25 April 2012

Forest Frolic: Bluebell Season

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

There is nothing like seeing the forest
carpeted with bluebells

Like purple fog hovering over the forest floor

Also, 'tis the season for wild garlic

It smells amazing when walking by
and is featured on local menus

The rain hasn't let up in weeks,
but I am enjoying the fruits of its labor

- all photos by me -

Last year's bluebell post (here)

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a happy little life said...

beautiful photos!
it looks like an enchanted forest, the kind fairytales are made from. the 'bluebell fog' is very magical!
just lovely! xo tracie

Sunray Gardens said...

Lovely setting. Not living in the areas of mass Bluebells, it's always lovely to see such.

Cher Sunray Gardens

NTCtag by Ning Tagle Clark said...

Your photos are so lovely and colourful! On your last post it was the golden colour of rapeseed and this post is mass of purple, greens and whites.
Mother nature what a wonderful world!

greenthumb said...

What a lovely thing to see, must have smelt beautiful.

Sandra said...

Bluebell time is my favourite time to visit England! These are lovely captures. I love that first shot with the mossy tree trunk. The faraway shot with the blanket of blue is just lovely too and I enjoyed seeing the wild garlic in flower.
No bluebells here, but the woods are full of delicate anemone flowers and violets which is very sweet too.

Me said...

What lovely pictures ! What a great place to go and relax.

Have a great day !

Great Scott said...

Love seeing these photos - especially since all this rain has foiled our plans to see the bluebells twice, so far. Thanks for brightening up my rainy day!

Marilyn said...

The moss on the tree in amazing! All of this must be such a delight to the eyes.♥♫

Pet said...

Oh, and the same happy memories you brought me back last year are here again!

TexWisGirl said...

really gorgeous!

Cottage Tails said...

oh wow the mass of bluebells is a must see one day - it's on my bucket list

Kate and Russ said...

FINALLY I got to see the Bluebell Woods this year! Check that one off the Bucket List! But, I must say, there better be some incredible May flowers after these April showers!!!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

It has been quite a spring with all the rain. I'm ready for some sun!!

Ida said...

What a wonderful blanket of color. Your Bluebells are so pretty.
Wild Garlic has lovely flowers, I'm not sure I'd enjoy the garlic smell though.

Emma said...

I have never seen wild garlic flowers before! The bluebells look so picturesque, like a fairy tale. x

Claire said...

Hello ! thanks for visiting, and yes she did look like Audrey, very beautiful! following you now!

Zosia said...

Spring has been rather reluctant in Poland this year. We finally have some good weather.
The tree trunks in the last photo are amazing. Love blue bells. Have a great weekend.

miss b said...

I absolutely love bluebells and as I live next to a small wood I can just see some out of my kitchen window.

KATE ♥ said...

Fantastiske bilder.
Har ikke sett sånne mengder med Scilla og Ramsløk her i Norge.
Ønsker deg en god weekend.

Lien @ allnewadventures.com said...

Hello from New Zealand!

A visitor from P52, and I'm glad I clicked through because those bluebells are gorgeous, and your capturing of their beauty has me inspired! I submitted my photo for P52 but feel a little underwhelmed by it.

You've got a great eye. I'm your newest follower :-)

Have a great weekend.


Jane said...

Hello Sweets I adored last year's post and this one is equally exceptional. Guess what I'm planting on Planet Baby! J x

Calico Child said...

Love the bluebells so rich with colour :)

Felicity said...

Eye-poppingly gorgeous!
They actually look too good to be true but that's just my Aussie eyes accustomed to dappled shades of muted greens and browns in my natural landscape.

As for the garlic smell, I think this would have me running to the fields with a big bunch of rich red tomatoes, loaf of bread and bottle of vino to picnic Yogi and Booboo style.

Happy week ahead!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

They are beautiful. I don't think I've ever actually seen a bluebell in person!
Here in Phoenix, my Palo Verde trees are all in bloom and leaving a carpet of yellow on the ground as the flowers drop, it's lovely.

glòria said...

Lovely Photos!! We do have bluefells in my country but definetely not a fieldcovered in them!

ramblinbess said...

OOhh, wild garlic. Sounds delicious. I'm definitely not one to avoid the pungent plant.

Ailsa (Topaz Magpie Jewellery) said...

Stunning colours - lovely photos. We've been eating our wild garlic the last couple of weeks, but there's still plenty to scent the woods!