29 February 2012

Moving Day

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

As I pack up to move with misty eyes,
I want to share a little about what we are saying goodbye to

Love the Victorian tiles and chimney pots

Great Neighbors

...providing baking soda when one of my kids was stung by a hornet on our second day here
...including us in Guy Fawkes celebrations, the Royal Wedding block party, Girls Night Out
...running kids across the street for playdates
...catching my dog on the loose while I was stuck in traffic
...sharing local tips
...unraveling cultural mysteries and cockney sayings

We will miss you! 
Thank you for being my gateway to understanding England
and foraging meaningful friendships :)

Victorian tiled walkway

A Charming Neighborhood

A London suburb built during the Victorian era,
the houses share wonderful architecture

Love the Victorian doorbells

Lovely Home

Built in 1898, our amazing house just oozes character
but I won't miss our tiny freezer

The Search For A New Home

Our house is on the market to be sold, so we did not renew our lease

With two moves in two years, we looked for a new home with mixed feelings
- while we love our current neighborhood, we look forward to getting to knowing a new area -

Unlike in the US, you have no real estate agent to represent the buyer/renter
so I called an agent for each house 'viewing'

While looking at houses in the country, I encountered a few adventures

Such as getting my car stuck in the mud for an hour on a farm road
and roadside assistance suggesting I find a tractor to help pull me out (really?)

With stinging nettle burns on my legs,
one realtor and 3 farmers/pheasant hunters later, 
the mud doth relinquished its powerful suckage

We were a day away from putting in a rental contract on a 17th century farmhouse
with a snug and AGA, but someone beat us to it

The New Home

But it all worked out for the best
for we are moving to a semi-rural village that I can't wait to putter around
And we still can manage with just one car, thinking my bicycle will get most of my errands done

Our house will not have a number, just a cottage name (love that!)
with a field of horses and a forest down the lane

Our broadband service tells me it will be working sometime between now and eleven days
so I don't know when I will be up and running again

But until we meet again, be well
Next time I'll be posting from the cottage :)

Post Of The Month Club:
We will skip this month for an exciting announcement next month - Stay Tuned :)

- all photos by me -


Robynne's Nest said...

Hey Laura, good luck with the move...it sounds wonderful...a new adventure (again)...you will love the country living in England...I look forward to seeing the new digs. Robx
p.s. your old place looks amazing!

Pondside said...

Good luck with moving day! It sounds like such an adventure to find a new house in the UK and I look forward to the unveiling.

Jane The Booklady said...

Hello Laura,
Good luck with your move and wishing you every happiness in your new home in the country. Jane x

Jeanne @ Collage of Life said...

Laura...I am so excited for you! I know you have been on the look out for that perfect spot and it sounds just right for you. Wishing you the best as you pack, unpack and settle into you new home. :)

Jeanne xx

Jeanne @ Collage of Life said...

PS.. I think you did a post on your trip to the Cotswolds? I am looking for a search box on your blog. When you get a moment.. as you travel so much and have created so many wonderful posts around it, you may want to pop one onto your blog. I am sending people your way who ask about travel tips. :)

Jeanne xx


Good luck with your MOVE!
Feeling pretty low at the moment and yearning for my Home country England & everything that's the Best of British!
Flying to London tomorrow YAY!
Are you living in the Brentwood Essex area?
My home base is Upminster ;-)
LOVE PEACE enJOY your new home

Ola said...

pity to lose such a neighbors!

Life and travelling

Zinnia said...

I loved the look of your own home, but how exciting to move to a new neighbourhood and discover so many new things! I'll be back to see how you settle in.

a happy little life said...

Best wishes and congratulations on your move!!! XO Tracie

Emma said...

All the best for the move and the new house sounds gorgeous! x

Jenny Woolf said...

Always exciting moving somewhere new! Your new location sounds nice, and I look forward to hearing more!

Irene said...

Oh how lovely! I love the Victorian era and your photos remind me very much of my time in England.. I wish you a lovely time in your new home, and I look forward to reading your excellent dispatches. Be healthy and happy.

Pink Princess said...

Your new cottage sounds wonderful! I'm so looking forward to hearing more about it!

greenthumb said...

Good luck, hope all goes well,can't wait to see some photos of the cottage.

Selena said...

Good luck with the move and hurry back!!!

Ariana said...

Wishing you a very easy, positive moving experience! It sounds like you found a really sweet place, and I look forward to seeing/ hearing about it!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Safe travels! I just finished making one of my samies with Coleman's mustard - I think that's one of best of British :) Enjoy!

Jane said...

Wishing you the most uncomplicated of moves, Sweetie. Off to email you for your new address! J x

Joyce said...

I still miss my house : ( We lived in a village and I walked to town and knew all the shopkeepers and ran my dog thru the woods and common. Sigh. Sighsighsigh. Happy New Home!

Kris said...

Good luck with the move dear! It totally and completely know what you are going through! You are making me sad for my old cottage (that had a cute house name too!) Can't wait to hear more about your new place and your new village.

Kris said...

oh my gosh, and that tiled walk way is perfect. I'm totally drooling over it! I'm sorry you have to say goodbye to such a lovely house.

Iota said...

Good luck! What an adventure it has been, and is going to be. Love the fondness you feel for the house you are leaving, but also the positive vibes for the new place.

Would love to know where you are leaving and moving to, if you want to email me (email address on my profile page). Your secret will be safe with me! Just curious. Perfectly understand if you don't want to say.

Barbara said...

good luck with the move! I think the cottage sounds wonderfully cozy.

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Sounds like a fairy tail dream! English country cottage sound wonderful. Looking forward to reading about your adventures there. Good luck with your move and unpacking!

Anne said...

What a gorgeous place! No wonder you feel a little sad to leave it - but just think of all the new adventures waiting for you in the next place. I'm excited for you!!

Can't wait to see pictures!! Good luck with your move.


chris said...

Best wishes for a smooth transition. Can't wait to hear the name of your cottage!

Sally@Enlightenment for the Sleepy said...

wishing you some wonderful new adventures in your new home. enjoy nesting, Sally xxx

RachelM said...

what an amazing house! i LOVE that walkway! good luck and many blessings with your new place!

TexWisGirl said...

how exciting for you! i know moving is literally unsettling, but imagine the possibilities... :)

Jen said...

I hope all goes smoothly with the news and look forward to hearing about your new place. The old one was charming and that walkway is marvelous--so unique.

Robyn said...

you seem to have been very lucky with neightbours-hope you are in your next place too

Daydream Living said...

Hi Laura,
If you are reading this, you probably have internet!
Even though moving so much in two years isn't nice to do,
it sounds like you are going from one beautiful house to another,
looking forward to hear your feelings about living semi rural,
take care! Maureen x

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I'm sending you lots of energy from France... God knows you'll need it... Going to a new place is exciting but very tiring (or so says my experience). I can't wait to read news from your cottage... that doesn't have a number (that was one of my secret wish... but obviously, it was a very weak "cons" on the list when I visited my house... that happened to have a number!).

Ellie said...

Hope you move goes well, moving home is always stressful. How exciting though. Hope you enjoy your new home. :))

Felicity said...

Your new home sounds truly sublime and I hope that all the elements of the move fit together snugly for a smooth transition.

Big hugs!

elaine rickett said...

Exciting times ahead but it is always sad to leave somewhere where you have been happy - good luck with the move.

Privet and Holly said...

Sounds dreamy ~ can't wait
to hear where it is! Still hoping
to visit soon, you know....: )

xx Suzanne

ann said...

Well, we can't wait to see your new home. What excitement.

Emily said...

Best wishes in your move, Laura! Lovely photos and lovely home, but can't wait to see your village cottage . . . I just love a cozy cottage best of all!

Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

Best wishes on your move. Can't wait to see your new home. The one you left is lovely.

The mum of all trades said...

What a beautiful home, its hard to leave it I'm sure. Looking forward to seeing your new one.

dkmart said...

Oh, Miss Laura, I'm sure your new cottage will be "movie swoon-worthy", and I wish you the absolute best of luck in your move! I'm so very excited for you, and CANNOT WAIT for new pictures! (Reading your posts always puts a smile on my face...and quite a bit of jealousy in my heart, I must admit. ;))
Have a wonderful weekend, my dear...and leave the heavy lifting to the boys!
xoxoxo Deirdre

Pat said...

Having packed many boxes over the years in my own globetrotting life, I wish good luck on the move itself and happiness in your new home.

Rayanne said...

I'm new to your lovely blog! Looking forward to all your posts!!

Pom Pom said...

I bet you're all settled in by now, Laura! Stay warm.

Gris fleur said...

All the best in your new house Laura.

Mandi @ Southern Gnome said...

Your house hunt sounds very interesting to say the least. Best of luck on the move and can't wait to hear from you when you are all settled. A house with a name instead of a number is very charming indeed.

Donna B. said...

Oh Laura...your move sounds like a movie...and I want to see it. Your home is beautiful, but I am so partial to cottages...just a little piece of Thomas Kincaide...All the best to you...May everything go smoothly...anxiously awaiting pictures and hearing all about settling into your new cottage...

Pet said...

This new house of yours sounds really exciting! Good luck.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Exciting news, looking forward to hearing all about it once you are back online.

Anonymous said...

I have sent an email to your GMX account.

Lizzie said...

Happy Move!

The Bathtime Team said...

Hello Laura
Unsure when you'll pick up this message but we've given you a blog award. I really love reading yours.
Just go to :


Well done and hope the move went ok!

lizzybradbury said...

Congratulations on such a great blog!

I enjoy reading it so much I have selected you as a worthy recipient of The Versatile Blogger award.

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- to find out more.

Once again, thank you for adding value to the blogging community!

Susan Kane said...

Each move is an adventure. Sounds like this new home will be equal to the task.

Lori from A Family's Life said...

Best of luck with your move! Semi-rural sounds great!

EnglandTripTips said...

All the best to your journey. May you and the one that's best for you meet there to where you're going. Thanks for sharing. englandtriptips.com

form 1099 said...

Great new home, great neighbours,... what else could we ask? Just good luck with the move!

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So beautiful. Really nice! Hope you have a great time in your new home :)