03 February 2013

Ideas For Scrapbooking

You won't be surprised to know
scrapbooking is one of my passions

- capturing the moments big and small -

Every year I make a personalized scrapbook for each of my kiddos,
which is made easier with digital photo books

I make the first book for my son
and then copy it for my daughter

I then revise it by adding her birthday and friend photos
and 'girl it up' with papers, stickers and ribbons

There are countless methods, programs, and websites to use
but I like Shutterfly

They have simple photo books that allow you
 to drop your photos in the book and order,
or a customizable option if you are more crafty inclined 
(more time consuming but I'm happy with the end product)

Regardless, I think photo books are so important
not only to help hold memories
but also a priceless memento to pass down

This year I am incorporating more maps into my scrapbook
to indicate where we live, work and go to school

Here's a sample page I made for you :)

Each year I trace my children's hands onto
a newspaper article, map, or brochure
and paste it into the book once it arrives in the mail

Aside from recording their height and weight,
I have a long list of questions I ask each year, such as:

Who are your best friends, and what is your favorite subject in school?

What is your favorite movie, book, and food?

What is your favorite sports team (for him) or stuffed animal (for her)?

Where is your happy place?

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I write up brief bios of each family member (including pets)
and record important news stories from the year

We take photos of the school, the building my husband works in,
rooms in the house, and our favorite pizza restaurant
to try to capture the 'everyday'

I have the kids photograph things in their room
that are important to them

Not only are the photos at their eye level,
but it is a chance to literally look through their eyes

I'm off to get in a little more scrapping done today...

Do you have tips to share?
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Anna-Marie Field said...

I am currently working on a scrapbook called "The story of us" but it is quite difficult... going back to the beginning....33 years ago!! I really want my kids to know "our story"! I have lots of photo's, newspaper clippings, cards, even baby clothes, and then there is Google of course, for research and so on, but I SOOOOO wish we had computers and digital camera's those days!!! It makes life so much easier!! Especially when it comes to storing photo's and just printing what you want!!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

That sounds like a huge project! Overwhelming but well worth it once completed :)There is no question the digital age makes it so much easier.

Rose Fern said...

I wish my mum had made me a scrapbook!I like the idea that you include your kids' opinions and keep track of how their perspectives change over the years. Precious!Your kids are lucky!

Tracey said...

Great idea with the map! We never made the move to the UK but now 2 years later, we're living in Perth, Australia.

topchelseagirl said...

Wonderful idea, I bet they'll cherish these when they're older. Though I can imagine it must be very time consuming.

Dena Barrie said...

I am so behind on this, it's almost sad. Thanks for a great post with fun ideas and inspiration!!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I don't scapebook but I certainly wish that I would have when my children were young. What glorious memories you are preserving for you and them.

Kyra Wilson said...

I have to admit, I don't scrapbook. I get bogged down into wanting to include too many things, I think! :) It's so nice that you do though!

Leslie said...

I think it's so important to document our lives. When my kids were young there was a limited supply of scrap booking materials. NOW there's tons of stuff and books that come with a theme. You will treasure your scrap books forever:)


Jan said...

What a lovely idea. I scrapbook each year with scissors and glue. This gives me the chance to hold onto special menus, tickets and passes for events etc. It's just as good as a diary. Jx

Tina in CT said...

I've been scrapping for 8 1/2 years and do regular scrapping with printed pictures, papers and embellishments. I do it at home and go each Friday to the local scrapbook store for a midnighter crop. I started with 1969 and have about 8 more years to complete the chrono albums. Then I will go back to the year I was born and do books about my life growing up. I also have lots of old family pictures to do heritage albums. I know my daughter will love having these as she was a scrapper until her life got so busy with teaching full time. My scrapbooks are mostly pictures of her and her girls so they will be appreciated by my granddaughters too. I do a lot of journaling so the pictures will have meaning. I love scrapping.

I also started Christmas scrapbooks starting when each of my granddaughters were born and I will continue them until they graduate from college. Each Christmas has a double page. I started one for my daughter from her older daughter's first Christmas.

Your digitial books sound lovely with all that you put into them and they will be treasured by your children.

Denise said...

Hi Laura,

This is a wonderful post, and I'm so glad you've shared your ideas. Our son is a senior in college, but I realize it's still not too late to make some of these for him to treasure later in his life. Thanks for the inspiration!

Denise at Forest Manor

My Garden Diaries said...

LOVE it! I especially like that you trace their hands!! We keep all of our notes that we write to each other from Valentines day in a box to share throughout the years...have a wonderful Sunday!!!

Tanya said...

What a great idea! You are providing a wonderful way for them to keep their memories alive. I make Shutterfly books - one for each year. But I must admit, I do the quick drag'n'drop method with just a few captions. Even though it's not very creative, at least all the photos are in one place for the year!

RachelM said...

so many great ideas, i love this!

Privet and Holly said...

What an awesome and
lovely project....You are
a great mama! Your artistic
eye surely makes these
extra wonderful.

Love to you, my friend.

xo Suzanne

likeschocolate said...

Have fun! I just do one blog book! However, my children do have each a baby book from when they were born. You have me thinking that I need to at least make each of them one with photos from their birthday or big events sometime before they graduate because only one will be able to have the blog book. Have a great week!

Daydream Living said...

Great, great, great! Thanks for the tips Laura, will use some too!
Hope all is ok on your end, snow melted I guess? Hugs!

Barbara said...

I do the digital every year too - and Shutterfly is also my go-to. I love to paste a colorful envelope into them and put in ticket stubs, plane tickets and anything exciting that we've done that year. I hope they'll enjoy looking back on them someday. I always print off a few extra copies for the grandparents. They make awesome gifts.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I love the envelope idea! They do make great gifts. I didn't know you were a scrapbooking sister :)

Sally@Enlightenment for the Sleepy said...

What a wonderful idea. I love shutterfly and buy my christmas cards from them, the quality is amazing, but I haven't bought a book yet although I've thought about it often. Time to get motivated I think, hugs Sally xx

Engkantandang Malikot said...

That is so cool! You just give me an idea. I will try to get the creativity of me to make a scrapbook! ;)

Cheers! ♥

PURA VIDA said...

What a great idea! I do my trips this way and love to look at the books...but a great idea for a year...really neat!

Wendy said...

I'm a scrapbooker too and this year decided to use the items at Weeds and Wildflowers designs "out of the box" to record our life. I don't always take a daily photo so it's not a daily digital record but just our life in general. Then with special photos of my favorites I'll create a special digital layout for that photo. But one of my favorite things that I love is having my blog printed out and put into books. It doesn't contain the personal items but still a journal of our life in South Texas. Blog 2 print does a great job and recently had 15% off and I ordered my 2010 blog posts in 2 different books...I have a lot of blog posts and have had to break the years up into 2 books. I am hoping by the end of 2013 I'll have caught up and have my 2012 blog books printed out...It's been fun to flip through the books and see how much my son has grown through the years...warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes at times...I hope that as my son gets older he will enjoy the books as much as I do.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I have been wanting to bind my blog - I'll have to check out Blog 2 Print, Lulu, and Blurb to decide. Thanks for reminding me :)

a breath of fresh air said...

what a great idea !


Jeanie said...

Each year I make a yearbook for Rick and me and Shutterfly is indeed the best for reasonably priced, fine quality books. When I think of all I spent on photos and then the time putting them in the books, I wonder how I did it for so many years. I enjoyed it, but somany things didn't make it in. I am going to incorporate some of your ideas -- favorites, etc. -- in my future books. That's a fabulous idea!

you should be out on a meadow said...

What a wonderful mother you are!! The kids will cherish them forever. I love looking through the ones my mother made us make for ourselves. Why haven't I done this for my kids? I think you might have inspired me. Happy days to you. xo