28 August 2012

32 Adventures In The UK

Posted By Happy Homemaker UK

Sometimes I feel like Alice in Wonderland,
for I am in constant wonder
at how much there is to do in this small country

Here's a list I'm chipping away at,
knowing I won't ever do it all...

1. Learn to surf at the Extreme Academy, Watergate Bay, Cornwall

2. Try sandboarding in north Devon

3. Explore coast, cliffs and caves while swimming (aka coasteering)
on the vehicle-free island of Sark

5. Try caving/spelunking in northern England

6. Soar above the Peak District in a paramotor

7. Fly over Cornwall's botanical Eden Project on England's longest zipline 

Eden Project

8. Swim to France via the English Channel

9. Snorkel with sharks in Scotland

10. Scuba dive in the HMS Scylla Wreck in Devon

11. Try New Zealand's river bugging in Scotland

12. Rent a narrowboat to explore the canals on your own

13. Go fly fishing in one of Great Britain's scenic rivers or lakes

14. Be a zookeeper for the day at Howletts Animal Park in Kent

15. Llama trek through the Surrey Hills

16. Be a passenger during a stunt airplane flight

17. Test your limits in a stunt car driving school

18. Churn your stomach at the UK's largest zorbing park

19. Camp out on a working farm
at Feather Down Farms

20. Spend a few days at Center Parcs,
packed with activities for all ages

21. 22. 23. 24.
Sleep in a windmillcastlegypsy caravan, or vintage camper


25. View the inside of Big Ben
(open to UK residents only)

26. Witness the nightly lock up of the Tower of London
in the Ceremony Of The Keys (free)

27. Enjoy wine tasting in your private London Eye capsule

28. Walk on top of one of London's landmarks, The O2 Arena

29. Cycle through London on a classic British bicycle tour

30. Try ice climbing in the heart of London

31. Get wet while rafting the rapids
at the Olympic Lee Valley White Water Center

32. Tour the River Thames in riveting James Bond style

Where to start first?
Have you tried any of these?

- all photos by me -


Sandra said...

I guess it's not the size of the country which decides the number of things to do, but the number of things we would really like to do in any given country!!!
I think you're doing pretty well so far!
Happy continuing adventures.
Sandra, from the 'small country', currently living in an even smaller country! LOL!

Pet said...

I'm exhausted already! I'd go first for the narrow boat ride. Hopefully there is some place inside to have a siesta, and recover for the hardships of the rest of the list ! :-)

Ola said...

so many fantastic ideas, and the first picture-just amazing!

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Barbara said...

Such a great list!! Be sure to stop by if you ever make it across the Channel!

paisleysummer said...

Great list. Doesn't look like I'll be able to see the inside of Big Ben. I learned to surf at Torquay, Australia and haven't surfed ever again!
One of the most amazing things I have ever done is swim with the whale sharks at Ningaloo reef, Western Australia. It was awesome! x

greenthumb said...

That's some list.

Joyce said...

Your list is adventurous! I have been inside Big Ben and it is worth the trek up. You stand right behind the clock face and you put your hands on the workings while it chimes-amazing!

Char said...

Sounds like you love water adventures!!! I'm just happy you include me in your photographic jaunts!!

michele said...

what an amazing list! can i join you spelunking and cycling on that dreamy lavender bike?

hope you'll visit soon!


Mary Timmers said...

Wow! That sure is a list! I'll do cream tea with you in Cornwall. Let me know and I'll be there!

miss b said...

What an adventurous list! I enjoyed the Tower of London visit and Sark is definitely on my must-visit list but I'm not really a water baby so I think I'll remain on dry land to explore this pretty island.

Dave D said...

You've missed out one........Spending a day with me, metal detecting on an old Anglo-Saxon settlement, you can do the digging. :-)

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Ooh, I'd love that!!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

That does sound like a great adventure!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I really want to go to Jersey & Sark and see what that's all about :)

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Would love that!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Big Ben, I have done. It was absolutely unforgettable!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

That sounds really cool. I'm not much of a water person, but my kids would love to swim with sharks. I'd be happy to be lead photographer :)

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I'd love to meet up one day!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Thank you :)

Happy Homemaker UK said...

The narrowboat I have done - it was very peaceful indeed :)

Happy Homemaker UK said...

You're right :)

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Funny, I'm actually not drawn to water - I avoid it like a cat. Maybe the adventures just intrigue me?

Sissym said...

This all seems very exciting. Then, after you complete this list, please provide your impressions about the pros and cons of the places chosen!


Down by the sea said...

Hi Laura,
What a great list living here all my life I haven't done many of these and some of your suggestions I would like to do (the less adventurous ones!)I have hired a boat and gone down the Thames and slept in a converted sheep barn and a converted pig barn. Thanks for the inspiration.
Sarah x

Sophie Allen said...

I'll remember to look you up for ideas if we ever get over there!

And spelunking? NO WAY! That would be way to freaky.

My Garden Diaries said...

Something tells me you will!!! What an amazing list!

PURA VIDA said...

I love your list...very worthy indeed!

Mark Harding said...

Great list and thanks for listing our awesome shark adventure in Scotland. It really is one of the best things to be done in the UK - plus the sharks just eat plankton - so you're all safe :)

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Wow, I'm from England but I don't think I've tried any of these! I guess #8 & #9 would be the most difficult!
I came across one of your comments on my blog last year so decided to pay you a visit again. You jave a lovely blog going on here!
Duncan in Kuantan

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Welcome back! Great to have you here :)

Privet and Holly said...

Okay, now I'm afraid
that I'm much too staid
for your taste, my friend!!!

I would cycle for sure ~
that sounds like fun. I'd
also love to do the narrow-
boats someday : )

Looking forward to seeing
you in November!

xo Suzanne

Happy Homemaker UK said...

How about the James Bond tour on the Thames? ... Can't wait for November ;)

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Thanks, keep up the good quality of your posts!

the cuby poet said...

So much to do and this list is just for starters I presume.....how about adding kayaking on the River Tay in Scotland?

Natalie said...

I swam the English Channel! Just kidding. In 15 years of traveling to England to see my husband's family, the only thing we've done is the Eden Project (which we really enjoyed). Awesome list! I'm hanging onto it for our next trip!

crumpetsincamelot said...

Oh, I LOVE your list!! And I gave a bit of a squee when I saw your very first item -- we vacationed at Watergate Bay this spring and it is gorgeous! Beach pics on my blog: http://crumpetsincamelot.wordpress.com/2012/05/10/on-the-beac/ We went up the London Eye (http://crumpetsincamelot.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/just-like-phineas-and-ferb/) but didn't do one of the fab special tours -- though it was decorated for Valentines Day, which was fun. There's so much to do in this country, how will we ever get through it all?