25 June 2012

50 Things Before You Turn 11 3/4

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Our family is a bit outdoorsy,
so I was really excited to find the website

Mud Pie Kitchen at Joyful Home

It lists activities all children should do before they reach 11 3/4

The interactive website is designed for kids

Design your own 'explorer',
earn online badges as activities are accomplished,
and journal when, where, and how activities are completed

Each activity includes a short how-to video clip
{ such as how to light a fire without matches }
and suggestions of where to do it

It is a go-to for ideas in any type of weather

How many have you done?

Light a fire without matches
Skim A Stone
Dam a Stream
Roll Down a Really Big Hill
Set Up a Snail Race
Find a Geocache
Eat Blackberries Growing In The Wild
Fly A Kite
Climb A Tree
Plant It, Grow It, Eat It
Go On A Nature Walk At Night
Swing On A Rope Swing
Bury Someone In The Sand

For a complete list,


likeschocolate said...

Thanks for sharing! What a great idea! can't wait to set my children on the task of completing the list.

Pom Pom said...

I love that! I'm getting ready to have grandkids for three days and I like natural and earthy events for them. Thank you for the link, Laura!

beetree said...

What a fun list! Thanks for posting Laura! :)

erinrichardson said...
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erinrichardson said...

How wonderful! The list you published made me realise I did most of these things as a child.
Many children in the world today, don't get to play beyond the pc or tv, explore nature, discover the world.
Though I don't have children myself, I believe a childhood spent exploring life, is 100% vital.

Barbara said...

What a super cute idea!! I can't wait to check out the link.

Sissym said...

I love that! And I?! Everything!


My Garden Diaries said...

Ok...this is awesome! Really a great resource! Thank you for sharing!

Privet and Holly said...

Love it! And the age.
Not 11, not 12, but
11 3/4. That is so
typically British : )

Need to print out that
list. Never too old to
light a fire without
matches, right? Or
set up a snail race?