21 May 2013

Chelsea Flower Show 2013: Press Day!

In January I applied for a press pass
for the 2013 RHS Chelsea Flower Show

I had to submit previous Chelsea Flower Show articles I had written
(fortunately I had covered it for the last two years on my blog)

And my request was approved in March

It was an unforgettable day!
Here, pull up a chair :)

I bee-lined it to the Press Tent to collect the 'Photocall Schedule'
which listed where celebrities would be at appointed times for photo ops

It had me running around the grounds like a scavenger hunt - too fun!

First I saw Emilia Fox at Prince Harry's
B&Q Sentebale Forget-Me-Not Garden

then Dame Helen Mirren at the Burncoose stand in the Great Pavilion

followed by Ringo Starr opening the WaterAid Garden
with his wife Barbara Bach

I missed Helena Bonham Carter by a few minutes
at the 'As Nature Intended' garden

Lots of local celebrities were walking around
and a photographer would ask them if s/he could take their photo

My friend, Suzy, is my garden partner-in-crime 
She usually accompanies me on most of my gardening shoots
and we've always gone to the show together in the past

This year we were separated as I had a solo press pass,
and she worked the gala event at the show just a few hours after I'd left

Although Prince Harry didn't turn up for 'my' Press Day yesterday, 
he did show up at 'Suzy's' gala event last night

Garden designer Jinny Blom with Camilla, Prince Charles, Prince Harry
at B&Q Sentebale Forget-Me-Not Garden

The Queen looking lovely in lavender

Prince Harry teamed with B&Q to highlight his charity, Sentebale,
which cares for vulnerable children affected by HIV in Lesotho
(Prince Harry did his gap year in Lesotho)

Jinny Blom not only designed this garden,
but also designed the 'Healing Garden' with Prince Charles
for the Chelsea Flower Show in 2002

I can't wait to show you more gardens

Watch for my next post ;)

- photos 1-6 by me 
7 & 8 by Suzy Wood -

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Denise said...

Hi Laura,

I think it's so exciting that you obtained a press pass for the Chelsea Flower Show!! You go girl!!! You have really made the most of your time in England, and I think that's the way to do things. You'll have so many memories and stories to tell after you return to the U.S.

I don't recognize the first celebrity, but I definitely know who the others are. Dame Helen Mirren is so talented, and Ringo Star -- cool! I have to confess I think Prince Harry is really adorable, and I have a feeling I'm in good company there. :)

I can't wait to see your next installment -- hope you have a great week!

Denise at Forest Manor

Anna-Marie Field said...

Hi There, Great post!!!What a privilege it must be!!!Lucky girl!!!Hope South-Africa was well represented as always!!!

Marina PĂ©rez said...

Wow! What a fabulous day!


Linda Metcalf said...

Wonderful post ....especislly for those of us so far away. Thank you!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Emilia Fox is a local television star - I don't think she's been in any films, so I think most Americans haven't heard of her :)

louise said...

I've been trying to avoid looking at photos of the event so I don't spoil the surprise when I go on Thursday but these have just wetted my appetite. How great to go on the first day!

Jeanie said...

Wow -- Helen Mirren! Ringo! More! It's incredible. But the flowers! They really rock.

Suzy hit the jackpot -- she didn't get just Harry but the whole clan! Looks terrific! Nice post!

Miss Sandra said...

How fabulously exciting! I so wish I could have been there. Thank you for giving us the chance to live vicariously through your images. I hope all is wonderful in your world! xo
Blissful tidings,

Gina Howie said...

Wow! That is great. Glad you had such a wonderful day. I have been watching all the news programs reporting on the Chelsea Flower Show and it looks amazing. Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

Down by the sea said...

How wonderful for you to get a press pass and see all those famous celebs and share it with us too! I will look forward to seeing more of your photos of those fantastic gardens.
Sarah x

Alison said...

That's very clever of the organizers, to get some famous faces in. And why not. Everyone loves it when a little stardust rubs off.


A little bit Country said...

That is so exciting! Loving the armchair view, thank you! Looking forward to seeing more photos. xo

Sissym said...

Dear Laura,

That was an amazing day!
I'm sure it was unforgettable and very enjoyable.


Sandra said...

So lovely to see all these gardens! I've been watching it on TV every day over here too!

Jan said...

What a great opportunity! Lucky, lucky you!!!! Glad you had an amazing time. Jx

Privet and Holly said...

So exciting for you!
Look forward to more
pics. It is always so
nice to see celebrities
who seem down to earth
and passionate for their
causes. Glad you got to
rub elbows : ) !!!

xo Suzanne

greenthumb said...

Lucky lucky you, I would love to go. I can't wait to see all the gardens.

Barb said...

Well, I'm star-struck just looking at your photos!