26 February 2013

Skiing In Europe

We found a good deal for a weekend in Switzerland,
so we hopped at the chance to go

One reason we went
was to feel some sunshine at last!

Still new to the whole 'skiing in Europe' thang,
here's a a few observations

1. You can ski in most European countries,
including Portugal, Poland, and Bulgaria

2. You can ski over country borders at some resorts (how cool is that?!)

3. Notice the key on the trail map,
as beginner runs may be marked blue in Switzerland and Austria
or green in Spain and Sweden

4. Don't assume you can ski to the bottom of the mountain
You may need to take a train, tram, or gondola down

5. Europeans make more use of the mountain than Americans
such as chill out zones with hammocks, lounge chairs, and a tiki bar
and an extensive network of sledding runs

6. At our resort, a computer checked our tickets, which opened the gates

7. Although I've never tried it,
did you know there is snow skiing in Scotland
and even in England's Pennines and Lake District?

8. And if you seek snow fun without the travel,
we found some indoors at an 'adventure plaza' in Milton Keynes

Trying to make the most of winter,
but I must admit I am ready for the sun to bust a move
and get those blooms going!

- all photos by me -

P.S. Dots are appearing on my images once downloaded here, but not on the originals. Has anyone else had that problem?

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Rose Fern said...

Beautiful photos!

Kyra Wilson said...

Pretty! I only like cross country skiing. I look at downhill as suicide. :) The dots on the pictures, it may be an uploading problem.

Denise said...

I love this post, Laura!!! I know I say that for all your posts, but that's because it's true. :-D You're living the glamorous life, girl. I'm partially teasing you, because I know it can't always be easy to be an ex-pat; but you are making the most of it in a good way and I applaud that!

I used to want to go snow skiing when I was a teenager, but I wouldn't dare get on a pair of skiis now (maybe cross country). But, I would happily go to a ski resort and sit in front of the fire with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Happily.

Your pictures are lovely, and I don't understand the dots either. That is really cool about skiing across country borders, and the chill out zones on the mountain. Wow!

I almost forgot what I wanted to tell you -- I went to Milton Keynes when we were in England. It wasn't so far from where we were staying, and I took the train there one day when hubby was at work. I went there to shop at the big mall.

I enjoy your informative posts, as I always learn something new. Thanks for sharing!

Denise at Forest Manor

Lily Bets said...

I like snowing very much,but in Sicily I saw it only few times...in Switzerland it was a beautiful experience to be surrounded by snow.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

It looks wonderful doesn't it! Can I hop into your suitcase?! :) x

Susan Kane said...

Not having snow here in So.California so close to the beach, I think about growing up in it fondly.

Linda said...

Breathtaking photos of a good trip!

Gesci said...

We went to Bulgaria for skiing- to Bansko. We were meeting some friends and wanted a cheaper getaway. It was super cheap, and the skiers (I'm not one) enjoyed it- the only complaint they had was that we were there at the same time as the World Cup, so a lot of the better runs were blocked off from the general public. But the town was great, the cost was LOW, and we had a great week!
My post on the ski-part of town: http://www.peachandthistle.com/2012/02/bulgaria-bansko-chalet-and-mountain.html

Pralinka said...

Yes, I love skiing :)) I've heard about the indoor skiing, but I think I wouldn't enjoy it. Well, maybe try it, but is isn't "natural" :) visit my blog too: http://pralinkablogs.blogspot.cz/

Jan said...

Looks like you had a great time. Glad that you found some blue skies - the weather here in UK is foul at the moment!!!! Jx

Noelle the dreamer said...

That first snapshot Laura is my favourite! The photos reminds me of Maloja? Glad you had a lovely time!

greenthumb said...

Such lovely photos, I bet you all had a fabulous time.

Inside a British Mum's Kitchen said...

looks like fun but I agree with you I'm ready for the sun!
Mary x

yankinyorkshire.com said...

It's pretty amazing that we can just jump all over the place to ski, isn't it?! My husband goes to Austria every year with the guys for a ski weekend, but I'm hoping next year he and I can sneak in a European ski weekend as well. So glad you were able to get away over the school holidays x

ann said...

Awesome. I have always wanted to go to Switzerland. I hope that you and your family had a grand time.

Emm in London said...

Gorgeous photos! I don't think I'd ever go skiing. I used to ice skate and I remember not liking that very much if you fell over so yeah, I'm not brave enough to ski! I'm with you though, I am dying for some sunshine.

The dots on your photos are completely uniform but in different places in your photos. Is it at all possible that your sensor on your camera needs cleaning? Otherwise, which program are you using to process your photos? Maybe it is not reading the photos properly? It could also be that your memory card needs replacing. (Sorry, that's all I can think of).

Privet and Holly said...

Love living these
adventures through
you, Laura! Hope the
sun has showed it's
warm face by now : )
Have a wonderful

xo Suzanne

PS: Have not had the
dots. Weird!

Jeanie said...

Gorgeous photos -- skiing isn't my thing, but I have to say you can't top the scenery! Good to know about the trail colors!