22 July 2013

Royal Birth On Its Way

With the headlines now reading that the Duchess of Cambridge is in labor,
I admit I get all tingly about happy beginnings

source: Telegraph

It's not uncommon to hear an English person say
'Now, I'm not a Royalist but...'
followed by something very complimentary about the royal family

I think the country is happy to have something to look forward to again
after two extraordinary years of once-in-a-lifetime events

- the Royal Wedding, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Summer Olympics -

Although the royal family doesn't rule the country (Parliament does),
the royal baby provides a peek into the future of the country's leadership

The Royal Family provides a stability through the decades,
as Prime Ministers change frequently

There is a fondness toward the Royal Family here
When you watch another family grow up during your lifetime, 
you feel like you know them

For now, Queen Elizabeth II is THE face of the country
What little person being born will be the future face?

{ Decided in a recent ruling,
this baby will be in line for the throne regardless of gender }

source: Telegraph

One tradition that won't continue is
the Home Secretary's attendance of the royal birth
to insure a different baby isn't smuggled in or switched out

Although the witnessing was practiced for centuries,
no one would have attended the birth of Queen Elizabeth II
as she was not born heir to the throne

{ Her uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated in 1936
which made Elizabeth's father the King when she was ten years old } 

source: Telegraph

What name do you think they'll choose?

If it is a girl, my vote is for Charlotte
in memory of Princess Charlotte of Wales (1796-1817)
who was much loved by the British
as Princess Diana was

Regardless of birth name,
the monarch can change his/her name upon coronation

King George VI was born as Albert,
and there is speculation that Prince Charles
will become King George VII upon coronation

{ because the two King Charles's did not have the happiest of fates }

source: Telegraph

And so the headlines have been pretty quiet right now,
except for reports about the hot weather

{ English homes are without air conditioning
and designed to keep the heat in,
so it has been quite uncomfortable }

Meanwhile, the world's media descends upon the city once more 
and stares at a hospital front door 
and an easel at Buckingham Palace

Best of luck to the parents-to-be!


ann said...

Amid the world's turmoil, this good news will a joy. I watched a PBS show on Elizabeth II last night. You can't help but like them. Stay cool.

Pondside said...

Yes, we're all waiting to hear the happy news! Over here, on a personal level we are waiting for our daughter to go into labour as well. A wonderful summer!

Amy at love made my home said...

Definately looking forward to knowing if it is a boy or a girl and what the name will be. I am going for Victoria or Elizabeth for a girl! Not sure if it is a boy. George or Albert?

Jennifer said...

I'm so excited about the baby. Much like their wedding, this is a happy news story in the midst of a lot of terrible ones. I think it's good for us. And I think it's a girl. :)

Jan said...

I also wondered if the baby may be called Victoria? Jx

Jeanie said...

I'm with you on Charlotte. Or Alexandra -- big handles for a little girl but easily broken down to cute family names. Don't have much opinion on boy names, other than they can skip Louis as far as I'm concerned!

Many of us are just as excited here -- partly because of the royal thing (I'll admit I'm a royalist), partly because of the new historical significance. Whatever it is, the kid will probably be 93 before he or she comes to the throne!

Anna-Marie Field said...

Hi There,Ooooo This is so exciting!!!!I really can't wait!!!!Love the Royal Family and I was a big Diana fan!!!Still is!!!If it's a boy I vote for Arthur and if it's a girl,Diana,of course!!!!Keep cool and stay happy!!!!

Tammy Chrzan said...

I'm so excited!!! I'm a royal watcher, I mean I know I know... They are just like you and me... but it's fun, it's harmless... and I love it!
I'm watching the "Hello" live feed right now, but all I've seen are doors being guarded. Sigh. My first labor was 26 hours. So I hope she doesn't suffer my fate :)

A little bit Country said...

I'm so excited and have been checking the news regularly. Fingers cross for a safe delivery and mother and baby stay well xo

Cuisine de Provence said...

I just heard it is a boy! Now we have to wait to hear the name....

Sissym Mascarenhas said...

Congratulations UK!

I wish much happiness for the parents and for the Prince of Cambridge.


Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Now, I'm not a royalist, but IT'S A BOY!!! Can't wait to see his little face, which should happen any minute now. I'm delaying going to the beach to see him!

Emily said...

We're all glued to our TVs over here in the states, watching the announcements and waiting to see the lovely couple with that precious bundle. We're so happy for them! So whatever the media is saying about us Americans . . . the truth is, most of us really are enamored by the Royal Family.

Jenny Woolf said...

Great to have something happy on the news, although by now I feel I have had my fill of royal baby. I would love one of the London Underground baby on board badges though. Where do you get them, I wonder?!

Linn said...

I know that this whole royal baby story is only powered by mass medias and it's more business than mythology, but I can't help being excited. Even thought I'm Polish, not English.

So here we have Prince George. I was sure it'd be a girl named Charlotte!:)

Red Rose Alley said...

I never really stayed current with William and Kate, but I did always keep up with the happenings of sweet Diana, as we were married and had kids around the same time. Best wishes for the new parents and sweet baby.