26 May 2013

Chelsea Flower Show 2013: Products & Ideas

This is the second year the Chelsea Flower Show
has housed the Artists Retreat Section

- one of my favorite areas -

Designers are invited to decorate a summerhouse,
creating inspirational hideaways

Swoon on, my friends...

The mowing path is so creative!

A quintessential English brand,
the Cath Kidston retreat
featured handmade paper roses

Let's take a peek inside the shack,
shall we?

Across the way, I met Rob Ryan in his workshop retreat

Genuinely, I have been a huge fan of his work for years
so it was a real thrill to meet him

With a background in print making,
Rob now is known for his papercut art (laser and by hand)
and poetry-like sayings that sweetly speak to the heart

Transferred onto ceramics and textiles,
you can find his products online and in some of the coolest stores
(including Liberty)

Grabbing things from his real workshop,
here's a limited look at his show retreat

A space that oozes creativity

Moving away from the Artisan Retreats,
I thought this was a clever peat-free compost alternative
made of wool and bracken from the Lake District

And how about an upside down lampshade
as a decorative potting sleeve?

or an old boot?

Ken Muir exhibit

Typically, 'coloured mythical creatures' are banned from the show,
but this year the ban was lifted for charity

I think gnomes are having a bit of a comeback,
for I spied a few at the show

Look at this cutie

University of Reading exhibit

The University of Reading
was promoting the concept of
'A New Millawnium' (clever)

With proper planting,
it is possible to have a full flowering, grass-free lawn
requiring mowing just 3x/year

Goodness me,
can you imagine, lawn gardening?!
My, how beautiful

Ideal for roundabouts and small yards with light foot traffic,
I can see how this could be possible
with nonaggressive clovers, yarrows, buttercups,
English Daisies, violets, and more

According to the university,
medieval paintings indicate lawns of the past were flowered
while grassy lawns were for jousting tournaments

Pippa Small's retreat

Alrighty, I think that pretty much covers it :)

I hope you found some inspiration over the last few days
through the series

It has been an absolute pleasure -
can't you just see me twirling in a meadow of flowers right now?!

'But yet still inside you there will never be a shortage 
to the amount of love that your heart can grow...
until it finally blossoms and its flowers cover the whole world'
-Rob Ryan

P.S. A few of you have asked about how to buy tickets in the future. I order my tickets online in December/January for the May show - they sell out each year but it varies as to when. RHS Members can purchase tickets for Tuesday (when flowers are looking their freshest), and the public can buy tickets for Wed - Sat. Buy tickets through the RHS website here.

- photos by me -

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paisleysummer said...

What a fabulous experience, I have loved your photos x

Alison said...

I love all of it. With the exception of the gnomes. Its the eyes on those things. Gives me the creeps. Isn't that silly? The upside down lampshade is a planter idea I haven't seen before.


Sandra said...

Gorgeous shots of Chelsea. I've been watching it on TV most days! I just love that first summerhouse! First of all, I'd need a garden though! It's just a little large for my town apartment and narrow balcony!
I love the boots with strawberries growing in them!

Michelle said...

The colors in that last photo just make my soul sing! Love the information on flowering lawns, although I'll never get my "golf-course" loving hubby to go for that.

Barb said...

Such vivid colors. I've enjoyed this series of posts on the flower show so much. Thank you!

Ellie said...

I've really enjoyed your posts on the Chelsea Flower Show. I would love to visit this one day but it's quite a way to travel for us.
Your pictures are stunning I love all of the lovely strong bold colours everybody has used. :)

Anna-Marie Field said...

Hi There, I am so enjoying your treats from the Chelsea Flower Show!!!Such lovely colors in nature,don't you think?!!Have a great week!!!

Gina Howie said...

I have enjoyed this series of posts. I will plan to go next year. I still feel like I am just figuring out what is what since our move which is why it is so nice to read blogs and get an idea of all the things that go on around London. The Chelsea Flower Show looks wonderful.

ann said...

You inspired me, Laura, to plan a trip to the flower show for next spring. I want to take my horticulturalist daughter and then the other one will say "What about me?" Start saving your money,girls.

Jan said...

I want a shed like those!!!! Jx

Privet and Holly said...

Thank you, Laura--
I enjoyed "seeing"
the show with you!
Fun fun fun!

xo Suzanne

Viola said...

THAT was creative!! Inspiring!
Lots of colors..

lovely post! :)

Gillian said...

Brilliant, what fun! I love the CK shed. And so much colour and playfulness everywhere. x

Jeanie said...

I wish you could post Garden Show forever! I can't begin to pick a favorite spot -- but when I saw Pippa Small's purples and violets, I was pretty much smitten! I must say, I wouldn't mind planning a visit to England around the time of that show sometime! It's glorious!

Sunday Taylor said...

Love this post, thank you for sharing. I have always wanted to go to the Chelsea flower show, and now I feel that I have gotten a little peek into it through your photos and description.

Noelle the dreamer said...

Definitively different but always interesting! Thanks for sharing this new Chelsea Flower show Laura and I find myself partial to the Cath Kidston retreat (even if it didn't featured poppies!).
Hope you enjoyed Memorial Day even being away from home!
All the best,

GirlSprout said...

This was my first year at Chelsea and I had blast. I love seeing things through your eyes.