28 July 2012

The Summer Olympic Games Begin

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Seven years ago
when it was announced the Olympics would come to London
my husband turned to me and said
'We should go'

Our tickets :)

Little did we know then
not only would be seeing the Olympic Games,
but we would be living here to witness
the Olympic Torch Relay,
The Diamond Jubilee and The Royal Wedding

Boy, do I feel like we totally won the lottery!

The last two years have been magical
Each event has been a 10 out of 10

Last night we stayed up until 1am to watch the Opening Ceremony
Did you watch it too?

I particularly loved the 'doves', the torch, and the fireworks
The British seemed to have loved the big event too
which had been shrouded in mystery

Day One of the Olympics,
we walked to a nearby village to watch 
the men's cycling road race

My son's view of the race

They went by so fast that had I blinked, I would have missed it!
Everyone was in a great mood
and the weather was gorgeous

Congratulations to gold medalist, A.Vinokurov of Kazakhstan in blue & yellow

Who am I rooting for?
The US
Great Britain
Costa Rica

When I lived in Costa Rica in 1996
Claudia Poll won the country's second medal ever
which happened to be a gold!
(200 m freestyle swim in Atlanta)

Her medal meant SO MUCH to the country

Claudia became a national hero, putting Costa Rica on the Olympic map
In fact, when she flew home,
the Costa Ricans were outside
all over the country
with mirrors to reflect light toward her airplane
as a way to say congratulations, we're proud of you,
and welcome home

I've never seen anything like it
and I'll never forget it

Knowing there are few Costa Ricans here to support their eleven athletes,
I'm happy to holler :)

Police giving lots of 'high fives'
I'd still be there if this End Of Race car hadn't driven by
I was ready for more :)

Lucky me, 
works to support the Great Britain, USA,
and Costa Rican teams

Go Great AmeRica! 
(get it?)

Stay tuned
I'll be showing you more over the next few weeks :)

- all photos by me and my kiddos -

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Marta said...

¡Hola! I'd love to visit Costa Rica one day, they say it's very green, withe wonderful beaches and all the people from Costa Rica I've met are so friendly! ¡Hasta luego! Marta

Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

What a great experience. We just saw that race end a few minutes ago.

Michelle said...

What an awesome opportunity! Have fun :)

Michelle said...

What an awesome opportunity! Have fun :)

Pixie said...

There is real magic in it. How wonderful, that 'ordinary' youngsters lit the torch.It encapsulted the whole thing for me.

Pondside said...

We watched the opening ceremonies last night, having recorded them earlier. It was all just beautiful - so well-done, so moving. Lucky you, to be able to see the road race!

TexWisGirl said...

you're so cute. and how wonderful for you to experience this firsthand!

YONKS said...

What an exciting experience for you Laura. I hope you enjoy every moment :-)

Grammy Goodwill said...

Lucky, lucky you. Enjoy every minute of it.

Antiques And Teacups said...

How exciting!!! Great photos and hope you post more!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

What an awesome time for you and your family. I can't imagine being in the midst of all that. I was surprised to see the police driving BMWs though! How nice for them and they don't have to pay for the repairs. Ugh.

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

It must be such a buzz to be amongst it all Laura! Enjoy your moments. Amanda x

Celestial Charms said...

So many exciting events, and to be in the middle of them...fabulous! Have fun!

ann said...

Your timing for moving was pretty perfect wasn't it? I keep thinking about what a grand experience your children are having. I wanted to comment on the literature that they are reading. Such good stuff. We here in Colorado are cheering on our swimmer, Misty Franklin.


I watched a big chunk of that race today, too, and love the entire race area lined with so many people. What a lovely thing to be able to walk up from your home to see it. AND all that rain is gone, too.

My Garden Diaries said...

Get it!! Awesome that you get to experience this with your family! Enjoy!!!!

the cuby poet said...

Seems as if you are experiencing the whole British 'thing!' A great year for this island of ours so good that you are sharing it with us. I too have loved it all.

Emily said...

How fun! I'm looking forward to reading your posts on the Olympics!
We loved the opening ceremony! My favorite parts were the 1)childrens choir, 2)the Queen's sense of humor to go along with Bond girl idea, and 3)the history diorama.

Look4GovJob said...

Hi Laura,

Soooo much fun! I went to the Olympics in Atlanta with my best friend when I was just 16. What a wonderful experience...and I still can't believe our parents let us go all around Atlanta while they were in California. Your family will have just as many fun memories of your Olympic experience.

Pet said...

I nearly cried myself - like 3 or 4 times - during the Olympic ceremony. The boys, me too, loved Mr Bean. The music of Chariots of Fire linked now forever with his playing finger. The Queen playing her own role in You must be Mr. Bond was quintessential England too. I missed the country and my time and friends there too. Enjoy England, and keep reporting! :-)
PS. I had to post about it (HEY JUDE) in my blog too :-).

teri said...

How exciting to be able to see the bikers just by walking up the street - even if it was only a glimpse. I enjoyed the opening ceremonies - especially the first part about history, and of course the fireworks and the way the torches lifted up to form a single cauldron. Wonderful!

We visited Costa Rica for the first time last year - Arenal area for the volcano, and toward the south for rain forests. It's one of the best vacations I've ever experienced.

Love your blog. teri

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Thanks, Pet! Hopping over to read your post now :)

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Thanks, Teri! And yes, Costa Rica is an amazing place to visit - I love the Arenal region...well, all of it, actually :)

Punctuation Mark said...

Thanks for supporting our athletes... The other day I saw Claudia when we where having coffee... She definitely is a national hero!

Mimi said...

Hi Laura, popped over after seeing your comment at mine!
I watched the Ceremony, thought it was brilliant! The organisation of the Olympics seems to be excellent, I'm going over this Thursday for a few days to see Archery and Volleyball! excited! How cool to be able to walk to the next village to see some Olympic cycling! That would feel like a lottery win alright! And they do fly by...some years ago the Tour de France had a stage in Dublin and we stood at the roadside to watch them whizz by. Whizz doesn't even seem a fast enough word to describe it!
See you soon!

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

I just text a friend who was on her way to watch the gymnastics today, so many great opportunities to see the events! Lots of memories in years to come!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Very cool!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Yes, the organization of it has been quite impressive. I've only been hearing good things now that it has started. Enjoy archery and volleyball! Perhaps our paths will cross in the streets of London :)

Whitney Cramer said...

boy am I glad I stumbled across your blog! You're at the olympics?! SAWEET! Totally looking forward to MORE pictures!

A and B said...

Great shots! That is so exciting to have them travel straight through your village! I love the story about Costa Rica as well!

Whitney Cosgrave said...

so exciting to be there I bet! I'm very jealous.