30 March 2013

Hot Cross Buns

Imagine my delight
when I first laid eyes
on mythical 'hot cross buns'
sold in our grocery store

Thinking they only existed in a nursery rhyme,
they've been available in stores a few weeks now
to be consumed on Good Friday or Easter

The dough is spiced and fruited
and a cross is cut into it

According to a Church of England spokesperson,
'You have got the bread, as per communion,
you have got the spices that represent the spices Jesus was wrapped in the tomb,
and you have got the cross
They are fairly full of Christian symbolism'

And they cost more than a penny ;)

Happy Easter

- photo by me -
Source: BBC


Coal Valley View said...

And you've just answered my question as to why we didn't have any hot cross buns in our home for Easter growing up with an American Mum. Have a great Easter! Mel x

Sandra said...

Yes, the Hot Cross Buns are very symbolic and now I live abroad I make my own - they really are worth the effort and extremely easy to make and actually much more delicious than the shop-bought version. Delia Smith gives a very good recipe if you want to try them! The smell of them cooking and the warmed spices is wonderful!
Happy Easter to you and your family, Laura!

Robyn said...

Nom nom nom. Happy Easter Laura. It is going to pass me by here. School is open tomorrow...and for another three weeks...and no hot cross buns...shocking and wrong x

softiesplace said...

My Grandma always made them. They are delicious. Happy Easter!

Pondside said...

Hot Cross Buns are available here from the beginning of Len, onwards. They are such a treat - I love them toasted!

Sissym said...

Dear Laura,

Happy Easter


miss b said...

I'm just about to have a hot cross bun - a wonderful tradition!
Happy Easter!

Jeanie said...

One a penny, two a penny. They look delicious -- and you know, I don't think I've ever had one!

Happy Easter!

Gillian said...

I like eating them more than I like baking them. Especially when they are warm or toasted and covered in butter. Yum. x

likeschocolate said...

Very Yummy! Happy Easter!

Ana Isabel Navarro said...

I thought this tradition was only celebrated in Huelva (Spain) with the "Cupcake´s Easter", but I check that in other places of the world also is tasted this sort of bread.
I hope you had spent a good Easter Week!

greenthumb said...

My favourite thing about Easter is hot cross buns.

Where the Fish Live said...

thank you very much, it sounds and looks so lovely through your blog,


Kay G. said...

Those hot cross buns would be very good with a cuppa tea, Yorkshire is my brand! xx

(We just run out of our stash that we bought in England last June, but never fear, we ordered more from Amazon...HA, my English husband says "Am-a-zun" but I say, "Am-a-ZON"!!)

Anna-Marie Field said...

Hi There, I never knew the symbolism behind the humble hot-cross-bun!!
It now means a lot more than just a spicy bun with a cross on it, Thank you!!!!!

PURA VIDA said...

I love this rhyme...and they look delicious in real life!

debbie bailey said...

So glad to know this! I'm making some soon even though it's past Easter. You know, for educational purposes only.

Ali said...

Oh my! I think this is the first Easter in England that I haven't had a hot cross bun. I hope you had a Happy Easter.

Ali x

Attic Clutter said...

love your blog...