11 September 2011

Hurricanes in the UK

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

I've never lived near the ocean,
so hurricanes are new to me

Miss Hurricane Katia will be my first introduction,
sailing across the Atlantic from the Caribbean
to pay us a visit

She is expected to drop by tonight and may stay a few days

It will be interesting to see what kind of house guest she will be...

Fierce like Gordon in 2006?
Disruptive like Bill & Grace in 2009?
Or a quieter guest leaving just a few puddles in her wake

Hurricane Katia from the International Space Shuttle
Image: The Independent

Once a Category 4, Miss Katia will most likely be downgraded 
to a strong post-tropical storm
by the time she hits land

Ireland and Scotland are predicted to be the hardest hit,
however, all of Great Britain risks minor flooding, falling trees, 
structural damage, & transportation disruptions
from possible gale force winds and torrential rain

To me 'transportation disruptions' is not a minor thing,
for my husband takes the train home each day

And by car, there can be only one way to get to a location
as a detour can be impractical

Roads here are not in a grid-like pattern,
but rather like spokes of a wheel radiating from towns
Sort of

The Great Storm of 1987 was the last legendary storm 
in which 18 people died and 15 million trees were downed, 
including historic trees in famous Kew Gardens
and six of the seven famous old oak trees of Sevenoaks, Kent

It was the worst storm since The Great Storm of 1703
(don't you love the storm titles?)

People have referenced the Great Storm of 1987 in passing to me over the last year,
so it has not been forgotten

Image: Kew Gardens

However, one thing this country does handle really well is
{ rain }

As it magically disappears on roads,
puddles rarely form

Katia is coming,
but she isn't on the front page of most newspapers

Having just come off the coolest summer in a decade,
the UK is not exactly known for stellar weather
and no one seems to be batting an eye at this storm

So at this point, I'm not worried,
just curious

Just another tale of living on an island :)


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Stay safe, we will certainly be thinking of everyone, especially our family and friends. We will never forget the great storm of 1987, we were cut off from our local town and were without power for a few days.

Ellie said...

It's been such a horrible summer I thought Autumn might be a bit kinder to us. Seems it's not going to be. It is already really windy and rainy here - supposed to get worse overnight. Oh well, I think it's going to be a long winter ahead.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I think any unusual weather we get here just makes us Brits excite4d!! You know how much we love to talk about the weather!!!


Anonymous said...

You are brave. I would not take pictures during a Hurricane. Hi, this is Munir over here at Focus. Hope that there was not much damamge. In New York it was not too bad, but New Jersey was hit hard.

flowers on my table said...

Batten down the hatches, light the fire, have a glass of port and hope for the best! Love Linda x

Egretta Wells blog said...

Hi Laura, thanks for joining my blog. I also just joined yours! I did not realize Katia was on the way to England. I hope she weakens before arriving....I have been through 3 bad hurricanes in Florida and it was not fun!Now I am worried about Ireland (my daughter lives in Northern Ireland)...I wish safety for all of you. All the best, Egretta

Paul said...

I escaped the Yorkshire Hurricane Season just in time and managed to reach the safety of Florida. ;-)

T's Daily Treasures said...

There's been a whole lot of crazy weather and events of late. Sure hope things don't get too bad for you. Best wishes, Tammy

Pet said...

Rain is part of the landscape in England :-) I hope (wish for you) that it will be enough with a good umbrella this time.

elaine said...

We Brits take the weather pretty much in our stride, and we enjoy moaning about it too.

HolleyGarden said...

Take care. A category 4 is a very big storm.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Be safe. We've certainly had our share of storms already.


Praying for your safety.


Pom Pom said...

Please share with us the stormy experience. I hope it downgrades before arriving.

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Hope you guys escape Katia's wrath. Keep us posted on your well-being! Kew Gardens looks like a beautiful place to visit.

Msrobin said...

I hope Katia is just a rain storm by the time she hits your shores!

ann said...

We just do not think of England having hurricanes. Rain, yes. Snow? Yes? Wind yes. Hope you ride out the storm in fine fashion. You will let us know how it goes.

lisaroyhandbags said...

The Brits and Irish are a tough bunch. After living in Ireland for 4 years and experiencing just a regular rainy day, gale force winds could reach 100km/hr without it being called anything but a wet day! So Katia may even pass by without anyone blinking an eye! :) Stay dry!

Magali @ The Little White House said...

I'm pretty sure we had the fringe of Miss Katia during the night... I was awake by the very strange and unusual noise the wind made... I actually thought the beams of the house were going to collapse! We're not that far from England here... It's weird though that they didn't talk about it at all in our weather forecast... Fortunately I had read your post right before going to bed, so I thought of Miss Katia rather than believing it was the end of the world! Did Katia shake your house as well?

Kate and Russ said...

I like your explanation of the road patterns, particularly the "sort of" comment. Are you saying this isn't a good evening for my husband to golf? ;)

Barbara said...

Stay safe! Hopefully it will go unnoticed and be seen as just more rain in the UK!

greenthumb said...

I hope she not a bad one.

Robynne's Nest said...

Laura, we have cyclones in Australia which is the same as a hurricane, always blowing in from the ocean towards the coast, in the northern parts of Oz. They will often track parallel to the coast before making landfall at some point and then downgrading to a tropical storm. A couple of years ago I was in Yeppoon, QLD (northern Oz...think Great Barrier Reef)...and we had one tracking well off the coast...and it blew ...we taped up the windows before going to bed just in case it came in through the night...it didn't...luckily...but I've never experienced winds like it so can't imagine being in the midst of one...Robx

Zosia said...

Hi Laura, thank you for stopping by Polonica: Home Again. Very happy to have you there. Hope Katia looses a bit of her power by the time she reaches the UK. I have family in Scotland and friends in England, so keeping my fingers crossed for you guys there on a "small island".
P. S. Joining your rays of sunshine :-)

Hines-Sight said...

I will be thinking of you. I've gone through several and covered one major one for the news. Good luck! Our state received a lot of damage from the latest one here, Irene. Leigh

beetree said...

Be safe! Hope it weakens before it hits.

KimberlyJ said...

I was initially worried when i first caught news of that heading your way.... but saw the predicted path and my loved ones were well out of harms way being in the south and south west. It would be nice if these storms would avoid land altogether.