23 August 2013

Raising An English Puppy

As our summer wraps up,
we have punctuated it with
a new puppy!

Meet Millie,
our eight week old
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

She is sweetness wrapped up in a ball of fur :)

Besides having a bark with an adorable English accent (ha!),
I have found that dogs are much better behaved here than in the US

Here are a few differences I've observed...

Someone recommended buying a padded kitten collar for our puppy
Not only is it comfortable, but it has a secure bell attached
which lets us know where she is

I am using a 'Puppy Aid Training Spray' outside
which has a special scent to train puppies where to go potty
Believe it or not, it works!

Puppy training classes are held in church and village halls
or in a local field by individual dog trainers,
not in big box retailers

In my puppy training class, we'll be using treats 
and a whistle (I'm so intrigued)

I found these dog bowls 
with a wider base than its opening
to prevent big ears from falling into food & water
(perfect for spaniels and hounds)
- clever! -

They use static leashes here, not retractable ones

Dogs are off-leash when in the woods
and on-lead when on streets
(in the US, dogs must be on lead in public
except in a few designated areas)

In the US, dogs are neutered/spayed at 8 weeks old
however in the UK, vets like to wait until they are 6 months old

Dogs should be on medication to prevent lungworm,
contracted by eating snails or slugs

My veterinarian is housed in a barn circa 1820s
that still feels very farm-y

Lastly, in America we have the impression 
that England is even more pet friendly than the US

I'm not sure where this myth came from
because I find the attitudes and practices to be the same
(i.e. no one is grocery shopping with a dog in tow)

Have a lovely weekend,

- photos by me -


Robyn said...

Ohhhh she is lively! I'm sue the family will enjoy her!

Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that you have lots of doggy fun together. I think it is true, we are nation of animal lovers here in England, but I too am glad to see no pets in the grocery store - assistance dogs only please for me.

May I recommend charity shops for plenty of old towels because as the weather gets wetter you will need lots of towels for mopping up and you will not thank puppy if you have to use your best fluffy bathsheet!! Trust me on this one, especially with those floppy ears.

Claire said...

aww so sweet. I used to have a doggie and I do miss him, my sister has a rescued staffie and I am very particular about doggie etiquette and by that I mean the humans not the dogs! I have a real hatred for people who do not have control of their dogs! (the worst seem to be parents of little dogs they let them get away with all sorts of naughtiness just because they are small. grrrr!!

greenthumb said...

Oh Millie is such a sweetie, I'm sure you all will fine so much fun and love together.

Kay G. said...

I always noticed how much people loved their animals in England and that there were very few strays.

Oh!In the South, we say "DAWGS" but when I lived in England, I had to say "Dogs".
I once had a small child correct me! Have fun with the new puppy!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I admit I was quite surprised when a little girl asked if she could 'stroke my dog' - we just don't say that in the US :)

Pom Pom said...

Aw! Such a cutie pie!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Just too cute for words, except....I want one too! :) x

Laura said...

Aww so cute! We have a cross between a cocker spaniel & a poodle, named Lucy & a cocker spaniel we rescued, named Bea. I think they look after their dogs very well here in the States. Where we lived dogs are very pampered. I do think it's more expensive to up keep a dog, when I compare grooming costs with my mum, I pay over double. I do think that debarking and making cosmetic changes to dogs is wrong, but the vet we use, will not carry out such procedures, so perhaps the mindset is changing here too. I wish I had known about that spray when we had Lucy!!! Take care. Lx

Jane George said...

ooo she is adorable! I have n irish terrier at the minute but our rather unusual family situation means that i may not get another terrier again! They are a bit too full-on alongside our other challenges. i have been looking at other breeds recently and the king charles is my favourite so i will be so happy to follow along and see how you get on with her! So happy to visit from seeing your blog on vintage sheet addict! x

Leanne said...

We have a ruby Cav called Honey. She is nearly 7, but is the best. And don't befooled by their lap dog image. I'm sure Honey could run and walk all day long.

A great dog for children too.

Leanne xx

Leanne said...

We have a ruby Cav called Honey. She is nearly 7, but is the best. And don't befooled by their lap dog image. I'm sure Honey could run and walk all day long.

A great dog for children too.

Leanne xx

Linda said...

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are very sweet. Our daughter-in-law has a miniature one and he's very loveable. Enjoy!

Jeanie said...

One of my dear friends breeds King Charles Spaniels and they are wonderful. I know you'll be happy!

Patricia said...

Lovely little Sweetheart !! Hope to see more pics of the little cutie....Love your blog so much...

Down by the sea said...

Millie loos so cute, I'm sure you will have lots of adventures with her.
Sarah x

Sissym Mascarenhas said...

Laura, congratulations on your choice! I hope everyone is very happy for many years.

I also have a new member in the family: a cute boy Shih-Tzu. He is doing three months today.


ms_havachat said...

He's adorable. I laughed when you commented on the design of the bowl, we saw them while living in Japan amongst other 'things you must have if you've a dog', OMG they are not only dog crazy, but have every conceivable product you could wish for and more - clothes, holiday dress ups, prams, doggy cafes for the DOGS, doggy sweet shops ..... even puppy daycare for when the owners go to work.
Enjoy your new addition


topchelseagirl said...

What a cutie! Yes, we do love our animals.

Katherine said...

She is beautiful! As new dog owners we are discovering where and when you can take your dog. We have just returned from a week in North Wales where Bosley rode a steam train, visited underground caves and rode a cable tram... oh and lets not forget the chasing of sheep in Snowdonia!

A little bit Country said...

She is gorgeous. Love her name too. She is going to be one very loved and spoilt young lady xo

Iota said...

A Cavalier King Charles. How terribly English! She looks lovely. Good luck!

Anna-Marie Field said...

hi Lauren,Milly has the cutest little face ever!!!Those beautiful eyes are just so soulful!!!Beautiful!!!
Enjoy her!!!

Wendy said...

She is adorable and what a great idea on the collar with bell! Can't wait to see her adventures posted here.

Noelle the dreamer said...

What a sweet little girl! Beautiful!!
I am much too often trying to catch up with posts Laura but rest assured I never miss looking at your photos!
Wishing you and yours all the best,

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

She's so cute!

Rejane Menezes said...

Que amorzinho, eu tenho um cão Maltês que fico mal criado por não ir para adestramento,mas eu o amo. Um abraço.

Joy said...

Of course we approve - Honey and Nutty, two much loved goldens.

Janey and Co. said...

She is darling. Am jealous. interesting the differences...Janey

likeschocolate said...

Adorable! My kids would be in heaven. My husband sadly doesn't like dogs, so it is a no go!

theresa said...

Oh my gosh, Millie is adorable! What a precious face. I have never heard of this breed before but would love to hear a dog bark with an English accent!!

Mary Callan said...

What a gorgeous little pup!! I wish I had these tips when ours was a pup - she's terribly badly behaved but of course she's been raised in the US!!
Mary x

Jan said...

How CUTE!!!! I love those eyes! Jx

Rejane Menezes said...

Voltei, para agradecer a visita, obrigada e um forte abraço. Volte sempre que puder.

Ida said...

Your puppy is adorable. Enjoy her.
I'm not sure what to make of the England vs US as far as animals goes. Doesn't seem to matter as long as they are loved.

lisaroyhandbags said...

So cute! Ah, I miss our dear little Martha - I remember her puppy days and how quickly she learned. Hopefully someday when we move back to Canada we'll add another furball to our family!

Linn said...

Oh my... she's perfect! All the best to you and your new puppy!

Linn from all-is-pretentious.blogspot.com

debbie bailey said...

One of the cutest puppies I've ever seen! France treats their dogs differently than the US. You'll see them there in restaurants. As long as they're well-behaved, I don't have a problem with it.

Emily said...

Congrats on the new puppy! We're 3 months into puppydom too! I wanted to name ours Millie but got outvoted. I just love your Cav King Charles! We looked for one, but no luck. We got a Yorkie. So far the house breaking is going well in spite of the record number of rainy days! I'm so very curious of your training methods. We're working hard here at home in training her to be well behaved. So interesting, we haven't used a retractable leash either. I'm wondering if my training book is . . . yep, looks like a British trainer wrote or co-wrote it.

He Who Loves an Old House said...

Awww! I have two cavaliers! I will say that in New England, dogs seemed to be better behaved than the rest of the states, and MUCH more pet friendly I can take them almost anywhere, except locations that sell food, for obvious reasons. Home Depot, Lowe's, antique stores, some clothing stores...they love their animals in NE!

He Who Loves an Old House said...
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He Who Loves an Old House said...
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