sorry could go on. Am now following.
Take care for now. Becca x

Hines-Sight said...

I think I would miss those things, too.

Hope you're well.

rachelsjunkinthetrunk said...

I will no longer take the things on your list for granted.

Privet and Holly said...

I can think.of so
many things I'd
miss, but imagine
the adventure must
outweigh all that!
xx Suzanne

claire said...

when i went to NYC i couldnt beleieve the customer service! i wa slike WHY CANT WE DO THAT! i mean, i hate being ignored at the checkout while the cashier moans about her hangover to her colleague!! Thanks for visiting :)

Amanda said...

You'd be surprised, amongst the Americans-in-England community the gas pump latchy thing comes up a lot!! I didn't realize how much I would miss it til it wasn't there. My hands are lazy, hehe. Hope you have a great weekend!


Amanda said...

BTW my parents are coming to visit in a week and I already told them to bring me Dunkin Donuts ground coffee (I'm salivating already), egg noodles, and sweet-n-low. Haha. a random wish list!

Fancy Vintage said...

I also miss Hershey Kisses. the Almond ones!
Found some today in the pound shop! Unbelievable! I brought 4 packs!
Now where can I hide them!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Amen! After 4 years in Ireland I would have to agree - comfort food, a proper washer/dryer, Target or other discount department store, HGTV, and CUSTOMER SERVICE! Thankfully Dubai is all about service so that's a nice change xo

Anne said...

I'm with you on all of those. Since we live in Germany where all stores close by 8 and on Sundays, my standard answer after "friends and family" is "going to Target at 10pm and not having to carry everything home myself!!