05 July 2013

Enid Blyton's Old Thatch Gardens

If you are English,
chances are you grew up reading stories
written by Enid Blyton

If you are American,
you've probably never heard of her or her classic stories such as
'The Wishing-Chair', 'The Magic Faraway Tree',
'The Enchanted Wood' or 'The Famous Five'

But now you have :)

Delightfully, Mr and Mrs Hawthorne bought Enid Blyton's Old Thatch cottage 
and started landscaping its two acres just thirteen years ago

Jacky Hawthorne is a garden designer

With help from her husband and a few volunteers,
they are able to manage the garden throughout the week
and open it to the public

See the rod perpendicular to the lamppost?

Over a hunderd years ago,
the person lighting the lamp manually
would have leaned his ladder against the rod to reach the lamp
{ love that tidbit }

Enid Blyton described her 17th Century home as

a very old house rather like a rambling cottage,
perfect both outside and in
It is like a Fairy Cottage
You enter through a funny old lychgate

it would be so inspirational to write children's books here,
don't you think?

- photos by me -

More information: www.oldthatchgardens.co.uk

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Robyn said...

Lovely- actually looks like summer there!

greenthumb said...

I would love to spend some time in that lovely garden, it just looks o very pretty.

A little bit Country said...

I got goosebumps reading this post and seeing the photos. I am a huge Enid Blyton fan. Thanks so much for sharing. I love your posts xo

Rustic Vintage Country said...

That is just gorgeous!!! Suzy x

Linda Metcalf said...

The cottage and garden are like a story book! I will have to check out the stories mentioned for 2 small granddaughters.

Hina said...

Not only in UK but wherever British ruled, the children of those colonies grew up reading Enid Blyton.
I devoured them growing up in Pakistan but when I immigrated to US and searched for them for my own children- a total blank from the local librarian and forget trying to find them at local book stores- even if they have them, they are expensive and choices are very limited. It's like EB books totally bypassed America.

I have just returned from a trip to London and had a chance to visit a neighborhood council library in Ealing. I was eager to see what Enid Blyton books they will have on their shelves-I had visions of a huge section or bar that at least a stand alone bookcase dedicated to this great British author but the only books they had were some paperbacks of Famous Five in the Classics Section. I was a bit disappointed, makes me wonder if she is as popular with the young generation as she was with their parents, grandparents?

a breath of fresh air said...

Grew up on Enid Blyton so a lovely post and gorgeous photo's
Annie x

Laura said...

I've just finished reading The Wishing Chair with my girls. Enid Blyton stories help form my wonderful childhood. My best friend & I moved through the different genres as we grew up... From fairies in our younger years, to the adventure series ( convinced the the mound of dirt in the next doors house was where treasure was buried or a body) and then onto Malory Towers... Ah, I had lofty aspirations for secondary school...imagining being packed off to boarding school, traveling by steam train... Alas the disappointment when I rode the number 357 bus to the local comprehensive school :-/

Michelle said...

Magical photos of what looks like a magical place!

Sandra said...

Lovely cottage and gardens!
All my children loved Enid Blyton's books, especially 'The Magic Faraway Tree'!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I loved The Magic Faraway Tree, I was rather disappointed when I read what she was like in real life though! Beautiful gardens! :) x

lisaroyhandbags said...

I can't think of a more inspirational spot to write! Thanks for the pretty tour! Hope you're having a lovely summer so far xo

Patricia said...

I just have to tell you - I LOVE your blog. Not only the beautiful pics, but you always have some really interesting facts about the places you show - I have learned so much about England and many other topics too. I really look forward to seeing your new post in my email in box. I was born in Solihull, just outside B'ham, but my parents emigrated to the US when I was only 3 years old. I grew up here in Cleveland, Oh, but I really enjoy your photos, and learning about the beautiful country of my ancestors ! Thank you !

Linda Brock said...

Great photos and you do great with your descriptions. So glad you are doing so well with your children in beautiful England.
Love, Aunt Linda

Ali Honey said...

Lovely house and garden! I grew up with the Famous Five and had a card game and book of The Faraway Tree.
I think most books here in New Zealand came from UK in those days.

Noelle the dreamer said...

I am not but I have (read them to the children as per ex-RAF flyboy's request) and love them!
Thanks for the lovely photos (yet again)! The last one is perfect! I could step in!
Hope you had a sweet 4th of July!
All the best,

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I loved reading that post as I did grow up reading Blyton's books. I'm forwarding it to my mum who gifted me all her books when I was just learning how to read.

Privet and Holly said...

They sound like
wonderful books
and YES, what a
place to live and
write....Must check
these out!

And imagine loving
and appreciating your
little house like Enid
did ~ bliss!

xo Suzanne

ann said...

You are having a wonderful summer exploring England with your family and I am enjoying reading about it. Today's garden photos are wonderful.

Jeanie said...

I'm American and I HAVE heard of Enid Blyton. But oh, I never could have imagined such an enchanting cottage and garden. It is like a fairy tale in itself.

Alison said...

When you look at this, its easy to understand why people who don't live here, think England is like that all over. :)


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

What a find! I love it. And I not only grew up devouring Enid Blyton's books but now LOVE reading them to my children!!


Willow said...

I adore this fairy cottage and its' gardens.

Dave D said...

"I had visions of a huge section or bar that at least a stand alone bookcase dedicated to this great British author but the only books they had were some paperbacks of Famous Five in the Classics Section. I was a bit disappointed, makes me wonder if she is as popular with the young generation as she was with their parents, grandparents?"

There was some controversy a few years ago over some stories she wrote featuring Gollywogs, of course the PC brigade got on their self righteous horses over it, that's probably the reason why libraries don't have a comprehensive stock of her work.

Linda said...

I didn't know that Enid Blyton's cottage home is located near where I grew up.
How lovely that it's now open to the public. I was immersed in her literary world when I was a child with all the books and animals. I still have that book you mention that's rather controversial now!

Linda said...

Ooops - that should have read 'annuals' not 'animals' (that were published for Christmas time gifts).