14 September 2012

Camping In England

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Long shadows of Autumn
The New Forest, Hampshire
(which is actually an old forest, btw)

In the US,
you can pitch a tent in any public forest
wherever you like
for free

Many will backpack for hours to find just the right spot
with complete privacy and desired view

Some forests don't allow campfires due to danger of wildfires,
and it is advised that you sign in so there is record of you being there in case of emergency

A thin blanket of smoke suspended above the heather was actually very serene
(I think a house nearby was burning leaves)

In England
if you can't find a local farmer who will let you camp on his/her property,
you'll need to find an official campsite and pay a nominal fee

A campsite is often a tight cluster of RVs and/or tents
usually with full toilet & shower facilities

So we thought we'd won the lottery when we found the rare campsite
that didn't offer toilet facilities
which we took as an indicator we'd have the place to ourselves

But then we learned we wouldn't gain entrance to the site
without purchasing one of these babies...

Yep, that's a portable camping toilet
that looks like an oversized potty training loo for kids ;)

One of our kiddlewinks didn't feel well
so we packed up the tent after a round of s'mores
and headed home 

All was not lost though
as we returned home with
one toilet (unused),
a good story,

and a handful of photographs :)

- all photos by me -


TexWisGirl said...

a new toilet just waiting for an adventure. :)

Down by the sea said...

What a shame your trip was cut short, wonderful photos of the New Forest especially the layer of smoke.
It must be wonderful in America to camp wherever you wish. I'm sure your Blogger's Tea will be a great success. It's a shame I live a distance away.
Sarah x

Marta said...

I can't stop laughing! I guess the portable toilet is not a joke?! I have never seen anything like that before!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

That portable loo has almost had me rushing to the toilet with laughter! Ada :)

paisleysummer said...

So handy to have ....a portaloo! Hope you can get back to your campsite again soon x

My Garden Diaries said...

Thanks for giving me a chuckle! It looks like the training potty I have set up downstairs for my daughter! Glad you were able to do s'mores!

greenthumb said...

That's bad luck about not being able to stay, hope all is well now. Lovely photos looks like a great place.

Robyn said...

great photos Laura. I have hardly ever camped in the uk, bar Scripture Union camps or girl guide camps - we did used to go bivouacking - then it is possible to do all the camping without the gear (or the toliet!!...never heard of that!-funny!)

Miriam said...

gorgeous photos - I went to the 'new forest' when we lived in London with a class trip of children I was teaching. I didn't know all those facts about camping though. Really cool. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too :o)

louise said...

Sorry your trip was cut short. I had a school friend who's mother never went anywhere without her travelling bidet!

Pet said...

Everything couldn't been perfect, not even in England :-)
Camping sites in France can become very "sophisticated" places too, with nearly real houses built on them! I was about to post about one of them, tomorrow! Keep watch!

miss b said...

The last photo is so beautiful and serene. I haven't been to the New Forest for a few years - maybe it's time we returned.

yellowfieldscamping said...

Glad you found somewhere nice to camp even if you didn't get to stay the night! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, hopefully I can show you it is possible to find campsites in England that aren't full of RV's and where you can have some space, a campfire and yes even an actual toliet! Think you were very brave to be willing to try the 'portapotty' even if it was a dry run in the end!

Elle said...

Wow! I definitely would want to have the portable loo like yours. Definitely a handy one during camp.
I love the camping site. Awesome photos. Great post indeed!

elle @ www.MyCamperTrailer.com.au

my little red suitcase said...

Hello, what an interesting blog you have here, I've just had a bit of a read and you are definitley an adventurer! Nice to meet you, Heather

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Well, that's the poshest camping loo I've ever seen! We used a bucket when I was little - gross!!!

I am so excited about meeting up again!!! Really, stupidly excited!! Thank you so much for organising!


Happy Homemaker UK said...

Can't wait to see you and little Sophie! But you can leave that bucket at home ;) XO

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

We used to camp when our daughters were young, but rarely in the UK, the weather is too unreliable so I am impressed that you even considered it.

Iota said...

Lovely photos. Lovely porta-potty.

That's not smoke. Smoke rises. That's mist. It rises off the ground when the conditions are right (not like fog, which descends from above). I suppose it must be when the ground is cold and damp, and the air significantly warmer (but check that out with any geographers or weather experts you know). I associate it with early morning sun. Sometimes you get it rolling up a river. It's beautiful. I've always loved mist. I think it's accidental, but I love its connection with the word mysterious.

Wife, Mother, Gardener said...

Fun blog! This is my first visit and I enjoyed reading through your posts. I have a real interest in English gardens, so I look forward to reading more here.
Julie in PA, USA

Emm in London said...

What gorgeous photos! You've really captured the calm and serenity of autumn after the busy and hectic summer. The only cmaping I've done in the UK was at Glastonbury and Reading festivals in 1995. I'm really not keen on the idea of camp sites and fixed facilities. I much prefer the American idea of camping and being one with the Wilderness. In South Africa it is best to stick to demarcated camping areas, vital even, unless you are seeking a close encounter with some baboons or warthogs.

lisaroyhandbags said...

Love your potty! You can always use it as a planter in your garden ;)

Claire said...

thats funny, ive never seen a toilet like that! there are more 'basic' campsites opening up around our area, for people like us that don't like camping in a white caravan compound! by the sounds of it we would like camping american style!