14 February 2013

London Eye

Sure, we'd ridden the London Eye before
but never at night

This slow moving Ferris wheel has amazing views
even in the rain 
(as we found out)

It is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe
and opened December 31, 1999

If I recall correctly, it was supposed to be a temporary installment,
but its popularity made it a permanent addition to the London skyline
(and the most popular paid tourist attraction in the UK)

Now equipped with touch screens inside capsules
to give information about visible landmarks,
this attraction is even better than it was a few years ago

For a few minutes,
we got the Peter Pan view of Big Ben's Clock Tower
and the River Thames

Stunning :)

- all images by moi -
Source: Wikipedia
(an unsponsored post)


Gina said...

I have not been on the London Eye yet and it is on my list of things "to do" while living here in London. I am waiting for the "perfect" time to do it and now I am wondering if it is best during the day or at night. Completely different I am sure. So many things to see and do here. Loved your photos!

Bonnie said...

We loved it. It was so enjoyable and you could see for miles. Have ridden it twice once in 2006 and again in 2010. I enjoy looking at the pictures we made while riding it both times especially when I had a zoom lens. I was able to capture Buckingham Palace very clearly. It would be special at night I am sure and did not realize it was open at night. Thank you for sharing this.

HippieGirl21 said...

I'm going to ride that when I visit London. I've seen pics of London at night, the skyline all lit up, and everything lit up, it's just mind-blowingly beautiful. IDK what it is about the London skyline at night that's so pretty, but I just love it! I'm so going to ride that when I get there!!

Sandra said...

Wonderful views from the London Eye. It looks especially fun to go up at night. I love the two photos and all the lights!

Liene said...

We've only seen the Eye from the bottom, on one of the numerous ferries, still very impressive! Can only imagine what the view from the top is like. Happy Valentine's!

Rose Fern said...

I so wanted a ride when I trevelled to London, but the queue made it impossible!Happy Valentine's day, and if you feel lucky,make sure you enter my Valentine's GIVEAWAY!

RachelM said...

oooh, that's great that they have touch screens inside now...what a good idea! we rode it a few years back, at this exact time of year, and loved it. it was pre-touch screen era, though, and only because of the helpful locals in our pod, did we have any inkling of what we were looking at off in the distance (besides the obvious, of course). our son was 4 at the time, so references to mary poppins and peter pan were abundant! he still talks about it, and we're hoping to get back again with our two littler ones, too...this time we'll have to take your suggestion and ride at night! thanks!

Sissym said...


Alyson (New England Living) said...

Wow, that's gorgeous!! I'm going to the UK this summer, and this is on the top of my list!

Noelle the dreamer said...

Stunning photos Laura!
Happy Valentine's Day!

likeschocolate said...

I would love to go at night! We went during the day! I really enjoyed the introductory video beforehand.

ann said...

Yet another reason to return to London. I have a fear of heights, but the Eye has to be a MUST. My friend and I talk everyday about our next trip to England and I say to her: We need to book our flight!. And she answers: Yes, I know. And then we head off to class to teach with yet another day gone by that we haven't booked our flight. The Eye is beautiful in blue.

Jeanie said...

This is just magical! Thanks so much for sharing it -- another thing on the bucket list!

Tammy Chrzan said...

Hi there!
How have you been?
These are lovely photos, I've yet to be on the London Eye, it's just one of those things we never fit in, but I need to, maybe that should be high on the list this summer? I will be in London for Spring Break and the end of summer.
Be well friend,
Have a great week!

yankinyorkshire.com said...

This is such a great post! I've been on the London Eye twice - once during the day, once at night. As much as I loved it during the day, I loved it even more at night because it was clear like it was for you and being that is was Christmas time made it even more special for us. Your pictures really show that! x

A little bit Country said...

My heart did a flip when I saw this. We rode on it during the day on one of our many weekend trips into London. Loved it. I love the London skyline. Thankyou for sharing xo